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Thursday, October 30, 2014

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THURSDAY 10/308pm- The Bright Smoke
Genre: Indie-rock/blues
For fans of: PJ Harvey, My Brightest Diamond, Sharon Van Etten

Brooklyn-based The Bright Smoke aspires to create music with a dark edge and rock sentiment while adding noticeable blues undertones. Musicians Mia Wilson and Quincy Ledbetter hail from Illinois and Virginia respectively and present a captivating collection of eerie low-key vocals with harrowing melodies and rhythm accents. The duo combines a variation of tones, pulling influences from Patti Smith and Junior Kimbrough, to Leonard Cohen, to Cat Power and PJ Harvey, making the unique noir-blues sound that differentiates them from other bands of today.

"...music that touches on different genres (with) a captivating voice and lyrics that balance between despair and hope." - Filter Magazine

"The vocals cut deep into you, with a strong piano back beat to keep you comfortable while the blood rushes out. Chills will ensue after listening to this." - Velvet Rope Magazine

"This is without doubt some of the coolest new music that I have listened to in the last few years. The Bright Smoke is a band you will be hearing a lot about in 2014" - 50third and Third


Pete Lanctot and the Stray Dogs
Genre: Experimental Folk Blues
For fans of: Tom Waits, John Cale, Ernest Tubb, The Mississippi Sheiks

New York Music Daily writes that, "Pete Lanctot personifies pretty much everything good about New York's most happening music scene." His songs are surreal and mysterious narratives featuring sordid casts of characters who’s origins are vague, and seem equally likely to be found in present day New York City, a Memphis juke joint of the 1920s or hitchhiking a depression era plains state highway. Steeped in American traditions of blues, folk and country. Backed by The Stray Dogs, a talented and versatile cast of musicians and improvisers Lanctot’s music is original, rabble rousing, heartbreaking and soul searching, always exploring the non-traditional without relying on reproduction.


10pm- Ted Hefko and The Thousandaires
Genre: Americana/Roots
For fans of: Bob Dylan, Dr. John, Trombone Shorty, Kermit Ruffins and The Barbecue Swingers, Old Crow Medicine Show, Galactic

Ted Hefko and The Thousandaires combine the urgency and spontaneity of jazz, with the gritty bare bones sensibility of early folk blues, and the vibrancy of New Orleans culture to bring life to original story songs. Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Ted Hefko moved to New Orleans on a Greyhound Bus when he was 18 and fresh out of high school. He rode next to a Memphis call-girl, nearly twice his age, who entertained him with stories of the ins and outs of the business as they rode. From a home base in Brooklyn, NY, The Thousandaires tour a wide swath of the country from Thomas, West Virginia to Tulsa, Oklahoma and Kansas City, Missouri.

"Follow that brooding Southern-fried piper dripping with sass and eloquence, and one song leads to another. There’s a little romance. Foot tapping quickly escalates to a slow dance with a sound match made somewhere between Dixieland and heaven." — Dionne Charlet,
Where Y'at

"A sonic breath of fresh air, entertaining and a nice slice of Americana roots music without every coming close to the self indulgent pitfalls more common today by most artists." — Brent Black,
Critical Jazz

“If I Walked On Water - has songs about trains, buses and taking steps to get some where you want to be. - They will make you laugh, dance and think.”- 
Oscar Brooks - The Examiner

“Ted Hefko writes New Orleans inspired jazz that appeals to the NYC crowd. That's a tall order, but he and his band, the Thousandaires, know how to make music that sounds upbeat, sophisticated, and fun while staying true to the spirit of New Orleans. Think of him as an urban Dr. John.” -Calvin Powers - Taproot Radio


11pm- Dick Valentine
Genre: Solo acoustic
For fans of: I am the lead singer of Electric Six, but you could say I have some Roky Erikson, Tom Waits, Talking Heads in me.

Dick Valentine is best known as the front-man for Electric Six, but in the last few years he has been known to play solo acoustic sets both in the US and the UK.  He has two solo albums, “Destroy The Children” and “Halloween Fingers” and his set consists of a healthy mix of songs from those albums as well as Electric Six songs performed acoustically. Requests are taken, drinks are consumed, and occasionally audience members can come up and sing backing vocals. Though originally from Detroit, Valentine has lived in Prospect Heights for 7 years and is always excited about being able to walk 2 blocks to his gig at The Way Station. 

“With many absurd lyrics and heartfelt, but rigorous acoustic guitar playing, this is a frontman’s acoustic set at its best” - The Yorker (York, UK)

“(Valentine) prefers not to think about it. Why push genius, anyway?”  QRO Magazine


Dress up for The Way Station's fourth Annual Halloween Costume Party with bar tab prizes for best costumes, drink specials and a mid-night screening of everyone's favorite cult classic Rocky Horror Picture Show! It's just a jump to the left....

Regulars Happy Hour
Wear your ambassador pin and pay happy hour prices all night long.

8pm- Zamba 2 Samba
Genre: roots samba
For fans of: Marisa Monte, Elis Regina, Cartola, Nelson Cavaquinho, Adoniran Barbosa

Conceived as a tribute to "Samba de Raiz" or roots samba, Zamba 2 Samba delves deep into Brazil's musical past offering reinterpretations of Brazil's most joyous music from the '40's, '50's & '60's. Led by Susan Justice's beautiful, clear voice and backed by both Brazilian and a revolving group of international musicians, Zamba 2 Samba will take you to a small samba club in Lapa, Rio...at least for the night.

9pm- Toby Singer and the Storm
Genre: Indie Rock
For fans of: Nick Drake, Elliott Smith

Toby Singer and the Storm, the stage name of Toby Singer, an up and coming singer/songwriter, producer, and musical theater composer currently living in Brooklyn, NY. His last record is called Here Comes Saturn, an homage of sorts to the delicate, quiet music of Nick Drake and Elliott Smith. Toby’s warm, low voice gives weight to the semi-autobiographical record, detailing the traverse of time and the crisis of being, going through one’s late 20s.

