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Friday, March 27, 2015

Events through April 27, 2015

The Way Station Events
21+ all the time (it is a bar after all)

All events are a strongly suggested $5 donation unless indicated otherwise.

MONDAY 3/306:30pm- Cartoons

7pm- Monday Movie Madness:Willow

9pm- Board Game Night
Bring your favorite game or mine our collection. Dot is slinging drinks all night long, $4 drafts. Best price in town!

8pm- Birdthrower 
Genre: Alternative Acoustic
For fans of: Nick Cave, Sun Kil Moon, The Jesus Lizard or Earth, Wind and Fire 

I’ve been writing songs on acoustic guitar for many years. I sing my songs with style and a sort of rude gusto and I play decent straight forward guitar, mostly finger picking. I call myself Birthrower because I like what the word conjures.


9pm- The Dragonflies
Genre: Jazz/Pop/World/Indie
For fans of: Regina Spektor, Feist, Kat Edmonson, Bon Iver, Ingrid Michaelson

The Dragonflies is a new women-fronted band with sensuous melodies, unexpected lyrics, and a sophisticated international flavor. Vlada’s slightly breathy and breath-taking vocals and Sana’s exquisite violin improvisations will make your head turn 360 degrees. They speak the languages of jazz, pop, and folk music from around the world with equal ease. Their renditions of ballades de torches francais will make you remember words you’ve never known — ou-la-la! — while their catchy and driven originals can become the background music in your mind.


10pm- Joe Pino Organ Trio
Genre: Jazz, funk, soul
High energy trio playing original music.

11pm- Very Good
Genre: Folk/Rock/Soul
For fans of: Steve Reich, Bjork, Leonard Cohen, and the Band

Very Good. In these times, where irony and passivity reign, we must create ways of saying things without actually saying them. Thus: this band is Very Good.

It’s issues like this that Sean Cronin's Very Good addresses, and consequently questions the importance of; all while creating musical tapestries that create a journey through styles and various states of lucidity. Sean Cronin is the band’s leader, and his musical life is a testament to the diversity of this project. Cronin was raised on Country, trained in Classical, steeped in Punk Rock, and brought to maturity as a Jazz musician. Similar tales have shaped all of the members of the band, and Very Good is Cronin’s place to conglomerate such stories into song. The band’s malleable nature enables it to fit into any circumstance – be it a dance party or a theatre. Whether they’re performing in the dark, singing a capella to announce that “the show will start soon”, or joined by a marching band that emerges from the audience, Very Good is always full of color, spontaneity, and madness. Very good, indeed.


Ambassador and Space Friend happy hour. Wear your pin for happy hr all night long.

8pm- Mickey Ehrlich
Genre: Singer-Songwriter
For fans of: Loudon Wainwright III, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs

Mickey Ehrlich has been writing and performing his original songs at clubs in Brooklyn and across the north east for more than a decade. He recorded his first album, Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist (Halfcut Records), when he was just 16. He has shared bills with luminaries such as Richard Buckner and Hammel on Trial. Mickey has been described as having the "raw emotion of Tom Waits combined with the easygoing humor of Loudon Wainwright III."


9pm- Fellaheen
Genre: Alt / indie / Americana
For fans of: Tom Waits, Lou Reed, the Band

Fellaheen whips up a lyrical mix of alt rock ’n’ roll, scratchy blues, Americana-rama, and downbeat jazz informed with a murky existential wit, comparable to the likes of Tom Waits, Wilco, the Velvet Underground, and Kurt Weill. More deeply-rooted influences include Beggar’s Banquet-era Stones, the Beatles, Captain Beefheart, Randy Newman, Leonard Cohen, and Mose Allison.
Fellaheen is led by Bruce Hanson, a somewhat-grizzled veteran musician born in Chicago and raised in New Jersey, who specializes in writing slightly off-kilter original songs about shady characters, particle physics, love ’n’ hate, and works of art in the age of mechanical reproduction. Joining Bruce in Fellaheen’s live performances are Ben Dumbauld (accordion, percussion), David Evan (lead guitar), Kaveh Haghtelab (drums), and Nick Sullivan (bass, vocals).

On March 1, Fellaheen will release a new full-length album (recorded primarily at Seaside Lounge Studios in Park Slope, Brooklyn), entitled “You Either Get Hands or Get Wings”, the followup to its highly-acclaimed 2012 release “Death & Frolic”.

“Armed with oddball, brilliant compositions containing humor, verve, alacrity, and mysteriousness, [Fellaheen’s] songs play out as a cinematic noir soundtrack to a movie that doesn’t exist. Bruce Hanson plays the world-weary, self-destructive private dick hellbent on solving the vicissitudes of his own psyche.” —Mike Greenblatt, Aquarian Weekly

“You just gotta admire the ambition, ingenuity and imagination at work.... [Fellaheen] skillfully blends elements of moody jazz, gritty blues, and melodic alternative rock into a fresh, compelling and harmonic synthesis. The cool, raspy vocals likewise hit the soulful spot. Ditto the quirky, yet incisive lyrics. Best of all, there's a hypnotic smoky atmosphere evident throughout which adds immensely to the overall sonic richness of this excellent and inspired oddball project.” —Joe Wawyrnizak, Jersey Beat Magazine 


10pm- David Luther
Genre: Rhythm n' Blues, Soul, Rock
For fans of: Little Richard, Sam Cooke, The Coasters, Stax Records, Junior Walker, Los Lobos, The Band

David Luther is a saxophonist, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Michigan, and residing in Brooklyn. A pursuit of jazz eventually yielded to the carnal delights of rhythm n' blues and rock n' roll, especially that of the early days when shuffle was king, dancing was all but compulsory, and a honking saxophone reigned as the original lead guitar. The love and reverence for this music has informed a number of projects over the years, including the most current, The Free Alternatives: a loose confederation of like-minded musicians on a lifelong quest for deep pockets and indelible grooves. David spent much of the last eight years as a member of Meat Loaf’s band, which involved a number of world tours, TV appearances, and most recently, a residency in Las Vegas. He has also appeared with Bettye Lavette, Katy Perry, Jimmy McGriff, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Reuben Wilson, The Temptations, Clarence Clemmons, and the Easy Star All-Stars.


