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Friday, August 29, 2014

The Way Station Events
21+ all the time (it is a bar after all)

All events are a strongly suggested $5 donation unless indicated otherwise.

Can't see the show in person stream it live here  
6pm- Monster Monday Madness: Ghostbusters

No bands 

8pm- Sara Nelms
Genre: singer songwriter/ folk
For fans of: Dixie chicks, Alanis Morrissett, Civil Wars

Originally from Florida, Sara’s sound combines the control and melodic power of her classical training, melancholy of lost loves, the southern stylings from a lifetime love affair with country music, and the grit and truth found in her current home in New York City. All of this still leaving you with the hope of a positive outcome in things to come. Her new album, Lover, No Longer captures this spirit completely, through woven tales of love, loss, heartache, and hope. “With her individual vocal delivery and strong songwriting, Nelms isn’t trying to be anyone else, and why should she be? Lover, No Longer is an extremely consistent effort and if this is anything to judge by, then it certainly looks like a long career is ahead of Sara Nelms," says Ross Barber.

Critic Justin Kreitzer says, “classically trained, her versatile acoustic-based sound is fluid enough to slide between intimate coffee shops and club stages with full band arrangements without losing any of the passion in translation.” Also, “she possesses one heck of a beautiful voice. And with the understated yet infectious country-leaning folk-pop melodies and captivating songwriting on her exceptional new album, Lover, No Longer; singer-songwriter Sara Nelms should attract the type of national attention that she deserves.” 


9pm- The Lonesome Cupcakes 
Genre: Country
For fans of: Dwight Yoakam, Buck Owens Junior Brown, Ernest Tubb

The Lonesome Cupcakes play Honky Tonk music for enthusiastic beer drinkers throughout the metro area. The Cupcakes are the perfect soundtrack for a shot and a beer.


10pm- Jerid Nowell
Genre: rock/indie/pop
For fans of: Imagine Dragons, One Republic, Muse

A singer, songwriter, and musician out of Phoenix, Arizona, where music prospects normally shrivel and die in the barren desert, Jerid took a fateful trip to NYC to start singing to more than cacti and the occasional scorpion, and hasn’t looked back. His journey is present, & his goals are set high. With a full band behind him, the future is endless.

“Full of emotion and gut-wrenching lyrics, ‘Outburst’ calls for a renaissance of rock-an-roll vibes along some present day production.” —  Sarah Tariq, Vibe Magazine


11pm- Ben R. Mackie
Genre: folk, country, Americana
For fans of: Neil Young, Whiskeytown, Townes Van Zandt, Big Star

Melbourne, Australia songwriter Ben R. Mackie “mixes folk and country inspired sounds with a distinctively Melbournian soul” (Beat Magazine) to create music that is stripped back, delicate but rough-around-the-edges: An outsider’s slant on the Americana genre.

No stranger to the world of live music, Mackie has been performing in bands since he was just a kid, along the way taking out many of Australia’s finest music prizes (including the country’s largest alternative radio station Triple J’s “Top Song” competition). Recording deals followed, as did tours with some of the nation’s finest musical acts.

In late 2013, Mackie decided it was time for a change of scenery. Armed with his Hummingbird, harmonica and a deep love for the rich history of American music, he left behind the comforts of his band and city for a new beginning in Brooklyn, New York.


8pm- Kita P
Genre: Soulful, R&B, Folk
For fans of: Allen Stone, Marsha Ambrosious, 90s R&B

Singer/songwriter that portrays personal experiences through her music. Singing all her life her influences range from Curtis Mayfield, Badu, Krystle Warren, and many others. Her sound is a package of acoustic, soulful, folky melodies. When asked to describe the Kita P sound, she sums it up in two words, “Blind Vibe.”



9pm- The Short Line Project 
Genre: Acoustic Free Funk
For fans of: Mehliana, Now vs. Now, Mathew Shipp.

The Short Line Project is an acoustic free-funk ensemble based in Brooklyn. They play highly communicative yet completely improvised music, with a deep groove and soulful melodies. David Bertrand on flute, Julia Chen on piano, Ofer Gazit on bass and Carter Bales on drums sound the lines between aggressive and delicate in this unique, ear-opening band.      


