Saturday, May 28, 2016

What's happening through June 22, 2016

The Way Station 
21+ all the time (it is a bar after all)

$5 donation strongly suggested for all events unless otherwise indicated.

8pm- Lanusa
Genre:  Soul folk
For fans of: Ianne La Havas, Valerie June, Ani DiFranco

The heavy influences of Soul, Jazz and R&B vocals and feel focused in stylistic new folk sound topped with lyrical philosophizing that sometimes requires a bit of picking apart. A lot of love and a lot of purpose. Dark, wide, soaring and earnest. Garners atypical rhythms and a solid backbeat.

"Large audiences with short attention spans are often wary of complex chord changes and atypical tunings. But, resting smoothly and simply atop the guitar, Lanusa’s voice consummates the essence of songwriting, manifesting melodies as pure as air and as addictive as wine, enticing the palette well after the conclusion. And her lyrics, born of a certain philosophical inertia... hit home with resonating pungency." 
-the Budding Review, 2010

9pm- Soul'd Out NYC
Genre: Soul
For fans of:  Aretha Franklin, Bill Withers, King Curtis, Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield, Stax Records, Southern Soul

Soul'D Out NYC is a nine piece band featuring vocalist Aliah Sheffield. The band is composed of four horns (Trumpet, Trombone, Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone) and a rhythm section (guitar, bass, drums and keyboard). It was created in December 2011 by French pianist and band leader Olivier Court. Through original compositions and arrangements, our purpose is to bring back to life a certain type of sound from the late 60s early 70s Soul, Jazz and Gospel.

10pm- Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak
"You must not try to make love definite. It is the divine accident of life.”

So said Sherwood Anderson in his great book, Winesburg, Ohio. Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak knows all about accidents. Of birth. Of place and strange times. Of music heard through screen windows in summer, of lonely faces in discos while blizzards raged outside in the Northern night.

What’s a young criminal to do? Read every book he can get his hands on, obsess over record club 45s, play the theme song to MASH over and over on a rented trumpet, lose a thousand fistfights till he finally wins one. Ride a stolen bike, a bus, a train, get out.

Years later, redemption at last. Robert Whaley is just about where he should be. Compared to everyone from David Byrne to Leonard Cohen, he’s been welcoming audiences into a private world of enchantment and debauchery, and oh the influences are clear:  Anderson (words and emotions), Fossee (dance and controlled hysteria), poetry (Artaud and

Whaley had a lot of practice riding the line between rock n’ roll, performance art, and stand up comedy as the front man for The Niagaras, a legendary force of Manhattan’s live music scene of 80s and 90s, when a wild front man could dance on bar tops and swing from the
rafters without getting banned, except for when he was: 

“Lunacy? Spectacle? And music too??”- Rene Chun, New York Times

No wonder the attraction included a “celebrity” following – everyone from Ethan Hawke to Kevin Spacey to Gwyneth Paltrow to the good people in Anthrax. 

As a songwriter, Whaley has covered a lot of ground and has shown range through a number of outlets.  He cowrote and recorded the original score for the feature film, Joe the King, starring Val Kilmer, and has also written for the stage –his rock musical Wrong Way Up ran off-Broadway at NYC’s Zipper Theater. He is currently working with playwright Matthew Freeman on a musical adaptation of the great 1908 novel, Buried Alive – now titled Selling Sacred Objects.

Meat Market Lullaby, the second album from Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak, reflects an obsession with pre-1974 soul, filled with nuance and tender bitter sweetness.  Jazz pianist Mara Rosenbloom sets the tone with her loose/attacking, touch on grand piano and Rhodes. Pete O’Connell lends a sophisticated sense of drive and counterpoint as both bassist and co-arranger. Whaley’s long-time collaborator, lead guitarist and singer, Tony Grimaldi, shines with masterful harmonies and chunky guitar lines.  Chris Schultz, percussionist with Blue Man Group, shimmers, cascades and of course, rocks.

Recorded live in the studio with a minimum of overdubs, a maximum of misfit charm, and this: “Only the few know the sweetness of the twisted apples.” (Sherwood Anderson, again.)

4pm-Moving Pictures: Silly comicbook antiheroes!

We start with Guardians of the Galaxy, with that silly silly Chris Pratt. We end with Deadpool, with that even sillier Ryan Reynolds. I wonder who would win in a dance off? There's gotta be a YouTube video for that, right?

9pm - Nerdeoke!  Hosted by Joe Rude of the Kings of Karaoke!

4pm-Doctor Who Marathon!!
Enjoy a whole afternoon with your favorite Doctor.....Who(se) Time and Relative Dimension(s) in Space machine is right there for your use.