Genre: Hip Hugging Hip Hop
For fans of: Beck, Beastie Boys, Frank Zappa, A Tribe Called Quest

Years of supporting a variety of artists in a grab-bag of different styles has equipped bassist Jordan Scannella with the necessary skills for all sorts of musical situations. But can he support himself? JORSCAN is a project led by bassist/em'cee Scannella which combines the interaction, story-telling and wit of hip hop, with potent grooves and musical sophistication that is as refined as it is raw! Keyboardist Romain Collin provides a mad array of colors and textures, guitarist Adam Minkoff makes it feel good and dirty while Josh Giunta brings unyielding support and nuance on the drums. The songs are a mixture of humor and drama, foibles and fiasco; in other words, real life.

“There is swagger in Jorscan’s rhymes, not obnoxious, but wise. And the complex, keys-heavy, funk-rock that underscores it gives the music so much crossover appeal that it hardly seems fair to classify it as hip hop.“ - NJ Aquarium



8pm- Doors
9pm- Show time
It's Wasabassco's monthly first-Thursday show at Brooklyn's famous Bar With The TARDIS.

Featuring performances by Wasabassco favorites Nasty Canasta, Hazel Honeysuckle and making her Way Station debut, special guest Jessabelle Thunder. With stage kitten Mala Morrigan. Hosted by Doc Wasabassco.

$15 Advance Sale Guaranteed Seats
$10 GA at the door

8pm- Chris J. Connolly
Genre: folk/pop/indie
For fans of: Neil Young, Radiohead, James Taylor, David Bowie, Fleet Foxes

Chris utilizes unique style of writing and phrasing that moves between sublime, evolving and hook based melodies. Chris’s music is anchored around his raw percussive acoustic guitar and vocal and harmonic arrangements while also exploring newfound sonic territory. With additions of percussion, bass, and electric guitar, Chris’s album ‘Flying Lessons’ is a diverse and spacious journey rooted in natural performances and craftsmanship that maintains the intimacy and presence of his earlier work.

“not straight up anything - a big multi-continental stew of rock, folk, blues, pop and Americana” - WRCN 103.9FM - Jerry Schaefer

“…a fresh take on (an) old, no-fuss approach to making music… sweet-sounding, interlacing acoustic guitars and sometimes a sparking electric, putting his high tenor vocal and rich harmonies up front and center.”" - Something Else! - somethingelsereviews.com


9pm- People Skills
Genre: rock
For fans of: The Who, Nirvana, Blind Faith, No Doubt, Cream, Ween, Sly and the Family Stone, Weezer

People Skills are a psychedelic pop rock trio from Brentwood, New Hampshire. They have been shredding the East Coast for more than 3 years, thrilling fans with their soaring, melodic riff-rock pop. The group consists of guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Chelsea Paolini; her brother, drummer Andrew Paolini; and bassist/vocalist Greg Baldi. Their catchy, energetic songs feature precise, dramatic musicianship and effortless cohesion. They have released two LPs, “People Skills” (2012) and “People Are People Too” (2014), plus the single “Brain Candy” (2014).

“Paolini and the rest of the band are supremely confident musicians. It’s a hard-earned confidence—in the last three years, People Skills have become regular fixtures on the Seacoast scene, playing everywhere and anywhere they can. In a genre characterized by short, catchy songs, People Skills aren’t afraid to indulge in long solos...“People Are People Too” never feels boring, though — the hooks in each song are strong and will keep you coming back for another listen, and another, and so on.” -Larry Clow, The Wire

“Their music flows so well, it feels very natural and effortless, which is obviously not only a product of their talent, but also of how well they know each other.” -Heather Moreau, Seacoast Online


10pm- Joe Benjamin & a Mighty Handful
Genre: Rock/Pop/Jazz
For fans of: Banda Magda, Queen, Jamie Cullum, Jessica Hernandez, Frank Sinatra

"Joe Benjamin & A Mighty Handful" is a collective of 11 musicians from New York City. With the help of the arranger Martin Seiler, this bands' vision is to give Swing Music a new and more 'a la mode' meaning. Influenced by and built on the musical styles of Freddie Mercury, Frank Sinatra and Roger Cicero, Joe Benjamin brings contemporary music styles and themes of modern life together in an entertaining live show. Joe Benjamin & A Mighty Handful - America's New Swing!


Sci Fi Night 

8pm- Unigen
Genre: Pop
For fans of: Imogen Heap, The Postal Service, Peter Gabriel, The Knife

Unigen is Luke Folger's solo music project. Using his own custom one-man-band instrument, this guy is a true pioneer of electronic pop music. Fifteen years of experience in digital sound design, piano improvisation, and drumming in progressive rock and emo bands has led Luke to develop his own electronic music performance system - one that responds in real-time like an expressive instrument. The resulting songs are all-original, uplifting power-pop anthems, rich in melody, syncopation, and totally wild digital textures. 

"…It's actually electronic music similar to what you might hear in a dance club, with pulsating sounds that can turn from delicate to soaring. In other words, not something you'd expect to hear in the subway." - LA Times 2012 


9pm- Aquatic Safety
Genre: Bedroom Pop, Dunedincore, Folk Punk, Slackergaze
For fans of: Tall Dwarfs, The Clean, Guided By Voices, The Vaselines

The Aquatic Safety is a 2-piece bedroom-pop experiment that has blown up worldwide. We have a lot of money. We do not sign autographs. We make lo-fi pop music because we think it makes us look cool to girls.

