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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

What's happening through December 12, 2016

The Way Station 
21+ all the time (it is a bar after all)

$5 donation strongly suggested for all events unless otherwise indicated.

8pm- Tim Haufe
Genre: Indie Rock
For fans of: Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Daniel Rossen, Stevie Wonder

Tim Haufe is a songwriter and musician who grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY.  His music is volatile, desperate, beautiful, dynamic, and full of hope.  Haufe currently lives in New York, where he is striving to establish for his music the grand reputation that it deserves.

“Tim has all the qualities one looks for in a live performance: He is in tune with the elasticity of the crowd.  I could feel myself being drawn closer and closer to the music as the song went on.” - Daniel Dissinger, InStereoPress

9pm- On the Sun
Genre: Soul/Rock
For fans of: The Band, Alabama Shakes, D’ Angelo, Little Feat, Van Morrison, Marvin Gaye

On The Sun is a live band based in Brooklyn, NY creating original music influenced by Soul, Rock, Funk, Americana and Psychedelia.  With all members contributing as writers, arrangers, and/or producers, the group's collaborative process yields frequent new material and they are currently recording a follow up record to their self-titled debut. 

"On The Sun feels the music. Every note they play, they live it... When you watch this band, it doesn’t feel like you’re watching, but rather that you’re part of the group." - Kinofilia Arts Blog review of Sofar Sounds NYC Performance

10pm- Smith & 9th Ward
Genre: New Orleans Blues/Funk/Jazz
For fans of: New Orleans Jazz, Blues, Funk and Brass Band music

SMITH & 9th WARD is a combo in the New Orleans, funky and soulful tradition.  We channel the likes of Dr. John, James Booker, Allen Toussaint and Professor Longhair to bring you New Orleans grooves with a Brooklyn attitude.  We consist of members of the OUTER BOROUGH BRASS BAND and we love playing funky NOLA tunes, traditional jazz standards and low-down blues. SMITH & 9th WARD: New Orleans grooves with a Brooklyn attitude. 

“Leyton-Brown’s physical stance at the keyboard comes closer to Joe Strummer than Dr. John, but she’s got skills that would make Mac Rebenack grin that trademark grin. Allison injected some old school stride into “Don’t Think Twice,” and her vocals on Crescent City classics like “Big Chief” and “Mardi Gras in New Orleans” were right on point. But it’s the little differences she brings that make her a not-so-secret weapon, like the Fender Rhodes sound she brought to the funky Scatassa original “BQEeze,” or the sizzling Clavinet vibe she conjured up toward the end of the second set that was straight out of Billy Preston’s “Outa Space.” Maybe the traditionalists might freak, but it’s a Brooklyn thing! They wouldn’t understand!” – J Hunter “Nippertown”

“After the bass drummer unexpectedly decided to lead a secondline into the bar room, which freaked out most of the people there, they came back in and kicked things up another notch. By this point, those of us who were dancing stopped caring about what the room full of lazy people thought, and we got up and got down in front of the band on a rousing finale.” – a fan

4pm- Moving Pictures: Desperado/Once Upon a Time in Mexico
Still feeling a little raw from last month? Want to shoot people? Don't do that - watch Antonio Banderas do it instead! We're playing movies 2 and 3 of Robert Rodriguez' Mariachi trilogy. Gratuitous violence on screen + your friends at the Way Station = a great time to be had by all!

9pm- Nerdeoke

8pm- Queerious Trivia
Hosted by Ms Quizzle, Queerious Trivia is a monthly trivia night that caters to LGBTQIA and Queer identified people. It runs about 1.5-2 hours long and includes prizes, interactive games and two rounds of questions centered on a general theme. This event hopes to contribute to building community among the large number of queer identified people living in and near the Prospect Heights neighborhood.
Stay for the  DJ dance after-party. 

8pm- Ashley McKinley
Genre: Folk, Pop
For fans of: Kacey Musgraves, Christina Perri, Stevie Nicks

Ashley McKinley is a singer songwriter who's sound can be described as a blend of modern pop influences with a relaxed country undertone. 

"Stripped down soul for the soul" - The Saint

9pm- Victoire Oberkampf
Genre: French/English Folk/Indie 
For fans of: Lisa Hannigan, Camille, Keren Ann, Damien Rice, Feist, First aid Kit, Johnny Flynn, Laura Marling. 

Victoire Oberkampf uses her voice to express her heart, and her guitar to carry the moment. Largely inspired by British folk songwriters such as Lisa Hannigan and First Aid Kit, she writes French songs like the English ones, with the same taste for melancholy and storytelling, and delicately balancing sweetness and strength. Her music is also inspired by her travels to Africa and Brazil. 

"A singing Elf." - Arièle Buteaux, France musique

"A young lady full of talent." - Francis Zegut, RTL2

10pm- Huck
Genre:  Jazz-Rock
For fans of: King Krule, Homeshake, Mild High Club

Ooey gooey jazz chords

11pm- Johnny Pinhook and the Tobacco-aires
Genre: Country 
For fans of: Hank Williams, George Jones, Loretta Lynn 

Playing all of your favorite classic 50s and 60s honky-tonk numbers. 