10pm- The Academics
Genre: Indie Rock
For fans of: Modest Mouse, The Felice Brothers, Bright Eyes, Lorde

The Academics consist of a rotating cast of musicians led by singer-songwriter Adam LaGreca and are based in Brooklyn, NY. The "Happier EP" is the project's first home-brewed release and features artists from New York City and Long Island.

“Adam LaGreca: Our favorite musical lexophile.”—SHK Magazine


11pm- Voodoo Boogaloo
Genre: Indietronica
For fans of: Little Dragon, Lana Del Rey, Flatbush Zombies, Sparklehorse, Clams Casino, Hydrabadd, and Darkside.

Wide and open fields of angelic verses are met by huge sonic temples that call the listener to worship. The effect is an embrace of the simple, yet powerful message that each song encases. They are messages of acceptance, encouragement, and love. Cardona's voice will soften you into submission while Woodyard's instrumentals pump your blood. This is a process that you can dance to.

*…a lush aggregate of sweeping sonic melodies, interviewed and found-sound vocal drops, lyric flows, as well as rising and falling bass pads all recalling the darker and sometimes more sinister moments of Portishead’s Dummy.

*Cardona’s singing serves as a strong foundation for both the rhythmic and leading melodic progression making a listener “feel” Cardona’s singing and Woodyard’s beats interwoven like the satisfying “click” of a lock and key.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fillingupyourcup
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/voodooboogaloo/sets/yawny-yelly-glowy-floaty
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/fillingupyourcup

Thursday 9/4
8pm- doors 
$10 general admission
$15 advance seating tickets here (limited to 30)
9pm- Showtime
We're back at The Way Station with performances by Wasabassco favorites Nasty Canasta, Evelyn Vinyl, and Jenny C'est Quoi. Hosted by Doc Wasabassco.


8pm- Ryan Cole and the Paper Souls
Genre: Funk/Folk

This Funk/Folk trio has been in the NYC music scene for over a year now. With classic funk style rhythms and folk/soul vocals, the Paper Soul’s unique song writing has grown in popularity since they started in a filthy basement. They have headlined such venues as Bitter End, Trash Bar, and Fontana’s. This band is more about grooving souls than making money, so groove away.


9pm- Fellaheen
Genre: Alt / indie / Americana
For fans of: Tom Waits, Lou Reed, the Band

Fellaheen whips up a lyrical mix of alt rock ’n’ roll, scratchy blues, Americana-rama, and downbeat jazz informed with a murky existential wit, comparable to the likes of Tom Waits, Wilco, the Velvet Underground, and Kurt Weill. More deeply-rooted influences include Beggar’s Banquet-era Stones, the Beatles, Captain Beefheart, Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen, and Mose Allison.

Fellaheen is led by Bruce Hanson, a somewhat-grizzled veteran musician born in Chicago and raised in New Jersey, who specializes in writing slightly off-kilter original songs about shady characters, particle physics, love ’n’ hate, and works of art in the age of mechanical reproduction. Joining Bruce in Fellaheen’s live performances are Ben Dumbauld (accordion, percussion), David Evan (lead guitar), Kaveh Haghtelab (drums), and Nick Sullivan (bass, vocals).

Fellaheens releases include a new full-length album (recorded primarily at Seaside Lounge Studios in Park Slope, Brooklyn), entitled “You Either Get Hands or Get Wings”, the followup to its highly-acclaimed 2012 release “Death & Frolic”.

“Armed with oddball, brilliant compositions containing humor, verve, alacrity, and mysteriousness, [Fellaheen’s] songs play out as a cinematic noir soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist. Bruce Hanson plays the world-weary, self-destructive private dick hellbent on solving the vicissitudes of his own psyche.” —Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly

“You just gotta admire the ambition, ingenuity and imagination at work.... [Fellaheen] skillfully blends elements of moody jazz, gritty blues, and melodic alternative rock into a fresh, compelling and harmonic synthesis. The cool, raspy vocals likewise hit the soulful spot. Ditto the quirky, yet incisive lyrics. Best of all, there's a hypnotic smoky atmosphere evident throughout which adds immensely to the overall sonic richness of this excellent and inspired oddball project.” —Joe Wawyrnizak, Jersey Beat Magazine

“What does cigarette smoke sound like? It sounds like Fellaheen’s “Always on the Way.” The smoke suffuses the lead vocal and oozes through the song’s twin accordion cushion. Listening to this, I imagine a Parisian café, filled with scientists and artists making secret plans. That may sound bizarre, but the musical setting here makes it entirely plausible.” — Oliver di Place