8pm- Mickey Ehrlich
Genre: Singer-Songwriter 
For fans of: Loudon Wainwright III, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs 

Mickey Ehrlich has been writing and performing his original songs at clubs in Brooklyn and across the north east for more than a decade. He recorded his first album, Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist (Halfcut Records), when he was just 16. He has shared bills with luminaries such as Richard Buckner and Hammel on Trial. Mickey has been described as having the "raw emotion of Tom Waits combined with the easygoing humor of Loudon Wainwright III."

9pm- Juan M Soria
Genre: Folk Rock, Singer/Songwriter 
For fans of: Dave Matthews, The Beatles, Soda Stereo and Gustavo Cerati

Based in Brooklyn, Juan M Soria is a Singer-Songwriter from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is launching his first soloist album recorded and produced by Fabian "Tweety" Gonzalez called "Erase Una Vez."

10pm- Johnny Pinhook and The Tobacco-aires
Genre: Country 
For fans of: Hank Williams, George Jones, Loretta Lynn 

Playing all of your favorite classic 50s and 60s honky-tonk numbers. 

8pm- Trumpet Grrrl
Genre:  Pop, Rock, Classical, Soul
For fans of: Nina Simone, David Bowie, Sarah Bareilles, Janelle Monae

Trumpet, low sultry female vocals and keys combined into songwriting that includes hints of pop, rock, classical and soul music.  Songs vary in style, some play around with the time signature and sound while others are straight forward pop music.  In addition to trumpet, the vocals offer a unique element as they are deep and smoky compared to the average female singer.

“Trumpet Grrrl’s low and sultry voice and her trumpet skills blow the listener’s minds” - The Music Historian
“Standout Track: No. 2, 'Amaryllis,' whose jazzy melody and smoky trumpet prelude wouldn’t sound out of place soundtracking an early Spike Lee film.” - The Washington City Paper

9pm- Hunt for Hunter
Genre: Alt-Folk, Rock
For fans of: Nickel Creek, Mumford and Sons, Arcade Fire, Manchester Orchestra

A typical Hunt for Hunter performance will find Hunter singing and playing violin while Hunt plays guitar and cajon with his feet. It’s an unusual setup, but one that allows for a full, organic sound that perfectly suits their blues/folk-oriented style. Their live show combines musical virtuosity with painstakingly honest songs and an easygoing, intimate stage presence.

10pm- Lillie Lemon
Genre: Synthpop
For fans of: CHVRCHES, Passion Pit, Kimbra, Purity Ring

On tour from Monterey, California, Lillie Lemon is a synthpop duo with striking lyrics, fun hooks, and dance-worthy electronic tunes. Their instrumentation utilizes primarily synthesizers and vocals and find kin in bands like CHVRCHES and Passion Pit. Songs are fueled by a unique hybrid of acoustic and electronic influences.

“If the Top 40's of today were full of songs of this caliber, just imagine how great radio would be again.” - Beehive Candy (

"Lillie Lemon offers brutally honest yet conceptually driven pieces that have already begun percolating around the internet. The opposing musical backgrounds of Lillie Lemon herself and her producer create an immediately contrasting sound, but we think you'll be surprised by just how colorful a pallet of alternative electro-pop they've crafted.” - Baeble Music (

11pm- A Valley Son
Genre: Rock
For fans of: Father John Misty and Band of Horses

90s shoegaze rock with a twang.

Wasabassco Thursdays
8:30pm Doors/9pm Show

8pm- Cameron Orr
Genre: Electro-classical Indie Cinematic
For fans of: Andrew Bird, Sigur Ross, Radiohead, Phillip Glass, Steve Reich

Cameron Orr is a looping artist living in Brooklyn, NY who incorporates his classical and jazz training with electronic elements to create violin- and synth-driven orchestral, cinematic compositions.

9pm- Chris J. Connolly
Genre: Alternative/Folk/Rock/Pop
For fans of: Neil Young, Radiohead, James Taylor, Amos Lee

Weaving between two continents, Chris J. Connolly’s music has been his support system and a reflection of his journeys. Originally from Staffordshire, England, Chris spent his early years performing in hometown venues before eventually crossing the Atlantic to reside in his current home on Long Island. Inspired by both early American roots music and modern alt-rock, Chris grew to craft his own unique style of writing and phrasing that moves between sublime, evolving and hook based melodies.