8pm- Patrick Hurley
Genre: Folk/Blues

A singer/songwriter whom mainly writes love songs. Uses only three strings of the guitar. Influenced heavily by Tom Waits and Frank Sinatra. Also influenced by Leadbelly and Hank Williams. Will also play piano, after he plays guitar.

9pm- Pinky Swearz
Genre: Americana
For fans of: Magnetic Fields, John Grant, Harry Smith Folk Anthology, Guy Clark, Lucinda Williams, Gram & Emmylou

Welcoming, Americana-leaning stories of our emptying small towns and the anonymity & ennui of country mouse in the big city set to easygoing blues & country rhythms. Familiar grooves with devilish and layered lyrics. Simply fun his-and-her duets mean you'll sing along. Cheeky & Humorous ruminations on stereotypes, fragility, memory and inner strength. Lyrically driven good-natured wandering folk. 

"Brill News! Keep on doing it" - Edward Rogers

10pm- The Crevulators
Genre: Americana
For fans of:  CCR, Stones, Nuggets, Doug Sahm, The Band, The Blasters, Los Lobos

Like a dusty old jukebox buried in the back of your odd uncle’s garage, The Crevulators take listeners on a trip through the great American soundscape. With influences ranging from classic country, rockabilly, rockn’roll, blues, jazz, garage-psych & even tejano, The Crevs dish up a mélange of everything that is American music.

11pm- Jon Freeman
Genre: Singer Songwriter
For fans of: Bob Dylan, Regina Spektor, Passenger, Zeppelin

Bob Dylan once said, “The world don't need any more songs…” Unfortunately, I flubbed and wrote a bunch anyway, and they’re not bad. But that’s according to me. You’ll have to see for yourself.


8pm- Elijah Tucker
Genre: Rock, Soul, Folk
For fans of: Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder, Springsteen, Aretha Franklin, Philip Phillips

Elijah Tucker writes love-drunk odes to Goddesses of flesh and fantasy; loves Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder in equal measure; plays guitar with his eyes closed and sings with his mouth open. His most recent album, "Saturn" has earned raves from the
blogosphere. One fan, an ex-cop, told him: "When I just need to do some thinking, I put on 'Saturn' and cruise around the city." There are a lot of post-genre acts out there who say that no style or sound is off the table, but few make the transitions in between as well as Elijah Tucker. 

“Saturn” is [like] a good party: running with a life of its own but never quite out of control.” 
- Wildy Haskel, Wildy’s World

"It's a beautiful record." - Elvis Costello

9pm- Cancion Franklin
Genre: Americana, Country, Blues
For fans of: Merle Haggard, Bob Dylan, Lightning Hopkins

Unsigned, unasked and unapologetic, Cancion is a true DIY singer/songwriter. His songwriting ranges from outlaw country stylings and driving blues/rock raptures, to gorgeously vulnerable, raw, gentle music. He is often accompanied by Alex Whelan, on backup vocals and guitar, blending tight harmonies with a broken down home guitar attack.

10pm- A Valley Son
Genre: Rock
For fans of: Father John Misty and Band of Horses

90s shoegaze rock with a twang.

8pm- Boy Band
Genre: Folk, Pop
For Fans Of: Ingrid Michaelson, Dirty Projectors, The Staves

Boy Band is a New York based trio. Together they blend their unique songwriting styles to create catchy choruses with stirring harmonies and swells.

9pm- Talay
Genre: Power Pop, Indie-Rock
For fans of: Weezer, Blink 182, Fountains of Wayne, The Front Bottoms

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Megan Talay plays punchy power-pop that draws comparisons to 90's favorites like No Doubt, Blink 182, and Third Eye Blind. Her songs engage audiences with lyrics that are equally cleaver, emotionally vulnerable, and even biting at times. Talay has also won praise for her lead guitar work, stretching out into wah-inflected, blues-influenced solos over the band’s tight rhythm section. 

“Memorable melody lines, tight harmonies, and passionate, powerful vocals” - Bruce Figler, 107.1 The Peak

“From the fantastic guitar to the detailed and thought provoking lyrics…this is a release that stands out from a lot of things I've listened to this year.” - Backseat Mafia

10pm- The Sometime Boys
Genre: Progressive Roots
For fans of: The Band, Lucinda Williams, Shovels & Rope

Brooklyn-based, progressive roots band The Sometime Boys have become known for their elegant, meticulously crafted albums as well as their ferocious and riveting live shows. Founded by award winning vocalist Sarah Mucho and guitarist Kurt Leege, they blend elements of bluegrass, country, soul and rock into a distinctively fresh, yet authentic sound. Sarah’s voice, described as a "bold, ethereal vibrato" is also backed by Pete O'Connell (bass), Jay Cowit (drums) and Gypsy George Mihalopoulos (banjo/mandolin/piano). In May 2014, they released their third studio album Riverbed, 13 powerful tracks full of life, joy, struggle and transcendence. Riverbed received acclaim as one of the best albums of the year in New York Music Daily and the first single from the album, The Great Escape, received the nod for song of the year and was featured on Soundcheck's Gig Alerts on WNYC. Check out one of their many upcoming performances and see for yourself, The Sometime Boys are the real deal.