“Brooklyn's the Aquatic Safety are a concise and satisfying study in the possibilities of lofi music that retains its pop sensibilities” - modernfolk.net

“short lo-fi songs that have a dreamy, rock vibe with a bit of angst hidden under the pillows” - underlandny.com


10pm- The Fantastic Plastics
Genre: Neo New Wave
For fans of: Devo, The Flaming Lips, Man or Astroman?, B-52s, The Faint, The Cars, Blondie, The White Stripes

If Devo and The White Stripes hooked up and had a love child that child would be The Fantastic Plastics. A 2 piece Girl/Boy combo, The Fantastic Plastics deliver big sound with their Moog synth, big rock guitars, and electro drum and bass. Their electric stage show is enhanced with vintage TVs, and Atari Video Music machine, costumes, and songs you can’t help but sing along to all night long. We Are Obsolete!

https://soundcloud.com/thefantasticplastics/overtime  --- Overtime!
https://soundcloud.com/thefantasticplastics/we-are-obsolete --- We Are Obsolete
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgqh_R2LPYs --- Under The Knife (video)

11pm- Sky Captains of Industry
Genre: Post-Apocalyptic Rock and Roll
For fans of: David Bowie, Devo, Queen

The Sky Captains of Industry came from the future to inform you about the upcoming apocalypse and/or to rock it to rubble. Are they men? Are they machines? Will they indeed save the rest of your heart?

While allegories dressed as science fiction may not be new to this world, they’ve never been more aesthetically pleasing than they are here. I mean, at bottom, once you strip away all the concept and metaphor, Rocket City is just a really, really great sounding record of awesome songs.”— Chris Michael, Eat That Guitar


4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

Star Trek: The Ancient West
Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

Hosted by Marshall Honoroff - Howdy, spacefriends! The starship Enterprise is no stranger to the Old West, and three different Star Trek series have paid homage to the spaghetti Westerns of yore. If you’ve always wanted to see T’Pol ride a horse, Kirk load a six-shooter, or Data masquerade as a saloon gal, this is your chance to check out all three in one afternoon!

Join us for North Star (Enterprise), Spectre of the Gun (The Original Series) and A Fistful of Datas (The Next Generation). Now draw, pardner.

9pm- Nerd Karaoke 
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6:30pm- Cartoons

7pm- Monday Movie Madness- The Producers

9pm- Board Game Night
Bring your favorite game or mine our collection. Dot is slinging drinks all night long, $4 drafts. Best price in town!

8pm- Marc Delgado of Wounded Knee
Genre: Alt-Rock/Americana/Folk
For fans of: R.E.M/Son Volt/Bob Dylan/Pavement/Grant Lee Buffalo

Marc Delgado’s songs are eclectic & unexpected & deal with characters trying to make sense of the American Landscape.


9pm- Zuni Mountain Boys
The Zuni Mountain Boys are an Americana duo based out of Brooklyn, NY. Connor McGinnis and Matt Campbell formed the group in early 2014. They recorded their first EP in East Nashville in late May over two days, and released it via bandcamp in August 2014. The five song EP consists predominantly of two acoustic guitars, and two part harmonies with Connor singing the leads, and Matt accompanying. Dobro and piano are the only other accents on the recording, leaving the sound spare, with little more than is necessary to deliver the song. The lyrics hesitate to dip into the abstract, and instead paint the sound with ordinary images that allow the listener to arrive at something larger on their own. 


10pm- Hamin Reed
Genre: Acoustic
For fans of: Elliott Smith, Tool

Hamin Reed  [hay min reid] conveys love & hate, dark & light, everything between & everything outside, and what it means to the human psyche. Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1984, he has been performing regularly solo or with different musicians from all over the world.
Currently based in New York City.

"An acoustic artist who challenges the notions of wood, strings, and sentiment . . . Just as much a slap in the face of your "folky" values as it is an embrace of humanity song, craft, and experiment." -- Jason Medina (Producer/Promoter, Transient Authority)

"Jeff Andrade's musical project Hamin Reed goes unparalleled in its diversity of sound and talent. His voice is warm and heartbreaking on ballads and he can rock harder than any hardcore musician I've seen. The lyrics are thought provoking and emotionally moving to whimsically entertaining. Hamin Reed crosses a plethora of genres with a facility that does not make their performances seem disjointed. It is to say that whilst traversing through a variety of styles, there exists a continuity that is never lacking. Hamin Reed is an act that defines what more acts in current state should be, talented, creative and entertaining." -- Daniel Ouellette (Performance Artist, Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin)


11pm- Oh! Mega! 
Genre: Rock/Pop
For fans of: Florence + The Machine, Talking Heads, My Brightest Diamond, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blonde Redhead, The Decemberists, Elbow

Oh! Mega! is the brainchild of a classically-trained songwriter and a posse of musicians from widely different creative backgrounds. A sextet from either side of the Atlantic marries clever, evocative lyrics with catchy hooks, intricate beats, and a vivid blend of genres from rockabilly to jazz to pop-punk.

“...a force of nature - jazzy edging into jazz-punk, raw and once in a while downright spasmodic (and, yes, I say that like it’s a good thing). Above all else, Oh! Mega! is deeply musical.” --Peter Melnick, award-winning composer and lyricist (“The Last Smoker in America,” “Snow in August”)

“Oh! Mega!’s fresh brand of witch-soul will delight fans of Kate Bush and other pioneers of dynamic female-fronted pop bands.” --Sophie Chernin, Madam West


8pm- Kyle Taylor
Genre: Folk/Rock
For fans of: Damien Rice, Noah Gundersen

Acoustic folk/rock, with a pop edge. Mostly melancholy and usually catchy.


9pm- Moondrunk
Genre: Indie Singer/Songwriter
For fans of: The XX, Ben Harper, First Aid Kit

Moondrunk is a New York-based folk trio that jumps from heartbreak to humor before you can finish your whiskey. Andrew Bancroft’s original lyrics and guitar are complemented by Ashley Perez Flanagan’s powerful vocals. The talented multi-instrumentalist Yair Evnine rounds out the group’s sound with professional cello, guitar, looping sounds, and more. If the mood strikes, you may get wrapped up an audience-inspired freestyle rap. Either way, you will hear something new and from the heart.

Andrew Bancroft has been has been featured on Mtv’s TRL and in Rolling Stone and TIME. He has performed alongside Broadway star and band-mate Lin-Manuel Miranda with the popular hip hop group Freestyle Love Supreme.

Yair Evnine has performed in countless venues and shows, include Late Nate with David Letterman and a highly successful tour to Edinburgh and beyond with Lady Rizo.