“Recalling a cleaned up Nick Drake or a scrubbed Elliot Smith, Toby Singer chases down the same acoustic wide-screen pop that seems so well suited to sync with film. "Hard Beast" is built on the back of a tiny acoustic guitar progression, Singer's voice lilting out in some pleasant combination of firm and weak. Producers of independent film take notice of the chorus, the kind of the thing that should suitably end up in a trailer beside a pensive next-generation Gordon-Levitt or a vastly-improved Zach Braff. Singer repeats the chorus until it is a well-worn hook, the title lyric very nearly an analog for "heart beat", as the song moves methodically to its small and valuable conclusions." -32 Feet Per Second

"Wickedly fresh soul slash crooning slash dancin’ in the kitchen" and that the songs are "coated with a frosting of earnest innocence, but still stay sexy."     -YVYNYL

"Bits of Jens Lekman, Vampire Weekend and soul. Nice.” -Mind of an Independent


10pm- Kagero
Genre: Japanese Gypsy Rock
For fans of: Gogol Bordello meets David Bowie

Upbeat, folky pop songs with world music flavors, sung by a Japanese man with a British accent. Kagero’s sound is a melting pot of tonalities and rhythms from Asia, the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe -- "Cultural Confusion." Sometimes the songs are beautiful imagery, sometimes sad folk tales, and sometimes silly songs about drinking. But the tunes are always fun, and the show is high energy dancing good time.

"Kagero’s world music goulash is very tasty -- even if you don’t always know what’s you’re eating."

“Rooted in uplifting elements from eclectic origins, "Japanese Gypsy Rock" unites Kagero’s musical influences and talents into a cross-culture dance party.” 
by Meijin Bruttomesso, The Deli Magazine


2014 NYC Marathon: Marathoners Unite!
Let us welcome you with a round of applause for your tremendous achievement and determination. Wear your 2014 NYC Marathon medal and drink happy hour prices all night long.

4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

We'll be playing the new episode for you 2-3 times starting at 4pm.
More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/825874687432848/

8:30pm- An evening with Uncle Monsterface' presenting their new album, 'Rise of the Lava Men.
Genre: Alternative/Weird/Nerd Pop
For fans of: They Might Be Giants Meets Rush, Ween

Uncle Monsterface is fun, high-energy nerd rock that stares you down from across the bar and dares you not to have a good time with them. They make songs about ninjas, Nintendo, D&D, lobsters, and life. Their live shows often include giant dancing monsters, notably one that shares the name with the band, and is also a sock puppet. As a matter of fact, many of their songs are about real sock puppets. Listen up and get down.

“[Uncle Monsterface] lifts you up and makes you feel powerful.”
-james kochalka, american elf, on uncle monsterface’s ‘this is an adventure’

“Is the music catchy? Yes! Are the lyrics odd and quirky? Of Course! But are the songs themselves somehow devalued by these two elements? Hell no! While Uncle Monsterface like to paint themselves as goodtime guys making music that requires naught but a modicum of conscious thought on the part of their listeners, they are, in fact, **dum–dum–daaaaah** emotionally resonant.” -Geekdad Z, HipsterPlease



10pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


6-7:15pm- Monster Monday Madness: Lost Boys
Free Pizza 
Paul Ryan Presents:
8pm- Samantha Brown
Sam hails from New Jersey and her upcoming album will hopefully be released within the next decade. Follow Sam on Twitter @freesambrownnow! 

9pm- Zuni Mountain Boys
Genre: Americanca

The Zuni Mountain Boys are an Americana duo based out of Brooklyn, NY. Connor McGinnis and Matt Campbell formed the group in early 2014. They recorded their first EP in East Nashville in late May over two days, and released it via bandcamp in August 2014. The five song EP consists predominantly of two acoustic guitars, and two part harmonies with Connor singing the leads, and Matt accompanying. Dobro and piano are the only other accents on the recording, leaving the sound spare, with little more than is necessary to deliver the song. The lyrics hesitate to dip into the abstract, and instead paint the sound with ordinary images that allow the listener to arrive at something larger on their own. 

10pm- Mike O'Malley
Genre: Screamer-Songwriter.
For fans of: Tom Waits, Glen Hansard, The Decemberists, Fiona Apple 

Mike O'Malley carries a lot of anger around. He endeavors to funnel said extra energy into a rollicking, kinetic set of folk songs for drinking, howling, and stomping to. He would specifically love to howl with you.

11pm- The Moon and You
Genre: cello/folk
For fans of: Leon Redbone, Nick Drake, Gillian Welch, Richard and Linda Thompson

Melissa Hyman and Ryan Furstenberg are musical mad scientists who bring the sparks of life to old forms. One stormy night, in the midst of demented cackling, they created the Moon and You. Armed with cello, guitar, harmonica, foot percussion, and vocal cords they play their versions of ragtime, country, lounge jazz, and bluegrass up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Come for the soothing vocal harmonies and intricate arrangements and stay for the awkward stage banter.

"Their songs are heartfelt, but neither cloying nor saccharine." -Ali Marshall    *The Mountain Xpress*

"Unlike many acoustic folk duos, Asheville's the Moon and You features
acoustic guitar and cello, which allows the band to get a deeper, smokier
tone than similar acts. Melissa Hyman's cello also provides a groovy, dynamic presence, channeling sultry jazz swing on the down-to-earth ode "Diamondz," haunting folk-grass on "Baker's Daughter," and harmony-enriched folk-pop like the foot-tapping "Take Me With You." While Hyman holds down the hearty bottom end, Ryan Furstenberg's fingerstyle guitar does soft-shoe over the top, allowing the tenderly plucked melodies to dance watercolor wisps that gently fade into each other. And the sonic yin-yang extends beyond their instruments. Fustenberg also possesses a booming, oaky baritone that plays nicely against Hyman's sweet girlish coo. The pair only started making music together a little more than a year ago, but since then they've released two live six-song EPs on BandCamp. At least a few tracks seem inspired by the pair's obvious chemistry and shared affection, recalling the intimate earnest spirit of fellow North Carolina couple-combo Bowerbirds." —*Chris Parker* Charleston City Paper


8pm- Acousta Noir 
Genre: Gritty Americana Stomp
For fans of: Larry & His Flask, Tom Waits, Nick Cave, Mumford & Sons

Stripping punk rock back to the roots. A Bastard Son of Circus Royalty & a modern day troubadour, moving with the wind and singing stories along the way. Get some Boom-Boom-Boom with your Wail & Howl. This is ACOUSTA NOIR.