"Chris J Connolly is the kind of artist who can create cuts as emotionally affecting as 'Not Alone' and 'Black Swan,' and the impossibly lovely 'Can We Go Now' without getting stuck in the tar pit of sentimentality." - The Big Takeover Magazaine, issue #76

"a rewarding listen (that) packs some impressive emotional heft and compelling songwriting... top-notch pop/folk fusion that’s pure ear candy" -

10pm- Mindtroll
Genre: Post-Punk, Art-Punk
For fans of: B-52s, Le Tigre, Hunx

MINDTROLL is an art-punk trio featuring bass, accordion, drums, lots of strange lyrics and really good costumes. They crept up from the Gowanus Canal in early 2010 and have since spent their time honing their inscrutable sound, which is not unlike the angriest children's choir. In 2013, they released a sprawling collection of home recordings called “And That’s Just Some Of the Good Ones” where the song topics range from shopping at Williams-Sonoma to a battle between a Mega-Shark and a Crocsaurous. In 2016, they will release their next album “So Many Boyfriends”, which touches on more mature topics like how magic is real and not wanting to go to your friends’ wedding.

"It's like a magic trick - as a band" - Kathleen Hanna

"Brilliant, withering critiques of whatever is going on around them at any given moment, set to lo-fi, no wave-y, vaguely dance-y music" - Joel Tannenbaum (

11pm Mike O'Malley and the Beastie Band
Genre: Screamer-Songwriter.
For fans of: Tom Waits, Glen Hansard, The Decemberists, Fiona Apple

Mike O'Malley carries a lot of anger around. He endeavors to funnel said extra energy into a rollicking, kinetic set of folk songs for drinking, howling, and stomping to. He would specifically love to howl with you. 

4pm - The BIG BAD - Screening and Fundraiser for inappropriate films!

In January, the big blizzard stopped a lot of folks from coming, so let's try this again!

Join us for a screening of THE BIG BAD, the first feature film from THE MOOSE HEAD OVER THE MANTEL producers Bryan Enk and Jessi Gotta of inappropriate films. And this is also the three-year anniversary of its release date!

Frankie Ducane traverses seedy bars, filthy basements, remote hideaways and deep, dark forests as she searches for Fenton Bailey, the man who destroyed her family. Her mission of revenge uncovers a hidden world of monstrous danger and unspeakable terror, one filled with strange denizens who don't take kindly to strangers ... and from which she might not ever escape. 

Watch the Trailer!:

This time around will be pay-what-you-can ($15 suggested donation). (If you were a ticket holder through our Seed & Spark campaign or made it to the blizzard showing, you of course get in for free.) 

8pm- Hamin Reed
Genre: Acoustic
For fans of: Elliott Smith, Tool

Hamin Reed  [hay min reid] conveys love & hate, dark & light, everything between & everything outside, and what it means to the human psyche. Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1984, he has been performing regularly solo or with different musicians from all over the world. Currently based in New York City. 

"An acoustic artist who challenges the notions of wood, strings, and sentiment . . . Just as much a slap in the face of your "folky" values as it is an embrace of humanity song, craft, and experiment." - Jason Medina (Producer/Promoter, Transient Authority)

"Jeff Andrade's musical project Hamin Reed goes unparalleled in its diversity of sound and talent. His voice is warm and heartbreaking on ballads and he can rock harder than any hardcore musician I've seen. The lyrics are thought provoking and emotionally moving to whimsically entertaining. Hamin Reed crosses a plethora of genres with a facility that does not make their performances seem disjointed. It is to say that whilst traversing through a variety of styles, there exists a continuity that is never lacking. Hamin Reed is an act that defines what more acts in current state should be, talented, creative and entertaining." - Daniel Ouellette (Performance Artist, Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin)

"Get inside the head and heart of one of the most evoking songwriters I have ever encountered. Genius insight to the world and who we are in it. I've been everywhere from Bluebird Cafe in Nashville to The Bitter End in NYC listening to hundreds of songwriters and none have been quite as prodigious as Jeff. He has inspired and ignited me as both a listener and a producer-songwriter. He has been an exquisite new addition to my ipod as well as an amazing addition to my life as a friend. Check him out. You will not regret it." - Nicole Berkowitz (Producer-songwriter, The Willow Tree)

9pm- Luddy Mussy
Genre: Throwback Rock
For fans of: Allman Brothers, Little Feat, Dead, Radiohead

Flowery bliss-rock with a bluesy/twangy/throwback feel mixed with some modern disco stuff. 

"An engagingly versatile pop group with girl/boy vocals and a lead guitarist who can soar...clearly one of the best young bands in Boston" - Steve Morse, Boston Globe

"Luddy Mussy is bound to make you smile" - Sound of Boston music blog

10pm- Smith & 9th Ward
Genre: New Orleans Blues/Funk/Jazz
For fans of: New Orleans Jazz, Blues, Funk and Brass Band music

SMITH & 9th WARD is a combo in the New Orleans, funky and soulful tradition.  We channel the likes of Dr. John, James Booker, Allen Toussaint and Professor Longhair to bring you New Orleans grooves with a Brooklyn attitude.  We consist of members of the OUTER BOROUGH BRASS BAND and we love playing funky NOLA tunes, traditional jazz standards and low-down blues. SMITH & 9th WARD: New Orleans grooves with a Brooklyn attitude. 