“Trippy, dark, and rumbling like a clumsily approaching lumbering monster waving a bong, [Fellaheen] will shroud you in storm clouds and blow your mind. Immersing yourself in this darkly swirling (and highly intellectual and literate) music is not a bad way to channel your darker energies.”—Jennifer Layton, Indie-Music.com

“[Fellaheen] succeeds in tribal exorcisms, garage psychedelia, and sparse Americana with equal skill. Great imagery alongside some soul-baring episodes, with just the right sense of humor and the macabre.” —Bill Holmes, Pop Culture Press

“Armed with an uncanny (and unfair) sense of melody, [Fellaheen’s] Bruce Hanson weaves a diverse array of elements into a final product that is seamless, fresh, [and] living with impossible vibrancy.” —Jedd Beaudoin, Pop Matters

“Beautifully eerie and mellow, infused with a serenely smoky’n’sulky atmosphere, further enriched by an entrancingly jazzy and laid-back sound, this marvelously moody album positively drips with a profound sense of despair, ennui, and unfulfilled yearning that’s truly something to hear...Astonishing stuff.” —Jersey Beat Magazine


10pm- Brandi & The Alexanders
Genre: Soul/R&B
For fans of: Aretha Franklin, Sharon Jones, D’Angelo, James Brown, Jack Black’s band at the end of High Fidelity

Brandi & The Alexanders perform God damn soul music! We play that good old fashioned good grinding good roaring ain’t nothing wrong with getting down tonight baby and feeling the floor now music.”

8pm- Stanley John Mitchell and his Band of Buddies
Genre: Americana/singer -songwriter
For fans of: Mumford and Sons, Neil Finn, Chuck Berry

Native New Zealander Stanley John Mitchell is a veteran of the New York alternative scene. After arriving here with legendary Kiwi band ‘The Drongos’ Stanley J soon established himself as a songwriting force. His current band ‘Stanley John Mitchell and his Band of Buddies’ plays original material inspired by the Americana/Roots American style he loves so much. These influences, along with Stan’s own South Pacific background make for a delightfully original sound.

“A delightful mélange of funk rhythms, country harmonies, precisely layered guitar counterpoint and airy folk-rock sounds, with many influences, old and new, absorbed into a delightfully original sound”. - Robert Palmer. New York Times


9pm- Community Center 
Genre: Indie Rock
For fans of: Arcade Fire, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits, Murder By Death

Community Center is a hardworking 7-piece indie rock band from Baltimore, MD. With a live show that features accordion, violin, sax, cello, and clarinet, Community Center has garnered a reputation for being one of the most exciting and unpredictable young bands working today. The band currently has two songs in rotation on east coast radio stations and this summer Community Center is playing their first festival dates. With a new album coming out at the end of the summer and their first road shows scheduled throughout the rest of the year, Community Center has quickly proven to be one of the most promising up-and-coming bands. Don't miss this show! 


10pm- Kagero
Genre: Japanese Gypsy Rock
For fans of: Gogol Bordello meets David Bowie

Upbeat, folky pop songs with world music flavors, sung by a Japanese man with a British accent. Kagero’s sound is a melting pot of tonalities and rhythms from Asia, the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe -- "Cultural Confusion." Sometimes the songs are beautiful imagery, sometimes sad folk tales, and sometimes silly songs about drinking. But the tunes are always fun, and the show is high energy dancing good time.

"Kagero’s world music goulash is very tasty -- even if you don’t always know what’s you’re eating."

“Rooted in uplifting elements from eclectic origins, "Japanese Gypsy Rock" unites Kagero’s musical influences and talents into a cross-culture dance party.” 
by Meijin Bruttomesso, The Deli Magazine


Midnight Special- Two Girls 
Genre: Indie/Folk
For fans of: First Aid Kit, Simon and Garfunkel, Tegan and Sara

Two girls is a female duo visiting from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. They are comprised of Ellen, a folksy beauty with the voice of an angel and the guitar skills of a devil, and Catherine, a fiery fiddler and harmonizer originally from Austin, TX. They fuse their styles together into what makes for a mix of folk, jazz, rock, indie, and finger-pickin' country, to create a sound all their own.


4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.


10pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6pm- Monster Monday Madness: The Frighteners

8pm- Band in a Box
Genre: Jazz/Swing (1940’s/1950’s)
For fans of: Ella Fitzgerald, Diana Krall, Doris Day, Betty Hutton, Julie London, Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra

Band In A Box has a captivating jazz/swing style that will leave you singing along! Enjoy the sound that will take you back to the 1940's/1950's. The songs they perform range from classic jazz songs such as "Autumn Leaves" and "Sentimental Journey" to fresh big bandstyle songs such as "Murder, He Says". The New York based band has played in venues all over NY. Their sound has been described as “refreshing” and “enchanting”!


9pm- Roland Ramos 
Genre: Acoustic Reggae/Soul
For Fans of: The Decemberists, Jose Gonzalez, Brett Denett, Sublime, Nickel Creek, The Misfits.

My music is derived from my experiences as a cross-cultural curator. I write directly from my experiences of working with groups from diverse backgrounds. I started playing guitar at age 9. By 12 I was already composing and performing live. Roland is fresh from playing a number of different festivals in the area including "Opple Topple" in PA, "Return to the Roots" Festival in Liberty NY, "Fam Jamily" In Vernon, NJ as well as "The Boogie."
"Ramos simply knows no boundaries; like his beloved Hoboken, “Anchor Hearts” is a true melting pot of cultures and rhythms." Jersey Beat Album Review for "Anchor Heart".


10pm- Less Is More 
Genre: Alternative/Folk
For fans of: Lowland Hum, The Civil Wars, Of Monsters and Men, The Staves, Lumineers

“…they have something special going on with a strong musical connection between them that enables them to tell the audience a story that will give them their undivided musical attention and have them as devoted followers in the process.  An immensely talented duo that I would love to hear more from in the future.” – Music Box Pete

Ranked under April 2014’s “New and Notables” artists and “Top Downloads” -NoiseTrade


11pm- Ben Aaron Lasman
Genre: acoustic alt-rock/country
For fans of: Hank Williams, The La's, Bob Dylan, Bob Mould, Smashing Pumpkins

Ben Aaron Lasman is a singer-songwriter living in New York City. His open-tuned, three-minute acoustic pop songs draw on the traditions of classic country, 80s and 90s alternative rock, Madchester and garage blues. He works as an editor, writes fiction and gigs in NYC. The ghosts of his old bands and projects are scattered throughout the internet in the form of innumerable abandoned MySpace, purevolume and Bandcamp pages, as yet awaiting rediscovery. He is currently working on his first solo album under his own name, titled "All This Could Be Yours."

"There's a breed of musician so keenly studied in the American sonic genome that every whisper rides on the dissipating waves of Hank Williams' yowls, beaming out into space. War on Drugs and Daughn Gibson come to mind as prime examples, and now we have Ben Lasman."—Ben Heller, founder, Ampeatermusic.com

7:30pm- Satellite Magazine: Let's Talk About Cities 

9pm- Collin Couvillion
Genre: blues/folk
For fans of: Beck, Tom Waits, R.L. Burnside, Jack White

After playing in numerous bands and serving as a vocalist/percussionist for the long running off-broadway show De La Guarda, Collin struck out on his own creating his own unique musical gumbo. Using foot percussion and an acoustic guitar, Collin jumps from deep blues, folk standards, his own songs, and even 80's one hit wonders. Collin's wrote the score for the film "Objects Attack!" which is currently winning awards and taking names on the independent festival circuit.


10pm- Sweaters
Genre: Dream Pop
For fans of: Creation Recs, Slumberland Recs, Sub Pop

We spin yarns. Make records. Get restless. Sweaters is a Nashville anomaly by way of St Louis.

"‘Unrest’ is a journey through folky, surfy, '60s influenced Indie rock that you won't regret taking. From the opening '50s rock swagger and groove of ‘Beggars’ to the stirring closer ‘Nice Weather We're Not Having,’ the seamless transitions and clever lyrics are a culmination of years spent writing, traveling and simply learning how to live.” – Pete Looney, Hoopla Now


11pm- Wired Era 
Genre: Alternative Rock/ Pop
For fans of: Coldplay, Maroon 5, The Killers, The Kickdrums

The Wired Era are a four man band consisting of Steve Winiarski (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Nick Winiarski (lead guitar, vocals), Rocco DeRose (bass, vocals) and Ryan Bihn (drums, vocals). The Wired Era is committed to making amazing music. The Wired Era are working tirelessly in the studio to release a new EP in Summer of 2014. Their uplifting sounds only highlight the journey of The Wired Era and brings the listeners on a dynamic adventure.  