“Just how much punch can one guy pack into a set? You'll be reeling as he blends raw bluesy soul with a rough and rowdy edge. If you like to dance, stomp your feet, or just have a good time, be there.”— Starbuck, Oberon's Three Penny Tavern


Antifolk Night 9-11pm
Antifolk is a movement, a music genre and a social network of artists, writers, and musicians who work in different mediums and styles.

Antifolk's defining characteristics are that it can't be defined; it's irreverent, raw, it turns the status quo on it's head. It's shambolic, words mean more than pretense and you can't say what it is until you see it, hear it, and feel it.  

9pm- Neil Kenny
Genre: Antifolk
For fans of: Kenny Rodgers,Kenny G

Neil Kelly is a native of Brooklyn who has been giving NYC the gift of original music for over 15 years. He has been an integral member of such notable groups as Huggabroomstik, Kung Fu Crimewave and Tunetown Philharmonic. He has also performed and released solo albums under the names, Masheen Gun Kelly and Club Mate.


10pm- Prewar Yardsale
Genre: rock
For fans of: Jeff Lewis, The Johns, Kung Fu Crimewave

Prewar Yardsale is lofi New York City Antifolk. Beat up acoustic guitars, buckets, tin cans, broken casios and distortion pedals provide the sonic drop for the lyrics cribbed for songs of breaking up, partying, sickness, disease, and your record collection. They have a new Major Matt produced EP up on bandcamp that captures the band during some raw sessions at Emandee and Olivejuice studios.


11pm- American Anymen
Genre: Antifolk
American Anymen are an antifolk group located in NYC. We follow the political line of passion over expertise and the idea that what you have to say is more important than the equipment that you own.


8pm- Mark from 3A
Genre: Acoustic Rock
For fans of: Collective Soul, Foo Fighters, David Bowie, City and Colour

Mark from 3A formed when drummer, Jason Lang of Apt. 3D, knocked on his neighbor's door and asked if the guys playing guitar, Mark Ayesh of Apt. 3A and James L'Esperance, needed a drummer.  The rest is video games, whiskey, neighborly love and history. Songwriters Mark Ayesh and Bayard Russell each bring their own unique style to the table.

MF3A's sound lives somewhere between Russell's space-folk rock (Collective Soul with a slap of Bowie) and Ayesh's alternative rock (if City and Colour and Foo Fighters had a baby.)  The rest of MF3A's sound comes from the band with L'Esperance playing lead guitar, Lang on Drums and Clark Baxtresser on keys and backup vocals. Mark from 3A is currently in the process of recording a demo and plays gigs all around New York City, including Bowery Electric, Arlene's Grocery, Underground Lounge, and Spike Hill.

“Russell delivers simple, catchy songs with honest lyrics straight from his broken heart. He effortlessly takes what most of us would consider as bad situations and makes light of them, and in doing so he creates a responsive bond of some sort with his listeners.” -HotIndieNews.com


9pm- Jonathan Saraga Quintet 
Genre: Modern Jazz/Contemporary
For fans of: Miguel Zennon, John Zorn, David Binney, Miles Okazaki

The Jonathan Saraga Quintet has been playing Saraga's original compositions and arrangements around New York City since 2012. Inspired by Western Classical music, jazz and film scores, Jonathan writes music that features "...a rare blend of individuality and maturity," for an artist still in his 20's. Each composition includes portions of it that are catered to improvisation, and in-the-moment decisions that provide the music with a means of metamorphosis.

"At times, Saraga's music can exhibit a wandering, nomadic, Klezmer-influenced sound that further cements the (Dave) Douglas connection via that trumpeter's work with John Zorn's flagship Masada." - ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“This is engaging, tuneful, urgent modern jazz played at a very high level by young, masterful musicians." -JIMMY GREENE

"Saraga... is only in his mid-twenties, but plays with the wisdom and maturity of veterans more than twice his age. His  chops, lust for musical life and don't-box-me-into-a-stylistic-corner mentality make him  seem like the musical offspring of trumpeters Dave Douglas and Ambrose Akinmusire." - ALL ABOUT JAZZ


10pm- The Condescending Liberals
Genre: Rock/Funk
For fans of: Funkadelic, The Meters, Bonnie Raitt, Led Zeppelin with harmonies, Keith Olbermann

Intertwining '70s urban funk with close-harmony singing from the Heartland, The Condescending Liberals' jams will no doubt leave you in a blue state.


11pm- Fife & Drom
Genre: Blues
For fans of: Howlin’ Wolf, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Bonnie Raitt

Fife & Drom is the musical brainchild of husband and wife team Mark Marshall and Abby Ahmad. Though the couple grew up as neighbors in a tiny Pennsylvania town, destiny arranged their first meeting, oddly enough, over two decades later at the “Crossroads Cafe” in Brooklyn, NY.  One might say their collaboration was fated. Their updated, original take on classic era Delta & Chicago style blues is infused with deep rhythms, soaring riffs and unbridled passion. Music as visceral as it is danceable.

"They say good things come to those who wait so we did our part and waited patiently for this album [Introducing Fife & Drom]. It was clearly time well spent because this is top shelf material. There is not a weak track on here, front to back this is as good a piece of work as you will find."  -Glen Casebeer (American Blues Scene)

"The great thing about Fife & Drom is that they have a truly unique sound. They are clearly influenced by older, acoustic blues, but they don’t live in the past; instead they take the baton and run towards a frontier in blues that is all their own, making a memorable introduction."  -Nik Rodewald (Blues Rock Review)


8pm- doors
9pm- showtime
Just two days before Wasabassco's 10th Anniversary Extravaganaza we're warming up at The Way Station, Brooklyn's famous Bar With The TARDIS,

Featuring performances by Wasabassco favorites Nasty Canasta and GiGi La Femme, with Canada's own Red Herring and making her Wasabassco debut, all the way from California courtesy of last month's bake sale funds: Arcadia Kane. Hosted by an either an incredibly hyper or incredibly exhausted Doc Wasabassco.