“Leyton-Brown’s physical stance at the keyboard comes closer to Joe Strummer than Dr. John, but she’s got skills that would make Mac Rebenack grin that trademark grin. Allison injected some old school stride into “Don’t Think Twice,” and her vocals on Crescent City classics like “Big Chief” and “Mardi Gras in New Orleans” were right on point. But it’s the little differences she brings that make her a not-so-secret weapon, like the Fender Rhodes sound she brought to the funky Scatassa original “BQEeze,” or the sizzling Clavinet vibe she conjured up toward the end of the second set that was straight out of Billy Preston’s “Outa Space.” Maybe the traditionalists might freak, but it’s a Brooklyn thing! They wouldn’t understand!” – J Hunter “Nippertown”

“After the bass drummer unexpectedly decided to lead a secondline into the bar room, which freaked out most of the people there, they came back in and kicked things up another notch. By this point, those of us who were dancing stopped caring about what the room full of lazy people thought, and we got up and got down in front of the band on a rousing finale.” – a fan

4pm-Moving Pictures: Love is in the air
Wait, did we have the shortest spring and go straight into summer? I got confused. Or maybe we just had that week of summer and we're back into spring? (This is what happens when you write things in advance!) Whatever the case, we're doing the love thing today! We start with The Princess Bride, where the guy gets the girl, and we finish up with Pretty in Pink, where the girl gets the guy (how often does that happen in movies?)

9pm - Nerdeoke!  Hosted by Joe Rude of the Kings of Karaoke!

8:30pm-Wax: Stories on Vinyl
Featured Performers and YOU! We always have slots for folks who are burning to tell us all about their song-related stories of love/heartbreak/childhood dreams/jaws-of-life and then spin those very songs on vinyl. Slots are 9 minutes each. Come on down.

8pm- Leslie Helpert
Genre: Avant-Americana
For fans of: Silence, Debussy, Lucinda Williams, Built To Spill and Meditation.

Rocking the guitar for over 25 years, this lady is a veteran of underground performance. Leslie Helpert’s narrative poetic shit drops from the imagery-rich, meticulous creation of her verbose pen and reaches the stage through highly developed vocal technique. She’s never been comfortable with her human name, but hasn’t ever had the kitsch sensibility to effectively change it. Influenced more by life-seeking homeostasis than by one artist or another, her pieces -- which some call songs -- are sonic paintings; she articulates her personal global lexicon. Peter Kronreif, the strong, handsome Austrian has been wrangled in like a horse to play with her.

“Leslie Helpert perfectly embodies my idea of an artist. She is beautifully quirky, speaks in a language of images, and is keen to all that makes life potent... Helpert explores the rich timbre of her voice, embodying at once punk music and the sounds of a distant time.” - Lux Illuminates

9pm- Three Pints Shy
Genre: Irish Rock
For fans of: Black 47, The Pogues, U2

10pm- TBD

11pm- Lion and Spaniel
Genre: Folk
For fans of: Crosby Stills and Nash, Paul McCartney, 

Folky-pop songs for all kinds of lovers.

8pm- Sara Ontaneda
Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter
For fans of: Corinne Bailey Rae, Alela Diane, Natalia Lafourcade, Ximena SariƱana, Julieta Venegas, Karen O. 

Sara Ontaneda is a singer-songwriter who blends folk, pop and South-American rhythms. She provides soft melodies over a guitar with a velvet voice that is sweet and agreeable. With bilingual lyrics about melancholia, love, heartbreak, even politics. There is a song for everyone in the room! 

 “A sweet voice accompanied by a guitar, that is the folk of Sara Ontaneda, the new emerging figure from Ecuador” - ClubSocial

“Sara Ontaneda combines her Ecuadorian-American heritage with jazz and pop influences to create colorful and lively original music.” - Gallery263

9pm- Helen McCreary
Genre: Acoustic folk pop
For fans of: Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Ingrid Michaelson, Damien Rice, Sara Bareilles, Amos Lee, Brandi Carlile

Helen is a wandering minstrel archaeologist. No really, she is. Helen has been a backpacking instructor in Wyoming, an archaeologist all over the globe, and is now a singer-songwriter based in NYC. She enjoys long walks through the wilderness while looking for artifacts, making music with lovely people, and talking about herself in the third person. Her music is based on “folk roots, acoustic sonority, intricate melodic phrasing… and a vocal-centric aesthetic.” (Pandora Radio)

“… very organic, relaxing indie folk…” - Mid Tennessee Music

“Helen’s amazing voice will put you in a tranquil state of mind no matter your mood.” - indiemunity

10pm- The Healing
Genre: Soul, Hip Hop
For fans of: Jimi Hendrix, The Roots, Radiohead, Miles Davis, Kendrick Lamar, Gentai Kaijo 

Music is The Healing.  The Healing will be a jam session of sorts where artists (poets, musicians, songwriters) can come together to create freely, without worrying about confines of what music should be.  The house band, the Travelers ( will be welcoming musicians to create with us, onstage, in communion.   