"Even better, Ashley Perez Flanagan…delivers a sweetly touching 'Another Suitcase in Another Hall.'" –The New York Times (review of Evita)


10pm- Marek and the Boss Chops 
Genre: boogie woogie, honky tonk and early rock & roll 

Marek and the Boss Chops is a piano driven spin on boogie woogie, honky tonk, early rock & roll, rockabilly and jump blues. Marek (piano/vocals) leads a unique, high energy run through the stuff of Hank, Fats, Chuck, Jerry Lee, Muddy and more, joined by some of NYC's finest rhythm sections and special guests on saxophone, fiddle, or guitar.


11pm- Matthew Anderson
Genre: experimental rock
For fans of: Son Lux, Sigur Ros, Sufjan Stevens, Dirty Projectors

Complex rhythms meet bittersweet melodies, intoxicating atmosphere and existential dread. Beauty grows from ashes. The sea swells and overcomes you. But a calm comes; the shore is in sight. The uncertain morning sun glints off something on the horizon; it momentarily blinds you…


Midnight Special- Nathan Kalish & the Lastcallers
Nathan Kalish is a Multi Instrumentalist, Songwriter and Touring Musician. He keeps a busy schedule on the road all year long that takes him to Europe and around the entire US. He performs with his roots rock band Nathan Kalish and Lastcallers as well as solo. His music draws comparisons to John Prine, Tom Petty and Paul Westerberg. He has self released 6 albums and played on countless other artists/bands records and continues to be a prolific writer in between all his other musical efforts.


8pm- Alison Shearer Quintet
Genre: jazz-funk
For fans of: Kenny Garret, Snarky Puppy, Maceo Parker, Lettuce

The Alison Shearer Quintet fuses harmonically diverse melodies with funk grooves to create a sound that is versatile and fresh.


9pm- The Juvenals 
Genre: Guitar-driven indie rock
For fans of: Modest Mouse, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Neil Young, Built to Spill

Fun, abrasive, melancholic, melodic, catchy. Just swell listening really. Shouting, whispering, caviling and garumphing, sweeping, grooving, mocking, all sly asides, all half-remembered verses, all seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time guitar solos. But this above all else – catchy.


Mr. Kincaid 
Genre: Alt Guitar Rock
For fans of: Guadalcanal Diary, Replacements, Buzzcocks, Pixies, Early REM, Hudu Gurus, Soul Assylum

Mr. Kincaid was born out of the visceral remains of the Brooklyn alternative rock scene. Made up of four veterans of the Brooklyn scene, Mr. Kincaid has created a miasma of crunchy, angry, cranky, happy and sometimes down right hilarious sounds. Some call it music, others call it a revelation, a tete-a-tete with the rock and roll Gods (these people are usually on some kind of prescription medication for a rare bi-polar disorder). Call it what you like, it won’t come when you call it anyway. In keeping with their inspiration, they say “We’re Havin’ a ball and just getting it all together.”  Cryptic? Possibly. Arcane most definitely, it’s what they live for.


11:30pm- Tucker Travis and Miller
Genre: Folk and Americana
For fans of: Avett Brothers, Philip Phillips, Crosby Stills and Nash, Grateful Dead

Folky Acoustic music with killer harmonies and instrumental flash.

"TTM goes down like Tennessee Hooch with a splash of fresh Appalachian spring water. A party with no hangover, an evening by the fire with only six strings attached. My, how delicious!" -- Fusa Mandingo, The New York Experience


8pm- The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!
Genre: Blues/Country/Gospel
For fans of: Hank Williams, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Elvis Presley, Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf.

"The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!" are a power duo whose patented blend of Blues, Country and Gospel sounds are guaranteed to turn any venue we play into a bonafide juke joint! This is not your father’s blues – it’s more like your grandfather’s…if your grandfather was a preacher in a Mississippi Baptist church. The "Wonders" are: Gary Van Miert - acoustic guitar and vocals. Malcolm Marsden - electric guitar. Come check us out.  As always, we promise to rock your soul! 

Blues with a Country feel. Country with a Blues feel. Add a pinch of Gospel and you’ve got “The Sensational Country Blues Wonders!”


9pm- Salt Cracker Crazies

Genre: Jug Band, Hokum, Americana
For fans of: The Memphis Jug Band, Cannon’s Jug Stompers, Emmett Otter’s Jug Band Christmas

The Salt Cracker Crazies have been playing their own brand of jug centric skiffle for centuries. They sing about unicorns. They sing about fireworks. They sing about poontang. Once you've heard their bone rattling, floor shaking, gut thumping hokum, you'll want to bang on something...hard.


10pm- 12am- George Gilmore
Genre: Folk, Singer/songwriter
For fans of: Nick Lowe, Leonard Cohen, Justin Townes Earle, Kris Kristofferson

This New York City veteran singer/songwriter/guitar slinger has been a mainstay on the Americana/roots-rock scene for over two decades. His latest (I am a Weed) finds him in great form on these (lucky) 13 tunes exploring the journey of life with and without love, accompanied by an able stable of well-known Big Apple players. Tops for me is his gospel-fueled offering "The Good Lord Smote My Eye."


3:30pm- Drink & Draw
1 drink minimum / $5
Live models

8pm- Thurston Ray
Genre: R&B/Soul
For fans of: Jill Scott, Meshell N'degeocello, Bobby McFerrin, Rahsaan Patterson

Smooth, soulful, and jazzy are a few words that may describe the musical style of singer-songwriter, Thurston Ray. However it’s described, the Thurston Ray sound has been crafted to take the listener on a journey through emotions, melodies, and sweet inspiration. Thurston Ray is a bass-baritone vocalist who blends groovy soul music, jazzy vocals, and uplifting messages about real life and love.

After a brief hiatus, Thurston Ray is happy to be back at The Way Station to share some new music, and promote a crowd fund campaign to support an upcoming project.


9pm- Institute of Flyer Learning
Genre: hip-hop/neo-soul/electronic
For fans of: Little Dragon, Janelle Monae, Theophilus London, Outkast, The Flaming Lips

The Institute of Flyer Learning is a Brooklyn based hip-hop/neo-soul band composed of a singer, a rapper, and a rhythm section. Human vocals mesh with electronic beats, pulsing bass lines, and guitar arpeggios pouring out like sunshine. Flyer Learning performs original songs drawing upon eclectic influences ranging from old school hip-hop and electronic music to art-rock and funk. For good measure, they also perform some retro-future/re-mixed covers of classic hip-hop/soul songs, paying homage to the grand masters that came before, rocked the mic, dropped the mic, and inspired them to get up and write.