Show at 9:00

Advance Sale Guaranteed Seats (limited to 20) available here. http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/869190

$10 GA at the door


8pm- Tim Haufe 
Tim Haufe is a songwriter and musician who grew up in Poughkeepsie, NY.  His music is volatile, desperate, beautiful, dynamic, and full of hope. His fifth self-produced album, The End of the Year (November 2012), has received critical acclaim. Although Haufe typically performs as a solo act, the Tim Haufe Trio presents his music in an expanded and exciting form, recalling the full band arrangements present throughout his studio work. Haufe currently lives in New York, where he is striving to establish for his music the grand reputation that it deserves.

“Tim has all the qualities one looks for in a live performance: He is in tune with the elasticity of the crowd. I could feel myself being drawn closer and closer to the music as the song went on.” -Daniel Dissinger, InStereoPress


9pm- Double Down
Genre: Swing/Rock/Pop
For fans of: Frank Sinatra, Brian Setzer, Michael Buble, Chicago

Rat Pack style swing with a high energy, modern edge. Imagine the good old days of popular music with a modern twist! From Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin to classic pop/rock hits from the 80′s and 90′s and today, Double Down swings the hell out of everything. Take a look and discover New York City’s best kept secret that is poised to take over!

"This band has a tight sound and keeps the audience on their feet. I booked them for a dance event, and not only did the guests talk about them for weeks afterwards, they requested that we hire them for nearly every upcoming event." - Stacee Mandeville, featured dancer of Mad Hot Ballroom

"Double Down performs with an infectious energy, you can't help but tap your feet. We booked them for several gigs, and they never fail to make our events a smashing success." - Tommy Sunshine, NY impessario


10pm- The Morning Sea
Genre: Folk/Rock
For fans of: Rock n’ Roll, Whiskey, Night-time

The Morning Sea is an NYC-based indie-folk-blues-pop-rock n’ roll experience, founded by singer-songwriter Adam Cohen. Their debut EP, “Strange Captive”, was released in May 2014.

“A softly moving, seductive chamber-pop folk collective…one-half confessional late night crooner, and one-half whimsical wanderer…” –The Deli Magazine


11pm- Cara
Genre: Pop/Rock
For fans of: Early Madonna, 80s + 90s music, Amy Lee (of Evanescence) Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, Pink, Rihanna

From powerhouse rock to melodic pop, Cara’s vocals jump from one genre to another with ease. With a voice that sounds right at home in either a stadium or intimate downtown blues club, her influences are as diverse as the places she’s performed. From L.A to London, all the way up to icy Scandinavia- all by 21 years old. Her vocal range has been compared to ultimate icons such as Whitney, Aguilera, and Carey.


3pm- Drink and Draw
$5 + one drink minimum
Live models
8pm- Joy Dragland
Genre: Soft Rock
For fans of: Fleetwood Mac, America, Bread

A Minnesota native with arctic Scandinavian blood, Dragland's musical career started behind the drums in her dad's band. She studied piano and violin, and at age 15- guitar with which she started writing songs. Many gigs, tours and albums later, she's promoting her second solo project, the EP "Tumble Town."

"Some of the most musically mature acoustic pop you'll ever hear." Isthmus Daily Page


9pm- Tour de Force 
Genre: Alternative/Indie Rock
For fans of: The White Stripes, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand, Modest Mouse

Dave, Matt, and Rob. With their powers combined, they are Tour de Force! Filling the world with music, they have only one goal: to make you dance!


10pm- Cookie Cutta 
Genre: Funk ‘n Stuff (Funk is Funk... And the ‘Stuff’ is everything else)
For fans of: Sly Stone, Jimi Hendrix, Chaka Khan & Rufus, Betty Davis

COOKIE CUTTA is the Divalicious frontwoman of ‘The Cookie Cutta Experience’: The Ultimate groove party full of Funktastic Flava! Cookie’s mission, along with her band ‘The Crisps’,  is to perform all over the world spreading positive vibes and funk-delishus soiunds!


Midnight Special: Hambone Relay
Genre: Soul Jazz/Funk
For fans of: Soulive, The New Mastersounds, Lettuce, Galactic, Medeski Martin & Wood, Robert Walter

Hambone Relay is a soul jazz organ trio based in Philadelphia, PA. HR3 shrewdly explores the genres of soul, jazz, funk, R&B, blues, and rock. Their live performances deliver brazen jams and contagious grooves with a familiar yet altogether refreshing sonic palette, tipping a hat to such artists as Soulive, Grant Green, Dr. Lonnie Smith, and The New Mastersounds.


4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

DOCTOR WHO Series 8 Finale
We'll be playing the new episode for you 2-3 times starting at 4pm.
More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/825874687432848/

7:30pm- Timecrash
Genre: Time Lord Rock (Trock)
For fans of: Doctor Who

Formed on the whim of a Facebook status update by lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist (and avid 'Doctor Who' fan) Ronen Kohn, Time Crash first came together in the summer of 2011 with the goal of being 'America's first trock band.' Along with Dave Kitsberg (lead guitar), Michael Fye (bass), Andy Rice (drums) and Chris Rice (steel guitar), the group has brought together an assortment of rock genres, from power ballad to punk, in celebration of their favorite Time Lord and his adventures.

“Chicago-based band is creating the Time Lord Rock ("Trock") that fans deserve.” –Geek Girl Chicago

“Time Crash is likely to be successful.” –Chicago Sun-Times

“the group has quickly become a favorite on their hometown Who scene of Chicago, Illinois.” –Another Castle

“offer a much more rock orientated, almost Heart-like approach to Doctor Who music.” –Houston Press


10pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


MONDAY 11/10
6pm- Monster Monday Madness: Fright Night
Free Pizza!