“The entire sound straddles the fence between rock-soul, fusion jazz, and indie rock” - Shaine Freeman, The Miews 

8pm- Meaghan Burke

Genre: Post-Grunge Cabaret
Fro fans of: Tom Waits, PJ Harvey, Tom Lehrer, Billie Holiday

Praised for her “alarming tour-de-force intensity” (The Examiner) and “impossibly beautiful but in no way forgiving” songs (The Deli), Meaghan Burke writes haunting, festively dark songs for cello and voice, part art, part pop, with witty, macabre lyrics and killer riffs.  With inspirations ranging from Nirvana to Cole Porter to Anton Webern, she tells stories of bedbugs, bedfellows, and the apocalypse, wedding her sundry influences of Brechtian cabaret, 1990s grunge, old-school blues, and avant-garde contemporary music. 

"Impossibly beautiful but in no way forgiving." - The Deli NYC

"...alarming tour de force intensity..." - The Examiner

"We admit, one could dispute whether this is pop. But let’s just say, it should be." - Robert Rotifer, FM4 Radio / Popfest Curator (Austria)

"...what she’s created is too personal, too direct and unusual to claim she’s a songwriter – which sounds categorically absurd but it’s true – it’s like she’s a songwriter, imploded." - The Deli NYC

9pm- Lights from the Loft
Genre: Folk, Jazz, Contemporary
For fans of: Bill Frisell, Gillian Welch, Joni Mitchell

Lights from the Loft is a new project based out of Brooklyn NY. LFTL explores the intersection of jazz, folk, experimental and popular music. Forward thinking though rooted in melody, the music lives in between the cracks of genre. 

"Zach has that rare but should be universal approach to creative music, he studies and knows the history from where it came from...As a bassist, he can create the atmosphere, in solo or ensemble for the listener to understand his consciousness; in other words he is there!" - George Manning, In The Tradition, WEAA 88.9 FM, Morgan State University Radio

10pm- Tim Haufe
Genre: Indie/Folk/Acoustic
For fans of: Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Daniel Rossen, Stevie Wonder

Tim Haufe is a songwriter and musician who grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY.  His music is volatile, desperate, beautiful, dynamic, and full of hope.  Haufe currently lives in New York, where he is striving to establish for his music the grand reputation that it deserves.

“Tim has all the qualities one looks for in a live performance: He is in tune with the elasticity of the crowd.  I could feel myself being drawn closer and closer to the music as the song went on.” - Daniel Dissinger, InStereoPress

11pm- A Valley Son
Genre: Rock
For fans of: Father John Misty and Band of Horses

90s shoegaze rock with a twang.

8pm- Maitri
Genre: Indie R&B
For Fans of: Erykah Badu, Bilal, Stevie Wonder, Sam Cooke, Cody Chestnut

Maitri was formed to embrace both the hardship and ecstasy of life through song.

"As a child, Hoffmann borrowed Sam Cooke’s album Live at the Harlem Square Club (1963) from his local Manitowoc library in Wisconsin and became obsessed with Cooke’s music. From Billie Holiday, Davis learned about 'musical expression of hardship and beauty in general.'” - The Greenpointers (2015)

9pm- Moondrunk
Genre: Indie Singer/Songwriter
For fans of: The XX, Ben Harper, First Aid Kit

Moondrunk is a New York-based folk duo that jumps from heartbreak to humor before you can finish your whiskey.  Andrew Bancroft’s original lyrics and guitar licks are complemented by Ashley Flanagan’s powerful vocals.  They will be joined by the talented multi-instrumentalist Yair Evnine on cello. If the mood strikes, you may be privy to an audience-inspired freestyle rap.  Either way, you will hear something unique.

Bancroft has been has been featured on MTV’s TRL and in Rolling Stone and TIME.  
"Even better, Ashley Perez Flanagan…delivers a sweetly touching 'Another Suitcase in Another Hall.'" –The New York Times (review of Evita)

10pm- Double Down
Genre: Swing/Rock/Pop
For fans of: Frank Sinatra, Brian Setzer, Michael Buble, Chicago

Rat Pack style swing with a high energy, modern edge. Imagine the good old days of popular music with a modern twist! From Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin to classic pop/rock hits from the 80′s and 90′s and today, Double Down swings the hell out of everything. Take a look and discover New York City’s best kept secret that is poised to take over!