10pm- Phonosynthesis
Genre: Funk, Jam/Jazz
For fans of: Soulive, Medeski Martin and Wood, Lettuce, Phish, Frank Zappa

Phonosynthesis is the careful infusion of rock and jazz, imbued with the indomitable swagger of a classic funk band. The result: A slick combination of sonic vibration that pushes the boundaries of live music and evokes its audience to dance and shout.

"Their debut single, “Birth of a Machine,” even touches on gospel from the beginning chords of Young’s B3. It makes you wanna shoot up to your feet and preach to the gospel of Hell Yeah, Son! " Chris Mariotti -- Lonesome Noise

"Somewhere in between lurk the jam-band jazzers — purveyors of accessible, groove-oriented funk for ass-shaking and stretched-out, rock-influenced improvisations. They approach jazz with brains and libido. It will entertain the Cabernet-sipping night club set, but mostly it succeeds at animating throngs of stoned noodle-dancers. [Phonosythesis] [...] wear the patchouli proudly." - Mike Hamad, The Hartford Advocate

"The band never repeats a show and never plays a song the same way twice. Instead of just trading off solos like typical jazz bands, they have moments of collective improvisation in which the music takes on a life of its own." - Mike Sembos, The Hartford Advocate



4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

Iron Man/Thor
Countdown to Age of Ultron! Let’s watch some of those original movies that captured our imagination as to what good comic book movies could be, and that made us fall in love with anything that Marvel does, m’kay?

9pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6:30pm- Cartoons

7pm- Monday Movie Madness- Blazing Saddles 
9pm- Board Game Night
Bring your favorite game or mine our collection. Dot is slinging drinks all night long, $4 drafts. Best price in town!

7:30pm- Satellite Magazine: Let's Talk About Cities
Better budgeting
Participatory budgeting is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget. Since 2009, the Participatory Budgeting Project has provided support for more than 60,000 people allocating more than $45,000,000. Communications director David Beasley will use New York City as a case study to discuss how participatory budgeting can improve governance.

Dirt and data
Farming Concrete works with urban gardeners and farmers to design and use tools for measuring the good things they do. Mara Gittleman will discuss why data is important for the survival of community gardens and urban farms in NYC and show what folks are growing in these spaces, literally and metaphorically.

Urban micro-histories
Nonprofit documentary arts center UnionDocs has spent years restoring a 1984 film about the Latino community in its Williamsburg neighborhood. Founder and executive artistic director Christopher Allen will present.

Taxi history
New Yorkers are used to seeing yellow, green, and black cabs every day. But how do NYC's many car services actually work and why did the system evolve this way? JP Allen, creator of the new CityLove YouTube channel, veteran of NYC government and the taxi-app wars, will explore the history, economics, and politics of your next cab ride.

*Image credit: Chris Kreussling via Creative Commons 

9pm- Strategic
For fans of: Snarky Puppy, Lettuce, Gap Band

If your looking to see some good music that you can dance too, Strategic is the perfect band for you to check out. The music is a refreshing new sound on the live music scene, so groovy you can’t help but get up and dance. Energetic and lively come out and experience the strategic sound.

https://www.facebook.com/StrategicBand?ref=br_tf /  

10pm- Orange Burn

11pm- Mountain Animation
Genre: Psych-Folk
For fans of: Townes Van Zandt, King Crimson

Up-tempo and ecstatic rock music played with banjos and violins.

“Zack Orion and Scott Murphy's music is rhythmically playful yet possesses pathos that's hard to shake.” -Aarik Danielsen, Columbia Daily Tribune


8pm- Robin Irene Moss
Genre: Singer/songwriter; Indie folk
For fans of: Ingrid Michaelson, Florence and the Machine, Regina Spektor, Ella Fitzgerald

Robin Irene Moss writes and sings honest, lyric-driven music that anyone can relate to. She has a jazzy voice, intelligent (sometimes sassy) songs, and a killer band. Her EP “I Like You” came out last summer and is available on iTunes, Spotify, and at her website, Robinirenemoss.com.

“To say her talent as a songwriter is otherworldly is an understatement.”—Play Too Much Blog http://playtoomuch.com/2014/08/25/robin-irene-moss-i-like-you/


9pm- Gabi Sprenkle



7pm- Astronomy on Tap

10pm- The Waysties
Genre: Scotch-soaked Celtish folk-rock
For fans of: The Decemberists, Battlefield Band, Great Big Sea, Flogging Molly

We are what happens when a group of Way Station regulars realize that we all like drinking. And music. And attention. Our music is a mix of traditional folk, unconventional covers, and irreverence.


11pm- Sister Wolf
Genre: Rock
For fans of: The Pixies, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Florence and the Machine

Equal parts fun, heavy, and pensive, Sister Wolf plays with all sub genres of rock. Their sound is cohesively eclectic, and accessibly complex. With lyrics heavily influenced by comic books and sci-fi, Sister Wolf puts on a viscerally enjoyable show with something for everyone.


8pm- Doors
Shows at 9pm and 10:30pm

Wasabassco brings it all to Fridays at The Way Station.

We're proud to present the 2nd of 4 editions of ALL THE WAY, a monthly Friday night series of evening-long Wasabassco programming. Limited engagement: March-June 2015

Good news for all our Way Station friends and Ambassadors - those unable to make our monthly Thursday night shows, those who can't stay out late on a school night, and those who love our Thursdays, but just want more.

We're raising the stage and clearing the floor to create an atmosphere to party. Pick your show or stay all night for one admission price. Plus Interstitial Go-Go and goodies.

April 17 will be hosted by Nasty Canasta & Sydni Deveraux. With our featured performer Medianoche, plus performances by Nasty, Sydni, Evelyn Vinyl, Hazel Honeysuckle, Jenny C'est Quoi, and Marlo Marquise.


- $20 General Admission to the night. Standing and limited seating.