8pm- Sarabande
Genre: rock croon soul jazz sludge
For fans of: Jeff Buckley, Liz Phair, Billie Holiday

Born and raised  in New York City to gypsy parents of the arts, singer/songwriter and guitarist Sara Jecko is a bit of a gypsy herself. It’s hard to settle down. After studying jazz guitar in college, and at the same time, touring as the guitarist in a zydeco-punk band (Zydeco Pilots), she started performing her own songs. 

“she creates her own brand of soulful and intuitive music. (Her) voice completely fragile with an energy of resilience” - rockisrock

“Raw emotion..natural, inspired ease” - James Moore


9pm- James Richards
Genre: Blue Ridge certified acousticfunkgrass
For fans of: Campfires, church choirs, birds on a wire, natty attire

James Richards makes music to live but not for a living. Classically trained but steeped in "Blue Ridge certified acousticfunkgrass," James looks to Lightnin' Hopkins, Otis Redding and Peter Gabriel for inspiration. He has shared stages with Peggy Seeger, Stacy Earle and Mark Stuart, and Ellis Paul among many others. Residing in Brooklyn with Kentucky and North Carolina on mind, James collaborates with local musicians at venues ranging from Joe's Pub and Webster Hall to All Souls Church and Sunny's. He also volunteers with Musicians on Call, bringing music to metro hospitals.

“Richards makes the singer-songwriter craft look approachable. He owns a rare air that manages to include every listener in the room. His handling of the strings was on par with his emotional voice, which made the ears absorb every endearing tale.”
Hunter Pope - earfulmusic.com

"You can sing me anything..."

Rebecca Sulock - Mountain Xpress

"...a funky take on the acoustic singer-songwriter sound we know and love. We're glad he's a New Yorker now."

The New Yorker Festival - The New Yorker


10pm- Alex Castle
Genre: humorous eclectic
For fans of: sharp songwriting on a scale from “witty” to “hilarious”

Alex Castle does a lot of comedy shows, is the frontman of the 11-piece funk monster The Get It, and desperately seeks your approval.


11pm- Roland Ramos Vienna
Genre: Acoustic Reggae/Soul
For Fans of: The Decemberists, Jose Gonzalez, Brett Denett, Sublime, Nickel Creek, The Misfits.

My music is derived from my experiences as a cross-cultural curator. I write directly from my experiences of working with groups from diverse backgrounds. I started playing guitar at age 9. By 12 I was already composing and performing live. Roland is fresh from playing a number of different festivals in the area including "Opple Topple" in PA, "Return to the Roots" Festival in Liberty NY, "Fam Jamily" In Vernon, NJ as well as "The Boogie."

"Ramos simply knows no boundaries; like his beloved Hoboken, “Anchor Hearts” is a true melting pot of cultures and rhythms." Jersey Beat Album Review for "Anchor Heart".http://www.jerseybeat.com/editorsdesk.html


Veterans Day 
Veterans- your first one's on us and then drink happy hour prices all night long.

Corduroy Appreciation Day
Wear Coruroy and drink happy hour prices all night long
 "The Autumnal Disaster"

7:30pm- Satellite Magazine
Let's Talk About Cities

9pm- Louiza
Genre: Jazz influenced Indie Rock

LOUIZA is a raw blend of jazz, blues and indie-rock – A new electric project for the moody folk singer Rebecca Mimiaga


10pm- County Kings 
Genre: Indie/Irish Folk Rock
For fans of: The Proclaimers, Billy Bragg, Ray Lamontagne, Steve Earl, Tori Amos, Big Country, The Pretenders, Gillian Welch, REM

County Kings is an Irish way of saying Brooklyn (a.k.a. Kings County). Their indie rock style blends folk and blues with traditional Irish songs. They mix acoustic and electric instrumentation with an emphasis on vocal harmonies and relevant messages. Lead singer and principal songwriter, Gil Holohan, grew up singing traditional Irish songs in his parent’s pub. He infuses County King’s music with that flavor as well as his progressive politics.


11pm- Jade Zabric
Genre: Pop/Rock
For fans of: Jason Mraz, Michelle Branch

Singer/Songwriter Jade Zabric was born and raised in Houston, Texas. After graduating high school, she served five years in the US Air Force and separated with an honorable discharge as a Staff Sergeant. While in the Air Force, Jade was the lead guitar player for a morale band on a world tour including Europe and the Middle East. Since moving to New York City, she has been studying at NYU and in 2011, played guitar for Harlem Repertoire Theater's Production of DreamGirls. Jade's album, "Singer/Songwriter," was released in July 2013. She makes her living busking on the streets of NYC.

She's Rock, R&B, Alternative, Progressive with a little lick of Country.


8pm- Decanted Youth 
Collaborative gig from 2 Brooklyn based singer/songwriters, Sarai Moore (aka Decanted Youth) and Simon Shippey (aka Peace For Old Ghosts), where existing songs will be placed in new and unique contexts, where folk meets atmospherics. 
Genre: Experimental, electronica, indie-Folk, ambient rock, dreamy pop and sultry-blues
For fans of: The xx, Lisa Hannigan, The Jezabels, Feist, Lykke Li, Agnus and Julia Stone

Decanted Youth is Sarai Moore soloing and collaborating with local artists. She brings a fresh sound to the music scene with a mixture of experimental, electronica, indie-folk, ambient rock, dreamy pop and sultry-blues.

Jolt Radio talked about Decanted Youth’s demo track Sandman, “The track is amazingly haunting, dreamy, poppy. I can go on for days with descriptions. Bottom line is, give the track a listen and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Hope you enjoy it and make sure to expect more from the band.”