"This band has a tight sound and keeps the audience on their feet. I booked them for a dance event, and not only did the guests talk about them for weeks afterwards, they requested that we hire them for nearly every upcoming event." - Stacee Mandeville, featured dancer of Mad Hot Ballroom

"Double Down performs with an infectious energy, you can't help but tap your feet. We booked them for several gigs, and they never fail to make our events a smashing success." - Tommy Sunshine, NY impessario

8pm- Olive Tiger
Genre: Electronically-Tinged Orchestral Folk
For fans of: Andrew Bird, tUnE-yArDs, Joanna Newsom

Olive Tiger uses cello, violin, guitar, and drums to craft a unique blend of melody-driven orchestral sounds. Aided by a loop pedal, Olive's hauntingly beautiful vocals are backed by seductive rhythms with an electronic tinge. Incorporating influences from folk, jazz, hip-hop, rock, classical, and electronic music, the end result has drawn comparisons to My Brightest Diamond, Tune-Yards, Joanna Newsom, St. Vincent, and Andrew Bird.

“...[Olive] Tiger, whose obsessive vocal layerings and lilting but muscled voice recall Florence Welch, Fiona Apple, Andrew Bird, and Iron & Wine." - New Haven Independent, from “SHEL Brings On Spring,” April 6, 2015

“...In the midst of [Olive’s] vocal gymnastics, she created a cloud of dust around her from the bow’s rosin hitting her cello strings. She was unfazed by the hairs on her bow breaking... Her bandmates, a violinist and a drummer, were engaging performers as well.”  - Taryn Renay, from Music Is My Friend Report [blog], November 24, 2015

9pm- The Kenny Brothers
Genre: Americana Jam
For fans of: Little Feat, The Band, Phish, Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers

We are an Americana jam band from Portsmouth NH. Our influences include Little Feat, phish, The Band, and the Grateful dead. We are a four-piece band with a guitarist, bassist, drummer and multi instrumentalist.  In one set you could hear Electric guitar, Electric mandolin, Electric Banjo, Electric bass, percussion, drums, stand-up bass, acoustic guitar, and acoustic banjo.  We play high energy shows with a lot of improvisation, vocal harmonies and groove. 

“The Kenny Brothers Band are a staple on the seacoast music scene”- Chris Hislop, Spotlight Magazine

10pm- Ben Clark & the Long Shadows
Genre: Acoustic, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues
For fans of: Dave Matthews Band, Punch Brothers, Jeff Buckley, Ra Ra Riot, Martin Sexton

Ben Clark hails from Floyds Knobs, Indiana and leads the Long Shadows, a set of freelance musicians collaborating in his compositions. The lineup will include Ben Clark on guitar/vocal, Nick Rapley on drums, Joe Young on mandolin and guitar, Sean Muzzi on bass and Kate Steinberg on backing vocals.

twitter @BLCOfficial

4pm-Moving Pictures: Monty Python
It's been over a year since we've had our last Monty Python showing. What is it with time and it's tendency to fly? We're starting with Life of Brian, what I think is Graham Chapman's best movie performance. Then we're showing Monty Python and the Holy Grail, where the crowd went wild (yay...)!

9pm - Nerdeoke!  Hosted by Joe Rude of the Kings of Karaoke!

8:30pm-Wax: Stories on Vinyl

Featured Performers and YOU! We always have slots for folks who are burning to tell us all about their song-related stories of love/heartbreak/childhood dreams/jaws-of-life and then spin those very songs on vinyl. Slots are 9 minutes each. Come on down.

8pm- Isaiah Jamel

9pm- Drop Diamond
Genre: Soul, Funk, Rock
For fans of: Al Green, Foster the People, D’angelo

Drop Diamond mixes 60’s and 70’s soul with modern rock and pop. Blending the rhythmic elements of funk, the melodic embellishments of soul/R&B and the blues, Drop Diamond creates a truly unique soundscape. Some songs are slow and sad. Some songs are fast and happy. All of the songs feel good.

10pm- Hero the Band
Genre: Soul

It truly is a "family affair!" Four blood brothers, multiple musical talents, and one big dream are the motivating factors that keep this band steadily moving toward a successful music career that touches lives around the nation and world. Like many artists, this band of brothers started singing in the church. Coming from a musically inclined family, this is no surprise. Both their mom and dad sing, and several uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents sing and play as well. "Music is in their blood" and that is why the HERO sound is so rich with soul, electric energy, and wholeness.