- VIP table for two. Two seats up close and personal. The best seats in the house. Includes 2 premium drink tickets. $100 (limited to one table)

- VIP booth, with guaranteed seating for 5. Includes one premium drink ticket per person. $200 (limited to two booths)


8pm- Grain Thief
Genre: Alt Country/Folk, Progressive ‘Grass
For fans of: Steeldrivers, Punch Brothers, Trampled by Turtles, Union Station

In it’s latest incarnation, songwriter Patrick Donovan Mulroy’s Grain Thief adds Zach Meyer on mandolin, Alex Barstow on Fiddle, and Tom Farrell on Guitar for a progressive exploration of bluegrass and old-time textures coupled with modern influences. The songwriting is rootsy and NC-17; the band complements with great musicianship.

“Former DCer and current Bostonian Patrick Mulroy is back … under his moniker of Grain Thief. His sound is Americana folk rock with plenty of roots present but not overly dominating. He has that knack for folk story telling and he and his band mates cook up a smooth backing….” -June 2014 David Hintz DCROCK LIVE

https://wachusettrecording.bandcamp.com/track/farewell-see-ya-georgia-avenue --recent live show!!


10pm- Dawn Drake & ZapOte
Genre: Afro-Latin Funk
For fans of: Antibalas, Budos Band, ESG, Jamiroquoi, Chico Mann, Cumbiagra, English Beat, Police

Taking its name from a luscious fruit in Cuba known as "ZapOte", this band is an original Funk Latin Afro-Beat band lead by Dawn Drake, bassist/conguera/singer/songwriter and composer, who manages to wear several hats while setting the scene with her own brand of cool. Her original music takes the listener and dancer into a zone where House, Funk, Afro-beat, Samba, Afro-Cuban rhythms and Jazz are right at home. Poetic lyrics spread messages of universal consciousness, delivered with heartfelt vocals, and are joined with the irresistible grooves of Latin percussion, funky bass, swinging horn lines and improvisation.

BAM CAFE LIVE  –Darrell McNeill
"Dawn Drake and her band ZapOte are at the beginnings of a fascinating journey to enthusiastically bridge chasms of cultural and gender disconnect that plagues so much of pop music's body politic. To hear them is to imagine early period jam sessions between Laura Nyro and Carole King with Sly Stone and Sergio Mendes sitting in. Theirs is a playfully intense dynamic that needs to be seen more."

-Darrell McNeill, Black Rock Coalition Director of Operations & CURATOR of BAM Café LIVE, Brooklyn Academy of Music GO MAGAZINE  –Jenny Lazar
"Dawn contributes heavy Afro-Caribbean licks on congas, bongós and Brazilian caixa as a partial list...and it's no amateur hour..."

Dawn Drake  –Meewsic Records
"Cuban, African & South American styles mesh together into delicious jazz/pop fusion; a wonderful backdrop for Dawn's sassy vocals. She also arranged the horns (excellent job), played bass and did all the percussion; a truly multi-talented performer!" Brian Fox, Meewsic Records

Jules Bistro Presents Dawn Drake  –Jules Bistro
"This saucy debut by soul sistah Dawn Drake is an incredible gift to the world of world music! She skillfully weaves together her bold poetic lyrics, melodic vocals, and a fusion of danceable rhythms performed by herself and a very talented band of musicianados.
You'll love the horns, the deep bass, the compelling percussion..."

Luis Da Silva, Jules Bistro, NYC Third Street Music Concert Series Presents Dawn Drake & ZapOte Salsa -
"[They] were the hit of the season!"  Beth Flusser, Talent Booker for Music in Abe Lebewohl Park.



3:30pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

Captain America: The First Avenger  
Countdown to Age of Ultron! We’re getting closer to that magical weekend where everyone and their uncle will be sitting with our fellow nerds watching Black Widow’s rear. Wait, is that just me? Sorry…

6pm- The Nevermind Orchestra

Genre: Brass Band & Grunge
For fans of: Nirvana, Bonerama, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Rebirth Brass Band

The Nevermind Orchestra is the world’s only Nirvana brass band. We use the raw power of a New Orleans-style brass band to reinterpret the raw power of Nirvana. You won’t just hear power chords and rock beats (though you will), you won’t just hear traditional second line grooves (though you will), and you won’t just hear beautiful brass chorale arrangements (though, guess what, you will!). You will hear Nirvana in a way you’ve never heard before, and we guarantee you it will excite you just as much as Kurt, Dave, and Krist did back in the day.

“There's no shortage of Nirvana cover bands floating around but none are quite like the Nevermind Orchestra. Come as you are, and see what happens when Seattle grunge meets the New Orleans brass-band tradition.” — Derek Schwartz, Time Out New York

“If you have “mosh while someone plays a tuba” on your bucket list, this is the place to be.” -- David Colon, Brokelyn

http://www.thenevermindorchestra.com (website)
http://www.reverbnation.com/thenevermindorchestra (audio, video, press)
http://www.youtube.com/user/NevermindOrchestra (video)
http://www.facebook.com/TheNevermindOrchestra (Facebook)

9pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6:30pm- Cartoons

7pm- Monday Movie Madness- Young Frankenstein

9pm- Board Game Night
Bring your favorite game or mine our collection. Dot is slinging drinks all night long, $4 drafts. Best price in town!

8pm- James Barry 
Genre: power jangle folk punk pop
For fans of: Guided By Voices, Robyn Hitchcock, Nick Lowe, Big Star, The British Invasion

James is an actor/musician best known for his involvement in acclaimed cult hit plays, like Les Frere Corbusier's "Here's Hoover",  Yale Rep's "These Paper Bullets" and both off and on broadway productions of "Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson".  After 2 years playing rockabilly legend Carl Perkins on the 1st nation tour of "Million Dollar Quartet", James is glad to be back home in Brooklyn and proud to share the pop songs he has been writing. Growing up in Northeastern Connecticut, his imaginary friends were the Beatles, and in 1991 he bought Diamonds and Pearls by Prince and God Fodder by Ned's Atomic Dustbin on the same day at a Caldor (R.I.P.). 