Indie Band Blog- "The songs range across a wide set of themes as the duo build up their track listing that demonstrate The Wired Era is a versatile and able outfit  - which is full credit to them as far too many bands I come across seem determined to have one song and only one to throw out into the melting pot."

8pm- Martina Fiserova
Genre: folk jazz
For fans of: Joni Mitchell, Lizz Wright, Kate Bush, Tracy Chapman

An experienced singer from Prague, Czech republic, performing her original music. Martina Fiserova has been surrounded by musicians since the moment she was born. It took her many years to realize and accept the fact that she was becoming a musician herself. After a decade spent gaining experience on the Prague Jazz Scene (from blues and fusion oriented bands to collaborations with international bands, backing up rock stars and diving into silence with music therapy), she decided to get her ass kicked by New York City. Come check out her unique songwriting approach and intimate yet emotional vocal performance.

“Her voice is graceful, and her phrasing and delivery are right on tempo.” - James Nadal, All About Jazz

“Her biography is impressive. (...) Jazz pop? Folk jazz? Either way it's cool, and if this is the sort of stuff she is capable of writing then I hope there is more on the way.” - Tony Emmerson, Prague Jazz Blogspot


9pm- Seafarers Unite 
Genre: modern folk
For fans of: Fleet Foxes, The Lumineers, Bob Dylan

Seafarers Unite is a collection of amateur and professional musicians based in NYC, but hailing from far and wide. They perform a brand of modern folk, weaving tales of city life old and new, and with nautical themes a-plenty. In another life, all would surely have been captains, boatswains or longshoremen.


10pm- The Judy Blooms 
Genre: indie rock
For fans of: David Bowie, Beach House, Talking Heads, The War on Drugs

Brooklyn based duo exploring the edges of rock and roll inside a tight and powerful structure.


11pm- Pork Chop Willie 
Genre: Blues/Roots
For fans of: RL Burnside; Junior Kimbrough; Lucinda Williams; Steve Earle

Pork Chop Willie’s debut national album Love is the Devil lights a new fire under America’s musical melting pot, bringing fresh heat to the Mississippi hill country blues tradition while blending in elements of Americana, rock, alt-country and even classical music. The 13-song disc serves as a bridge between those genres, the past and the present, and the band’s Magnolia State inspirations and Manhattan home. Led by singer-guitarist Bill Hammer and violinist Melissa Tong, Pork Chop Willie is fueled by grooves, grit, honesty and passion as well as a unique blend of down-home and uptown musicianship.

“Brilliant new national debut release … Hill Country music and beyond, like you have never heard before … An absolutely wonderful album that very quickly rose to the top of my favorites list for 2014 ...” —John Vermilyea, Blues Underground Network

“I'll be hard pressed to find another debut this year that impresses me as much as this album. All the right ingredients presented with great musicianship and passion. The roots, they be strong and entangled with tradition but with a unique freshness.” —Popa’s Tunes, PopaTunes.Blogspot.com

"With this hypnotic, modern approach to the spiritual purgation that is great hill country blues, Pork Chop Willie should turn some
ears…Tracks like Too Many Cuts are strikingly original as the yearn of Tong's violin provides a fresh spin on an old formula…The debut album...is as raw as any hill country stomp and as haunting as the most backwoods Appalachian holler".  ---Living Blues Magazine


8pm- Golden Alphabet
Genre: Indie Psychedelic Folk
For fans of: Modest Mouse, Cat Stevens, Bright Eyes

Mostly consisting of transplants from the desert of Tucson, Arizona, Golden Alphabet has reformed it’s live line-up here, in the center of the universe, Brooklyn, New York. Based on the song writing of singer, Tommy Cormier, Golden Alphabet stylistically changes along with Cormier’s short attention span. The band’s lyrically driven music shifts from indie folk, to psychedelic, to baroque pop.    