9pm- Tripeg Lobo: Late Nite Double Feature Picture Show
The next Tripeg Lobo presents challenge is: artists play a song from a movie (any song featured, it can be the theme, the song playing in the background of a scene, etc.), then they write a new song about their favorite movie. Performers include: Elisa Flynn, Lys Guillorn, George Hakkila, Maharajah Sweets, Chris Q. Murphy, Jay Buchanan, Mark W. Schwarz, Sarah Bisman, Walter Andersons, and the Halsey Hellhounds.

11pm- Breanna Barbara


“intriguing, intense, fun, lo-fi original punk blues resonator guitarist/singer  Breanna Barbara ignites the stage with vocals so raw powerful you leave hypnotized ” – New York Daily Music


8pm- atlantic / pacific
Genre: Indie-Rock, Pop, Dance
For fans of: Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Broken Social Scene, Mac Demarco, Hospitality

atlantic / pacific writes melodic dance rock with charming, catchy vocals on top. Brooklyn-based singers Liza Dzul and Yusuf Siddiquee cover topics ranging from sandwiches to Michigan to TRU LUV (in a happy way!). Other tags on soundcloud might include indie rock, electronic, chilly, bedroom rock, singer-songwriter, and pop, but you should come listen for yourself.


9pm- Cuervo Jones
Who is Cuervo Jones?
Combining catchy melodies, driving rhythms, and powerful guitar, this dance punk power trio exploded on NYC scene in 2013. Pulling from the best of their favorite bands: the Ramones, Arctic Monkeys, and the Strokes, Cuervo Jones will be in your head long after the last cymbal crash and barre chord have faded out into the night.


10pm- All Night Chemists
Genre: Rock

A band that writes and records a musical potion of hypnotic sounds, unforgettable melodies, deep grooves, and intricate arrangements under the BQE in north Brooklyn...Brad Gunyon, Len Monachello, and Brandon Wilde are All Night Chemists. Currently releasing two songs a month the trio continues to mix from song to song, both live and on record, with a variety of their fellow musicians. The result are shows and recordings that are truly their own. All Night Chemists' songs have been featured in the television shows Castle, Mercy, Men in Trees, Life is Wild, and Reaper.  The song "Point of View" was featured in the 2007 film "Ornaments."

“The Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has a mellow, reflective voice that speaks to experience and a way with instrumentation that, as they say, goes easy on the ears.” -3hive


11pm- The Howling Monkeys CD release party
FRIDAY 11/14
8pm- Hiro Suzuki Band
Genre: Blues, Country, Rock, etc...

9pm- JD Patch
For fans of: Country and honky tonk music 

We play hell raisin' beer drinking blue collar roadhouse honky tonk music. Play a lot of originals with a few covers from Hank Jr to Waylon to Merle Haggard 


10pm- The Sometime Boys
Genre: Americana (folk/country/bluegrass/blues)
For fans of: Joni Mitchell, Iron & Wine, Nick Drake, Loretta Lynn, Jorma Kaukonen

Founded in 2010 by vocalist Sarah Mucho and guitarist Kurt Leege, The Sometime Boys have quickly leapt to the forefront of the urban roots music scene in New York. Featuring succinct songwriting, they blend elements of bluegrass, country, folk, gospel and zydeco into a unique, refreshing Americana sound. Framing the elegance of MAC award winning vocalist Sarah Mucho is an intricate canvas of violin, guitar and keyboard brushstrokes and a soulful rhythm section that won't quit. After recording their debut album, 'Any Day Now' in 2010, The Sometime Boys added Pete O'Connell on upright bass, Jay Cowit on drums and Rebecca Weiner Tompkins on violin and have since been tearing it up on the New York music scene.

"The Sometime Boys are an experimental folk band who deserve to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry." -adobeandteardrops.blogspot.com

"Times may be tough, but music like this makes us think about what is most important." -overidon.com

"Their debut album Any Day Now was one of 2011's best, and their gentle but intense and unselfconsciously beautiful new one Ice and Blood is a strong contender for best of 2012." - New York Music Daily

Website: www.thesometimeboy.com, www.facebook.com/thesometimeboys, www.reverbnation.com/thesometimeboys
Audio: https://www.facebook.com/Thesometimeboys/app_2405167945?ref=ts
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SoXFC5Vz13I&feature=player_embedded

5-6:30pm- Fermentation on Wheels is Back in Brooklyn!

Celebrate the arrival of Fermentation on Wheels with home-brewed elixirs and fermentation-themed band The Live Cultures. This event will follow a day of free fermentation workshops featured at Bitter & Ester's and on the Fermentation Bus, all on Washington Ave between Prospect and Park in Prospect Heights.

Daily workshops will include beer, kombucha, and vegetable fermentation. There is no better way to work up your thirst. Help us celebrate the arrival of a funky smelling bus and it's love for free fermentation education to the masses!

Samples of fermented foods provided by Mason & Mug - Pickles & Beer!
Seasonal farm-to-table small plates, beer & wine bar. Inspired casual eating places the world over, while utilizing local ingredients. Entering a long tiled bar greets you among reclaimed wood and Chinese lanterns, to the right a full wall street art mural. Mason Jars of house fermented pickles, kimchi & sauerkraut line the high shelves above the bar. Strictly Kosher too!

7pm- The Live Cultures
Genre: Indie-Folk
For fans of: Fleet Foxes, Devendra Banhart,

A fermentation-themed folk band from New York City, The Live Cultures play original & traditional folk music from the Americas & abroad: guitar, violin, banjo, cello, mandolin, washboard, and 4-part harmony.

"The music is restorative and the band’s spirit and enthusiasm is infectious." - T.W. Barrett, author of Culinary Types Blog

"I like The Live Cultures on Facebook." - Sandor Katz, author of Wild Fermentation.

website: http://www.facebook.com/thelivecultures
video: https://vimeo.com/97776492
audio/album: http://thelivecultures.bandcamp.com

Drink specials, surf videos and leis. Wear a Hawaiian shirt and drink happy hour prices all night. 