"James Barry is an absolute revelation. He's familiar to Capital Region theatergoers from his extensive work at Berkshire Theatre Group, but he's never held an electric guitar there. He wails. Wow, he just wails."  Michael Eck (Albany Times Union)

“As Perkins, the writer of Blue Suede Shoes struggling to come up with another hit song, James Barry captures the character's existential angst while serving up delicious lead guitar licks and strong vocals.” TEDRIN BLAIR LINDSAY (KENTUCK.COM)


9pm- The Synthetic Blues 
Genre: Chamber Pop / Alternative / Punk
For fans of: The Magnetic Fields, Randy Newman, Ben Folds, Cole Porter

A self-proclaimed punk band, The Synthetic Blues is an understated voice of rebellion in a cacophonous world. Performing tightly-arranged tunes inspired by the traditions of American pop music, songwriter Dave Neff is backed by upright bass, banjo and ukulele. Together they take a dark-humored look at loneliness, selling out, self-worth, faith, love, abuse, and death.

Neff's songs are "raucous... tongue-in-cheek, self-deprecating" (Tucson Weekly), "Sesame Street meets South Park" (drunk girl at a show), and "simple" (Neff's mother).

"I hope the songs speak for themselves," Neff says aloud to himself, alone in his apartment, writing The Synthetic Blues' band description in third-person, hoping whoever reads it is intruiged enough to listen. "After that, everything else is just a sales pitch.”


10pm- Dan Ashwood
Genre: Post-industrial / Avant-rock / Psychedelic pop
For fans of: David Bowie, John Maus, Kate Bush

Dan Ashwood is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and animator from Minnesota who has been recording genre-defying DIY pop music and a variety of other atmospheric disturbances for as long as he can remember. His music veers wildly between angular postpunk to progressive funk to baroque spacepop to druidic shoegaze without batting a single lashmite. But who wants to bat those poor lashmites, anyways?

"Infectious!"-The Current
"Like some kind of Prince/Roy Orbison collaboration that you never knew you wanted!"-Snap Judgement
"Better than most of these other Latter-day R. Stevie Moores!"-Informed Opinion
"Baltimore is Hot!"-R. Stevie Moore


11pm- Josh Savage

8pm- Melodic Miners
Genre: Country/Folk

Brooklyn based Country/Folk/Americana that swings from foot stomping and raucous to intimate and wistful. Playing songs from their upcoming CD “Brooklyn Honkytonk” to be released in 2015. How school teachers really prefer to spend their evenings!

“We're proud to announce our May Showcase performer is singer songwriter and friend of the Heritage Coffee House, Lucas Rotman. Brooklyn based with prolonged hang time in Sullivan and Orange counties, this talented musician has been creating some very interesting music. Playing in the East Village or in our studios at WJFF, Lucas is always entertaining and his music intriguing.” - Aldo Triorani, Heritage Coffee House News (Oct 16, 2012) 

9pm- Cancion Franklin
Genre: Americana/blues music
For fans of: Leonard Cohen, Johnny Cash

One man show. True American vocally driven songs. Americana with focused guitar and country blues roots. Original songs only with a respect for lyrical expression.


10pm- Tanbark
Genre: Americana
For fans of: Gillian Welch, Gram Parsons, Angel Olsen

Formed in Minneapolis and residing in Brooklyn, Tanbark is a sometimes acoustic duo, sometimes country band with an all the time affinity for close harmonies and lonesome melodies.



8pm- Jess Best
Genre: Soul/jazz
Genre: Soul/jazz
For Fans of:  Our music melds the sounds of Esperanza Spalding and Steely Dan, with influences of Lionel Loueke, Amy Winehouse, and Wilco. 

When Jeff Berman and Jess Best started writing music together a year ago, they immediately discovered a melding of styles that they hadn't heard before. Jeff's driving, rhythmic guitar playing and colorful chord progressions, met with Jess's powerful, soaring creative melodies come together to tell stories through songs. With a mutual background in jazz and individual influences in soul, rock, R&B, and West African percussion, they have a fresh sound that is subtly complex and has a commanding presence.  They are excited for their debut at the Way Station and to bring their music to Crown Heights, where they are currently living.  


9pm- Odell

Genre: Americana/Alt-Country
For fans of: Josh Ritter, Ryan Adams, Black Keys

Blood-boiling acoustic Americana brought to you by 16 strings, 3 voices, and 4 New York souls.


10pm- The Jacks of Kings County

A Brooklyn-based americana, folk rock duo that feature original songs, and
angelic vocal harmonies.


11pm- All Night Chemists
Genre: Rock

A band that writes and records a musical potion of hypnotic sounds, unforgettable melodies, deep grooves, and intricate arrangements under the BQE in north Brooklyn...

Brad Gunyon, Len Monachello, and Brandon Wilde are All Night Chemists. Currently releasing two songs a month the trio continues to mix from song to song, both live and on record, with a variety of their fellow musicians.  The result are shows and recordings that are truly their own. All Night Chemists' songs have been featured in the television shows Castle, Mercy, Men in Trees, Life is Wild, and Reaper.  The song "Point of View" was featured in the 2007 film "Ornaments"

 “The Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has a mellow, reflective voice that speaks to experience and a way with instrumentation that, as they say, goes easy on the ears.” 3hive


8pm- Big Dog Run
Genre: Americana
For fans of: The Civil Wars, Mumford and Sons, Jamestown Revival, Fleetwood Mac, Trampled by Turtles

Originally from Colorado, this six piece Americana band has brought a laid back, mile-high attitude to the gritty streets of New York. With thoughtful, entertaining lyrics, a one of a kind percussion spread, and rocking melodies to keep your foot tapping, Big Dog Run always puts on a show that’s not to be missed. 

“They have such a full and beautiful sound as well as amazing energy on stage.  Truthfully, I haven’t enjoyed a live show this much in a very long time.”  - In the Shed Media, Ltd.