Review of our 1st record, "A List of Our Worries":
The album contains 10 tracks that fall under the wide-ranging category of indie rock, though there are variations in sound. After a minute-plus as a ramshackle instrumental, opening track "Visionary Quest" morphs into what sounds like a passage from a long-lost rock opera—it wouldn't sound out of place on The Wall—with Cormier singing, "If I'm just a little boy with a stick in his eye, I'll never be a Jesuit / I am self-deny." After a little synth-led passage, it leads smoothly into "This Cactus Country," a chugging little tune with a big sound (fun game: count the instruments!) and a gorgeously melancholy melody. The lyrics on the album, which are largely above-par, carry the weight of melancholy, too: "I've been buying into salesmanship / 'Good job! You know, you're really doing well' / I wonder how long Humpty Dumpty sat there / I wonder how long before he fell."  If I had to pithily describe the overall vibe of A List of Our Worries, I'd say it's like an indie-folk take on what Modest Mouse or Arcade Fire does (with Bright Eyes in there, too), but that's selling it short, especially when a song like "Me Lovely," the bulk of which resembles no one so much as the Tom Tom Club, comes on.  -Stephen Seigel, Tucson Weekly


9pm- Mar Salá
Genre: Flamenco-pop
For fans of: Rosario, Bebe, La Mala Rodriguez

Based in Brooklyn, Marta Hernández, (aka Mar Salá) is an international singer songwriter, a self taught musician from Seville, Spain. With the collaboration of many accomplished musicians from all over the world, she mixes Latin sounds such as Rumba Flamenca, Brazilian rhythms and Spanish pop, with swing and Rock.

"Mar Salá is pure energy, like a volcano in control" Jose Miguel López. Radio 3.RNE


10pm- The Nice Ones 

11pm- Jack Davis and Crossbite
Genre: Rock, blues rock, RnB
For fans of: Stevie Ray Vaughn, Chicago, Dave Matthews, Black Crowes, Laura Nyro, The Doors

Jack Davis and Crossbite brings a totally unique voice to the NYC music scene. An unusual but natural sound born of rock, blues and RnB with elements of country, Celtic, African and Native American music.  Fronted by singer/songwriter Jack Davis, the crack rhythm section of bass, drums & guitar is topped off by intense, storytelling lyrics, hard blowing trombone, the Irish bodhran and congas.  Driving tunes to get your heart, brain and loins pumping.  This bunch loves to play and hang with good folks.

Web: http://www.jackdavisandcrossbite.com


Audio: http://www.jango.com/music/Jack+Davis+and+Crossbite?l=0 

8pm-  Jake Canull
Genre: Folk/Rock/Pop Musician
For fans of: Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, James Blake, Ray LaMontagne, Jack Johnson.

Canull is a singer-songwriter from Dutchess County, New York.  He moved to New York City and released an EP titled “Found Myself” in the Fall of 2013.  The short album was internet-release only and it can be found on iTunes, SoundCloud, Spotify, bandcamp, noisetrade, etc.


9pm- JD Patch
For fans of: Country and honky tonk music
We play hell raisin' beer drinking blue collar roadhouse honky tonk music. Play a lot of originals with a few covers from Hank Jr to Waylon to Merle Haggard.


10pm- Dawn Drake & ZapOte
Genre: Afro-Latin Funk
For fans of:  Antibalas, Budos Band, ESG, Jamiroquoi, Chico Mann, Cumbiagra, English Beat, Police

Taking its name from a luscious fruit in Cuba known as "ZapOte", this band is an original Funk Latin Afro-Beat band lead by Dawn Drake, bassist/conguera/singer/songwriter and composer, who manages to wear several hats while setting the scene with her own brand of cool. Her original music takes the listener and dancer into a zone where House, Funk, Afro-beat, Samba, Afro-Cuban rhythms and Jazz are right at home. Poetic lyrics spread messages of universal consciousness, delivered with heartfelt vocals, and are joined with the irresistible grooves of Latin percussion, funky bass, swinging horn lines and improvisation.

BAM CAFE LIVE  –Darrell McNeill
"Dawn Drake and her band ZapOte are at the beginnings of a fascinating journey to enthusiastically bridge chasms of cultural and gender disconnect that plagues so much of pop music's body politic. To hear them is to imagine early period jam sessions between Laura Nyro and Carole King with Sly Stone and Sergio Mendes sitting in. Theirs is a playfully intense dynamic that needs to be seen more."