"The long and the short of it is that The Sometime Boys are an amazing roots band, but they're unlike anything you've heard before or will hear afterwards." - Adobe and Teardrops

"...all the layers of acoustic and electric textures build an ambiance that on one hand sounds antique, yet absolutely unique and in the here and now. This band should be vastly better known than they are." - New York Music Daily

8pm- The Whiskey Charmers
Genre: Americana
For fans of: Lucinda Williams, Chris Isaak, Cowboy Junkies, Mazzy Star

The Whiskey Charmers play an intoxicating blend of country, folk and blues that give you the feeling of being transported to the middle of the desert underneath a sky full of stars. Fans of The Whiskey Charmers have described their music as: “Chris Isaak Shoegaze Americana”, “Sex. With death shortly thereafter”, “Patsy Cline meets Chrissy Hynde”, and “Twin Peaks Country Western”. Shepard and Daversa’s vocal and guitar melodies entwine with one another to create a sound uniquely their own, and with heavy hitter Brian Ferriby on drums, they pack quite a punch. 

“Carrie Shepard of THE WHISKEY CHARMERS has a voice of silk and steel that invites you into their world of heartache and whiskey. Lawrence Daversa’s guitar sends electric pulses up your spine; shocks and tingles. The best country noir duo since The Handsome Family. An evocative self-titled debut; check out the spooky ‘Sidewinder’.” - R2 (Rock n Reel) Magazine, September 2015

“Frontwoman/guitarist Carrie Shepard has a strong yet soft and utterly enigmatic voice. While she doesn’t sound anything like Tammy Wynette, she’s coming from the same place emotionally, world-weary beyond her years, keeping her cards close to her vest. Guitarist Lawrence Daversa plays with edge and bite and a very distinctive sense of melody which manages to be counterintuitive to the extreme yet wickedly tuneful – he always leaves you guessing what’s coming around the bend, and it always ends up working out.” - New York Music Daily, 8/17/15

9pm- Liza Warrior Princess
Genre: Folk, Singer-Songwriter
For fans of: Johnny Cash, Cat Power, Vladimir Nabokov, The Magnetic Fields, and Patsy Cline

Liza Warrior Princess is a modern folk singer-songwriter based in Gowanus,  raised in Detroit, Michigan, & ancestrally hailing from the backcountry of Western Ukraine. Her fiery vocal stylings mix the bluesy grit of her dystopian hometown with the spooky dissonance of her Slavic motherland. With an eye for the absurd in the modern tech landscape, her lyrics explore the numerous ways we embrace and yet fear our iPhones and (oh yes) our OKCupid profiles. Unlike recent big acts in the world of folk, she refuses to wear suspenders and/or pretend it is 1890.

10pm- Viva
Genre: Rock
For fans of: Chryssie Hynde, Jimi Hendrix

Viva plays guitar like a flaming sword, a screaming train, a ringing bell, and a scratching chicken. She sings like if Freddy Mercury had been a woman. She's played everywhere from Bonnaroo to Monterey Jazz Fest, and been featured in Guitar Player Magazine.

“The love child of Little Richard and Joan Jett” - The Aquarian

11pm- The Institute of Flyer Learning
Genre: Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, Electronic
For fans of: Little Dragon, Janelle Monae, Theophilus London, Outkast, The Flaming Lips

The Institute of Flyer Learning is a Brooklyn based hip-hop/neo-soul band composed of a singer, a rapper, and a rhythm section.  Human vocals mesh with electronic beats, pulsing bass lines, and guitar arpeggios pouring out like sunshine.  Flyer Learning performs original songs drawing upon eclectic influences ranging from old school hip-hop and electronic music to art-rock and funk.  For good measure, they also perform some retro-future/re-mixed covers of classic hip-hop/soul songs, paying homage to the grand masters that came before, rocked the mic, dropped the mic, and inspired them to get up and write.


SUNDAY 12/11
4pm- Moving Pictures: Dirk Gently
Hosted by Alex D!! BBC America started their new series "Dirk Gently's Holistic Dectective Agency" in October. Don't have a TV? Don't want to pay for a full season? Don't worry, your humble host has previewed the episodes, and I'm sure you'll love this dark, surreal, zany series. Today we screen the first half of the season.

9pm- Nerdeoke

MONDAY 12/12
8pm- Totally 90's Trivia with Sarah Storm and Anja Keister
Join us for the inaugural 90's Trivia Night at the Way Station with your hosts Sarah Storm and Anja Keister! 
Bring your friends, create teams, and compete to win awesome themed prizes through your knowledge of 90's news, movies, music, tv, and a special holiday themed round! 
PLUS Special 90's commercials and entertainment!
$5 suggested donation.