8pm- Strange But Surf
Genre: Surf
For fans of: Commercial Interuption, The Tarrantino NYC, Dick Dale, 9th Wave, Beach Boys

Strange But Surf has been an established surf-rock band on Long Island since 2003. They play at venues across New York and Long Island. They have released 2 albums, “Making Treble” and “Swimming in Reverb”, and appear on the surf compilation CD “Off the Deep End” by Deep Eddy Records. Calling on influences from Metal to the British Invasion and from Punk to the Blues with a dash of good old Rock & Roll, these talented musicians combine their talents to produce their own genre of music that can only be called “Strange BUt Surf.”

“Surf can be a strange genre at times. It can both exist independently and be connected to Tiki culture. Despite the name “surf,” a surf song can have little or nothing to do with surfing (something that will be made very obvious over the course of the Freaky Tiki Surf-ari). What makes surf music “surf” is its distinct “wet” sound. Said sound is made by the spring reverberator in amplifiers for electric guitars, which can sound like waves. Hence the title of Strange But Surf’s second album, Swimming in Reverb. Interestingly enough, the CD’s cover shows the band in front of a Tiki bar called Otto’s Shrunken Head. This is the essence of Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: the mixture of Tiki, surf music and horror. According to their Facebook page, Strange But Surf came into existence in 2003. That page also has a great quote from the band themselves: “More than just Surf, we combine Blues, Oldies, Rockabilly and more into our own genre of music, known as Strange But Surf.” Their online radio station also lists “Spy, Space, Horror, Tiki, and Lounge” as sources of inspiration. Although Swimming in Reverb is largely a surf album, some of these influences are present.” - See more at: http://www.gravediggerslocal.com/2010/06/freaky-tiki-surf-ari-strange-but-surf/#sthash.CRL5gMKf.dpuf


9pm- TarantinosNYC
Genre: Surf, Soul, Spy, Spaghetti Western instrumentals
For fans of: Dick Dale, Link Wray, Ennio Morricone, The Ventures, Booker T & the MG’s

The TarantinosNYC specialize in 60's-70's Surf, Soul, Spy and Spaghetti Western instrumentals, featuring the great soundtrack material in Quentin Tarantino movies, and also originals in the style of classic movie and TV themes. See the song list on their web site, and you’ll get an idea of what these styles have in common – reverb, twang, cool… retro juvie kicks…! The TarantinosNYC  started in 2005, and have played such events/venues as: the U.S. Open Tennis Tournament, Rockwood Music Hall, Music Hall of Williamsburg, Southpaw, Brooklyn Bowl, Rodeo Bar, Otto's Shrunken Head, Long Island City Boathouse (benefit event), NYC Horror Film Festival, Wrath of Cannes Film Festival,  Delancey, Cha Cha's of Coney Island, Coney Island Boardwark, Met's Cruise, Don Hill's, Bowery Electric...and many more. They were also guests on the Joey Reynolds radio show on WOR-AM and were filmed for Tripwave TV.

Everynight Charley's Manhattan Beat, Saturday, October 5, 2013 
More than a novelty band, the TarantinosNYC is a cleverly-conceived music event – a soundtrack to a night at the movies without sorting through the film’s plot intrigues.

New York Music Daily, New York Surf City by delarue, 8/8/2012 
By half past eleven, the TarantinosNYC had taken the stage. They have the kind of chemistry that comes from constant gigging and the kind of diverse, cinematic sound their name implies. And they don’t just do songs from Tarantino movies: this particular show featured a lot of unpredictable, anthemic originals, a digression into Link Wray … and finally a majestically lurid version of ... You Only Live Twice.


10pm- The Ninth Wave
Genre: hot rod surf
For fans of: surf/garage/60s/instrumental/guitar/rockabilly/rock

9th Wave has been performing since 1995, from the northeast (NYC, Boston) as far south as Savannah, GA. Regulars at nearly every Sleazefest & Instro Summit (music festivals in NC), and Ohana Luau at the Lake (upstate NY), 9th Wave, from Storrs CT, plays an diverse combination of surf, exotica & hot rod music at regional music and tiki festivals, hot rod/motorcycle/custom car shows, cultural institutions, clubs, and more. With their unique and signature style, 9th Wave has recorded six full-length CDs of original music. The 9th Wave sound is made up of Mike “Staccato” Rosado on lead surf guitar, Negative Ed on bass, Phred Rawles on drums, and Sandy Rosado on Farfisa organ, rhythm guitar, flute, and saxophone. 9th Wave and the Rosados are also champions of East Coast Surf Music, and are the founders and directors of The North East Surf Music Alliance, the largest network of surf bands in the world.



SUNDAY 11/16
4pm- Moving Pictures: Hand-picked entertainment on the big screen each Sunday evening at the Way Station.

Star Trek: DOCTORS

9pm- Nerd Karaoke
DJ JOE RUDE and The KINGS of KARAOKE present a Nerds Night to RAWK OUT at the BAR with the TARDIS!!! Come sing They Might Be Giants, Tom Lehrer, Jonathan Coulton, and MORE! No cover, awesome cocktails and fine beers on tap--its the best party Sunday can buy!


MONDAY 11/17
6pm- Monster Monday Madness: Near Dark
Free Pizza!

8pm- Julia McKinnis
Genre: Indie Pop
For fans of: Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Cat Power

Julia McKinnis was a born musician; humming herself to sleep in her crib in her hometown of Ft. Worth, Texas. Julia’s endearing indie-pop style is reminiscent of artists like Ingrid Michaelson, Cat Power, Regina Spektor. Says the artist, “I always tell people that my music is music to make you fall in love with life and eat cookies and sweet things and not feel bad about yourself. It's most definitely happy music.”

twitter: @juliamckinnis
FB: Julia McKinnis

9pm- Daniel Amedee 
Genre: Folk, Rock, Blues
For fans of: John Lennon, Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, Van Morrison

Daniel Amedee is a New Orleans musician who plays an acoustic driven style of folk rock. He has recorded two albums at Radical House Studios in San Francisco, CA with producer Charles Gonzalez (Coo Coo Birds, Blank Tapes.) The first, "Themes From…" was released in May 2011 worldwide through Expat Records and the second, "Climbing," will be released in the coming months. My records feature performances by percussionist Pat Spurgeon (Rogue Wave), Sylvain Carton (Beats Antique, John Vanderslice), and Charith Premawardhana (Mars Volta, Classical Revolution) as well as many other great musicians from the bay area.