“Big Dog Run’s multi-talented regime is bravely paving a new wave sound of a traditional musical art form.” -  Detoxaholic


9pm- Arun Ramamurthy Trio
Genre: Carnatic Jazz
For fans of: Ravi Shankar, Shakti, Cross-over Jazz

The Arun Ramamurthy Trio (ART) performs Jazz Carnatica. Rooted in the style of the virtuoso violinist Dr. Mysore Manjunath, Arun brings a fresh approach to the age-old South Indian classical repertoire. The trio’s collaborative sound is driven by the propulsive rhythm section of drummer Sameer Gupta & and bassist Perry Wortman. The Carnatic canon is remixed in this seamless integration of styles as the group expands on the traditional compositions in explosive, improvisational flights of fancy. Arun’s original compositions pay homage to Carnatic rhythmic structures and rich tonalities while expanding the music with a modern jazz backbeat.

 “…a beautiful, exotic, ear-opening listening experience.” (All About Jazz)

“…..a captivating and inspirational listening experience, worthy of the highest recommendation for multicultural music collections.” (Midwest Book Review)

“Ramamurthy joins the successful few who have melded jazz and traditional Indian music.” (RootsWorld)



8pm- Skeye
Genre: Blues, Soul, Jazz
For fans of: Zero 7, Radiohead, Sia

Skeye is a dreamy, soulful blend of blues, funk, and jazz. Experimental blues guitar and electric keyboard lay the foundation for smooth jazz female vocals.  Influenced by Zero 7, Radiohead, Sia, Pink Floyd, and others old and new. Skeye lulls you into intimate contemplation with one song, only to pick you right back up in the next one.    

“The tone and quality make Lindsey’s voice one of my favorites that I’ve ever heard . . . I could listen to this girl sing all day. [John] is truly a very talented musician, not only in how he plays and incorporates multiple instruments, but in how he arranges songs, his ear for production and so on.” - Howard, SystemsThinker.com, Music Recommendations of the Week  

“The more we spread the name Skeye out there, the better off we all are . . . When I know everybody in the world has heard Skeye, I’ll know my job is done.” - Kit McGuire, Indie 104, Kit’s Corner 


9pm- As Lolas
Genre: Brazilian Psychedelic Rock
For fans of: Os Mutantes, Rita Lee, Sergio Dias

Five hardcore NYC Pros join forces to rock your world with screaming guitar solos, thundering drum rolls, funkafied bass lines and four voice heavy harmonies! Ever since their first concert in Harlem’s “Shrine” in February 2014, As Lolas are taking NYC by storm. The band appears in NYC’s hottest clubs like SOB’s, Nublu and The Way Station, toured Switzerland in 2014 and just returned hot from a Swiss tour in February 2015.

“I hereby declare that AS LOLAS are undeniably Mutantes. The best part besides their musicianship is the fact that they will Rock your socks off!” Sergio Dias, (founding member of the legendary band “Os Mutantes”)

"As Lolas kick ass, they are a great band, they drew a crowd from the boardwalk and entertained the people like magic. Their musicianship, infectious energy and exciting set of Brazilian rock music got everyone dancing” - Jen Gapay, producer NY Burlesque and Boylesque Festival and Summer events at Coney Island.

WATCH: As Lolas play Saravah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l2iQCGiFq8
WATCH: As Lolas play Saravah: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6l2iQCGiFq8
As Lolas play Top Top: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tERem2mEBrQ
As Lolas play Velha Roupa colorida: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofH-aj4nibA
As Lolas Teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QS8uqGwNjFs

10pm-12am- Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak
"You must not try to make love definite. It is the divine accident of life.”
So said Sherwood Anderson in his great book, Winesburg, Ohio. Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak knows all about accidents. Of birth. Of place and strange times. Of music heard through screen windows in summer, of lonely faces in discos while blizzards raged outside in the Northern night.

What’s a young criminal to do? Read every book he can get his hands on, obsess over record club 45s, play the theme song to MASH over and over on a rented trumpet, lose a thousand fistfights till he finally wins one. Ride a stolen bike, a bus, a train, get out.

Years later, redemption at last. Robert Whaley is just about where he should be. Compared to everyone from David Byrne to Leonard Cohen, he’s been welcoming audiences into a private world of enchantment and debauchery, and oh the influences are clear:  Anderson (words and emotions), Fossee (dance and controlled hysteria), poetry (Artaud and

Whaley had a lot of practice riding the line between rock n’ roll, performance art, and stand up comedy as the front man for The Niagaras, a legendary force of Manhattan’s live music scene of 80s and 90s, when a wild front man could dance on bar tops and swing from the rafters without getting banned, except for when he was:

“Lunacy? Spectacle? And music too??”- Rene Chun, New York Times

No wonder the attraction included a “celebrity” following – everyone from Ethan Hawke to Kevin Spacey to Gwyneth Paltrow to the good people in Anthrax.

As a songwriter, Whaley has covered a lot of ground and has shown range through a number of outlets.  He cowrote and recorded the original score for the feature film, Joe the King, starring Val Kilmer, and has also written for the stage –his rock musical Wrong Way Up ran off-Broadway at NYC’s Zipper Theater. He is currently working with playwright Matthew Freeman on a musical adaptation of the great 1908 novel, Buried Alive – now titled Selling Sacred Objects.

Meat Market Lullaby, the second album from Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak, reflects an obsession with pre-1974 soul, filled with nuance and tender bitter sweetness.  Jazz pianist Mara Rosenbloom sets the tone with her loose/attacking, touch on grand piano and Rhodes. Pete O’Connell lends a sophisticated sense of drive and counterpoint as both bassist and co-arranger. Whaley’s long-time collaborator, lead guitarist and singer, Tony Grimaldi, shines with masterful harmonies and chunky guitar lines.  Chris Schultz, percussionist with Blue Man Group, shimmers, cascades and of course, rocks.

Recorded live in the studio with a minimum of overdubs, a maximum of misfit charm, and this: “Only the few know the sweetness of the twisted apples.” (Sherwood Anderson, again.)


4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

Iron Man 2/The Avengers
Countdown to Age of Ultron! It’s next week, y’all! Hope to see you at the movie theatre! In the meantime, join us as we enjoy the original Avengers movie. Bonus: How Iron Man 2 Should Have Ended, narrated by a 4-year-old. Seriously, it’s awesome. 

9pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6:30pm- Cartoons

7pm- Monday Movie Madness- History of the World: Part 1

9pm- Board Game Night
Bring your favorite game or mine our collection. Dot is slinging drinks all night long, $4 drafts. Best price in town!