11pm- Phantom Pop
Genre: Fusion/Funk/Jazz
For fans of: Snarky Puppy, Lettuce, Robert Glasper Experiment

Phantom Pop is a 5 piece instrumental band from Brooklyn, NY. The group combines elements of funk, soul, and R&B with the improvisation of jazz to create their own sound.

Originally formed by Dave Lowenthal to create an album, it was quickly realized that there was something special going on. The band consists of Dave Lowenthal on electric bass, Josh Schusterman on drums, Haruka Yabuno on keyboard, Matt Giella on cornet, and Atsushi Ouchi on saxophone.

8pm- Victoria Bailey
Genre: Folk, Singer Songwriter 
For fans of: Joni Mitchell, Jewel, Stevie Nicks 

Rooted in California, Victoria Bailey reflects a unique sound of contemporary folk-rock, alongside a twist of country. Victoria was brought up in a musical, art-filled household where sounds of Carole King & James Taylor left deep impressions. Along her musical journey, she discovered her passion for song writing and rapidly began turning her young life experiences into a unique style of music. Victoria's debut album "Dreamer" is available now, recorded with The Victoria Bailey Band. 

9pm- Cancion Franklin
Genre: Americana, Country, Blues
For fans of: Merle Haggard, Bob Dylan, Lightning Hopkins

Unsigned, unasked and unapologetic, Cancion is a true DIY singer/songwriter. His songwriting ranges from outlaw country stylings and driving blues/rock raptures, to gorgeously vulnerable, raw, gentle music. He is often accompanied by Alex Whelan, on backup vocals and guitar, blending tight harmonies with a broken down home guitar attack. 

10pm- The Y'Allers
Genre: Americana
For fans of: Hank Williams, Doug Sahm, CCR, Exile era Stones, Uncle Tupelo, Gillian Welch

With one boot in the past & another in the present, The Y’Allers swing with wild western abandon. Featuring old busking pals Mike Cobb & Stephen Lovekin on guitars and vox, and new friends Lucy Warrington on fiddle and vox, Andrew B.White on Bass, & Stanley Mitchell on drums and Glen Spivack on pedal steel. 

10pm- Divining Rod
Genre: Folk
For fans of: Pentangle, Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, Stephen Stills, Manassas, Bert Jansch

A veteran of the New York and Baltimore music scenes, Miyuki Furtado branches out musically with his latest work as psych-folk explorer, Divining Rod. The band creates dense sonic collages of frenzied drums & explosive guitar. Songs steeped in 60's British Folk & 70s US folk rock are fused with psych drones resulting in a heady mix of melodic songwriting and left turn experimental arrangements.

"OK, it’s honesty time. Though we can mostly all agree that NYC, with the emergence of Brooklyn DIYs and the ability of the internet to stream albums to LA A&Rs faster than you can say Best New Music®©™, has once again become America’s preeminent music mating pit, the city’s folk scene has remained comparatively infantile (not so much in quality as development). Gotham gig vet Miyuki Furtado’s newest project, Divining Rod, however, is exactly the kind of band that could kickstart an urban folk movement in the already flannelled and bearded bastions of Brooklyn." - My Social List

8pm- Marc Delgado
Genre: Alt-Rock/Americana/Folk
For fans of: R.E.M/Son Volt/Bob Dylan/Pavement/Grant Lee Buffalo

Marc Delgado’s songs are eclectic and unexpected and deal with characters trying to make sense of the American Landscape.

9pm- Will Leet
Genre: Americana
For fans of: Lake Street Dive, Good Old War, Ryan Adams

Will Leet is a Brooklyn-based artist who crafts wholesome songs that blend Pop, Folk
and Alt-Country. Where vocal harmony, acoustic timbre and electric rhythm come together, you'll find him and his bandmates gathered around a campfire. Drawing inspiration from experiences in nature and being on the open road, Will Leet and his band hope to invoke feelings of sentimentality and lightheartedness.

10pm- The Waysties
Genre: Scotch-soaked Celtish folk-rock
For fans of: The Decemberists, Battlefield Band, Great Big Sea, Flogging Molly

We are what happens when a group of Way Station regulars realize that we allllllll like drinking. And music. And attention. Our music is a mix of traditional folk,
unconventional covers, and irreverence. And drinking. Did we mention the drinking?

11pm- Disorder Kid
Genre: Rock 
For fans of: The Kills, The White Stripes, Eagles of Death Metal, Bon Iver, Kurt Vile

It's just a guitar, a drum, a bass and a voice. And a lot of love.