“Daniel Amedee is a…singer from New Orleans. He describes his music as orchestral rock but I guess you might as well say it's folk? I don’t know. En tout cas, his debut album Themes From ... is beautifully dreamy, very well produced and overall pretty enjoyable! A fitting warm summer evening soundtrack.” --Hendrik Schimpler - Poule D'or

“New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, right? I guess this is why the city is often referred to as the most unique in America, as Daniel Amedee is a singer songwriter who demonstrates a real knack for writing gorgeous cinematic choral pieces, like Home And Heartfelt.”  --James Godwin - Informal Flick-Thru

“Daniel Amedee captures the soul of Cat Stevens in his incredible lyrics with a dynamic voice that can bellow low like that of Leonard Cohen or reach high like Elliot Smith. This is topped off with biting, epic music reminiscent of Arcade Fire. We are excited about the future of this talented New Orleans singer songwriter.” --Jeff Libby - CEO of Expat Records

Solution - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jB07QR0_0gc
Swimming Through the Unconscious Disconscience - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwcKD3FfjBM

10pm- Que Vlo-ve?
Genre: Rebetika (Ρεμπετικα)
For fans of: Early 20thc. Blues, Greek & otherwise

Music of the rough parts of Athens, c.1928. As the politsmani raid a basement, kicking over the hookah and scattering the crowd, out on the docks a garishly dandified & lovesick thug watches the harbor for a shipment of untaxed cigarettes & weeps into his fist.  


11pm- Wilson Whitley 
Genre: Acoustic, Folk, Singer- Songwriter
For fans of: Civil Wars

Duo that mixes r&b, pop, and rock n roll to create a beautiful acoustic folk sound.


8pm- John Powers 
Genre: Folk

John Powers: A Refreshing, Unique Musical Experience
John Powers is a multi-talented singer, songwriter and musician who hails from Brooklyn, NY. John has dabbled in a number of musical styles throughout his career, such as pop, country and blues and is even known to be the only artist to see three of his songs rise to "mp3.com's" top ten chart at the same time. He has, for a while, composed and performed songs with fellow mp3.com artist Mickey Dean, with whom he had songs appearing on 2 albums of Mickey's titled “Mickey Dean and His Talking Guitar” and "Mickey in NashVegas".  John's musical talent as a singer/songwriter has also allowed him to be sought out and produced as a solo artist by none other than Jim Klein, the Emmy award winning producer and writer for the popular American television show “One Life To Live”. Today John is performing very successfully as a solo artist. Influenced by the likes of Nick Drake, Jon Martyn and Cat Stevens, John has successfully developed a very unique and inspiring style making his music and song lyrics a refreshing, intimate and rewarding experience.

John Powers – Elegant NYC Folk With Stories To Tell

“JOHN POWERS- Been Around is soft and heartwarming music that will put you in a relaxed mood just by listening to it. Sometimes you find an artist that seems to fit perfectly in the mold of their genre.  The look matches, the voice matches, and the feel just matches.These artists fit even better when they are located in the perfect scene for their sound and have the venues to share it with eager listeners. One artist that fits this description is our latest find John Powers.”


9pm- Denise Barbarita
Genre: Singer/songwriter: A Combination of Pop Angst, Rock, and Folk with die-hard female vocals and an unflinching attitude.
For fans of: The Dodos, Bat for Lashes, The Pretenders, Muse, Kate Bush

Denise Barbarita is a singer/songwriter based in NYC.  She performs as a soloist and also with her band The Morning Papers. Denise has released 4 CDs independently. “Beauty Lied”, “Chaos & Congeniality”, “Alive & B-Sides” and her most recent work, “A Beautiful Mess”.

Denise’s songs have received national and international radio airplay and she has been successful in licensing her original music for film and TV programs.  She has also toured across the US and throughout Europe since 2003.

"There’s a feline quality about Denise Barbarita’s music, something wonderfully animalistic in the best sense of the word." -Kevan Breitinger, Reviewer, Indie-Music.com  (Sept. 2005, C&C review)

Denise Barbarita is a superior Rock chick, one who can take a stage and the audience will immediatly shut up. She’s a bad-ass, lit match that’s taking the indie music industry at full storm and won’t stop ‘til she’s unpluggged. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself...Denise is my monthly editor’s pick for July 2005 -Heather Corcoran, Reviewer, CoffeehouseTour.com  (July 2005, C&C review)

“Soothing while seething, the siren sounds sweet before she smashes your boat to pieces. This is how I would sum up the sound of Denise Barbarita.”- Nikki Chipman, NorthEast In-Tune Magazine


10pm- The Dirty Borrellis
Genre: Rock
For fans of: The Band, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Motown, Creedence, Springsteen, Thin Lizzy

The Dirty Borrellis are a seven-man NYC band with members from all over this great land (Ohio, Cali, Michigan and North Carolina). They rehearse in a former pharmaceutical facility that looks like a Walking Dead set. Just about everybody writes and sings. Their live show is heavy, funky, pretty, a little dirty and a lot of Borrelli. Pairs well with whiskey.

11pm- Mind Open
Genre: Jazz/Rock/Boogaloo/Bossa/Psychedelic/Funk
For fans of: Medeski, Martin & Wood, Pat Metheny, Gary Burton, Stark Reality, Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass

Forget everything you thought you knew about Jam Bands. One of the freshest, exciting, and unique sounding bands on the scene today is the very talented Mind Open. Instrumental and jazz based, with a touch of rock, Brazilian, and psychedelic grooves, the Mind Open experience is one you have to see to believe. The bulk of the material the band plays is contributed by Vibist Chris Covais, and Guitarist Andrew Ahr. The rest? Rare grooves from obscure groovy jazz-funk, rock, and psych records. Make sure you see Mind Open spread peace, love, and good vibrations through the medium of music, at one of their many shows in New York city.