-Darrell McNeill, Black Rock Coalition Director of Operations & CURATOR of BAM Café LIVE, Brooklyn Academy of Music GO MAGAZINE  –Jenny Lazar
"Dawn contributes heavy Afro-Caribbean licks on congas, bongós and Brazilian caixa as a partial list...and it's no amateur hour..."

Dawn Drake  –Meewsic Records
"Cuban, African & South American styles mesh together into delicious jazz/pop fusion; a wonderful backdrop for Dawn's sassy vocals. She also arranged the horns (excellent job), played bass and did all the percussion; a truly multi-talented performer!" Brian Fox, Meewsic Records

Jules Bistro Presents Dawn Drake  –Jules Bistro
"This saucy debut by soul sistah Dawn Drake is an incredible gift to the world of world music! She skillfully weaves together her bold poetic lyrics, melodic vocals, and a fusion of danceable rhythms performed by herself and a very talented band of musicianados. You'll love the horns, the deep bass, the compelling percussion..."

Luis Da Silva, Jules Bistro, NYC Third Street Music Concert Series Presents Dawn Drake & ZapOte Salsa -
"[They] were the hit of the season!"  Beth Flusser, Talent Booker for Music in Abe Lebewohl Park.



Midnight Special- Eric Vitoff
Genre: looping/acoustic/house/dance
For fans of: Daft Punk, James Blake, Reggie Watts, John Mayer, Bag Raiders

Long Island born and raised and now Brooklyn based, Eric Vitoff's tunes toe the imaginary line between the genres of house/dance and acoustic singer-songwriter. Equipped just with an acoustic guitar and some effects pedals, he builds pulsing, colorful beats that make your feet move and your mind wonder just where all those sounds are coming from.


1:30-3:30pm - Drink and Draw
$5 admission, live models

8pm- Goddess Lakshmi
Genre: Indy Rock
For fans of: Elvis Costello, Squeeze, B-52s, Talking Heads, Rubblebucket, 

Named for the Hindu goddess of abundance The Goddess Lakshmi cut their teeth playing weekly shows at the rough and tumble Paris Blues bar in Harlem. A confluence of diverse influences from blues, blues rock, blue grass and reggae with hints of Jazz and German metal.

"The Goddess Lakshmi is a prime example of the thriving jazz and folk sounds that came together during the Harlem Renaissance with nods to the beatnik cool of the early '60s. Harlem is the birthplace of the band and its honed musical style, most evident in the swinging notes carrying the band’s front-woman Kosi through tracks like, “I Want You For My Man”. The Goddess Lakshmi has harnessed a sound that is all their own and with a wealth of experience upon which to attribute it to...

...The new album, LOVE, is the product of one exhausting, yet rewarding journey complete with ‘cuts, scratches, and cigarette burns’. The recording and mixing process ended with a flow of sound amplified by more textural qualities: close-knit rhythm sections, soul-drenched vocals, and story-lines about love: both wanting and losing it."

9pm- Wandering Downhome
For fans of: Lumineers, the Civil Wars, and artist Amos Lee

Wandering Downhome is a four-piece band consisting of guitar, bass, and two female lead singers. Through folklore and a delta blues pulse, these two songbirds captivate audiences with their chilling harmonies. Wandering fluidly through genres, their sound appeals to any ear. Grounded in Downhome roots, they'll put you at ease, inviting you to be a part of their musical camaraderie. Welcome along their journey.


10pm- Cookie Cutta 
Genre: Funk ‘n Stuff (Funk is Funk... And the ‘Stuff’ is everything else)
For fans of: Sly Stone, Jimi Hendrix, Chaka Khan & Rufus, Betty Davis

COOKIE CUTTA is the Divalicious frontwoman of ‘The Cookie Cutta Experience’: The Ultimate groove party full of Funktastic Flava!  Cookie’s mission, along with her band ‘The Crisps’,  is to perform all over the world spreading positive vibes and funk-delishus soiunds!


midnight- Dragon FLY 
Dragon Fly is a French DJ/Producer, Saxophonist, and Composer who collaborates with a number of bands in France. His new project brings electro-dub-jazz-hip hop along with live saxophone improvisations, with influences from world, reggae, Balkan and funk music. Dragon Fly's compositions and remixes will take you on an eclectic musical journey from roots to urban sounds... KEEP THE PERCH & HAVE A NICE TRIP!


4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.


10pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!