Wasbassco's All the Way 
8:30pm Doors/9pm SHow

8pm- The Jazz Thieves
Genre: Jazz, Rock
For fans of: Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, Sufjan Stevens, Bjork

The Jazz Thieves are a group of jazz musicians from Brooklyn, NY.  Their music "steals" elements from other different styles of music and brings them to jazz.  Like true thieves, they improvise while sticking to a plan, and rely on a "certain set of skills" to help them make music. The band features the dynamic vocalist Matt Robbins, in addition to Ayumi Ishito on sax, Garrett Manley on guitar, Carter Bales on drums, and John Gray, the leader of The Jazz Thieves, on bass.

9pm- A Valley Son
Genre: Rock
For fans of: Father John Misty and Band of Horses

90s shoegaze rock with a twang.

10pm- Joint Effort
Genre: Hip Hop Fusion
For fans of: The Roots, The Robert Glasper Experiment, Soulive, Black Star

Conscious Hip Hop lyrics over Blues, Rock, Jazz, and Groove driven jams. Improvisation at every turn. 

"They may only be three-strong, but Joint Effort have the musical chops and talent of a dozen. With guitar riffs supplied by Neil Durr, the musicality has strong similarity to the jams of Jimi Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughan, capturing some of the essence of blues and blending it with their rock and hip-hop bedrock. Flawless bass lines from the hands of Durr's brother Evan tie together the sick string work with the lyrically-rich verses spilled by vocalist Eric Means. Laying down equal parts philosophy and commentary." - Deli Magazine

11pm- TBD

4pm-Moving Pictures: Fierce Creatures/A Fish Called Wanda
I tried to come up with a clever title for today's showing, but I think the movies speak for themselves, don't you agree? Just think of Michael Palin trying to say 'Cathcart Towers' and getting it after being smooched by Jamie Lee Curtis, and you know you're showing up to see these movies!

9pm - Nerdeoke!  Hosted by Joe Rude of the Kings of Karaoke!

8:30pm-Wax: Stories on Vinyl

Featured Performers and YOU! We always have slots for folks who are burning to tell us all about their song-related stories of love/heartbreak/childhood dreams/jaws-of-life and then spin those very songs on vinyl. Slots are 9 minutes each. Come on down.

8pm- Olithea
Genre: R&B
For fans of: Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Lianne Le Havas, Emily King 

With a mixture of Blues, R&B and a touch of Rock, Miss Olithea uses music to tell her story. Her debut EP Long Days Journey (available on all digital platforms) Is a sexy, soulful and uplifting introduction to this Queens-born singer songwriter.

9pm- Baloonatic (with Elijah Tucker)
Genre:  Rock and Soul
For fans of: Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead, Bill Withers, Ray LaMontaigne, Janis Joplin

Rock and Roll remains free, even as the world willingly shackles itself to more and more bullshit.  Baloonatic brings the dance of love and freedom straight to your heart, like a cannonball.

“Tucker is bloody good at almost anything he touches. There are a lot of post-genre acts out there who say that no style or sound is off the table, but few make the transitions in between as well as Elijah Tucker.  ”Saturn” is [like] a good party: running with a life of its own but never quite out of control.” - Wildy Haskel, Wildy’s World

“You’ll find yourself immersed in Elijah’s songs to the point where you’ll mentally play them as the background music to your very own life story.” - Siobhan Chapman,

10pm- The Red Fuze
Genre: Garage Rock, Blues
For fans of: The Black Keys, The White Stripes, The Doors 

Pure and honest garage rock/blues from Sweden.

"There is an air of rebellion to the sound of Swedish rockers The Red Fuze, a devilry which gives their songs a great unruly and feisty character with the passion of the sixties/seventies and the tenacious hunger and enterprise of the now." - The RingMaster Review
"If you’re looking for intensity and power, look no further than The Red Fuze" - MadcapLaughsBlog

11pm- TBD

8pm- Tripeg Lobo
Run Run Run: Songs of Escape!

Songs about running, hiding, skipping town and leaving it all behind. Artists include: Elisa Flynn, Maharaja Sweets, Lys Guillorn, Dan Cullinan, Charming Disaster, Steve Espinola, and more.

10pm- Canyon Collected
Genre: Americana/Folk/Bluegrass
For fans of: Greensky Bluegrass, Wood Brothers, The Band, Yonder Mountain String Band

Canyon Collected is an original Colorado grass band whiskey bent on blurring genre lines and creating new music rooted in an all American cross country experience. Each member features their unique style in their playing and songwriting influenced by a multitude of genres, artists, places and time. They write love songs, drinking tunes, pop hits, murder ballads, they like to take time and improv a jam, take chances and push their limits. They play a heavy dose of original music, the occasional obscure cover song, and tunes any crowd will enjoy.