Check out the types of bands we book first to make sure you are a good fit for our intimate venue.

We do not book bands with underage members. Get back to us when everyone in the band is 21+

Already played our venue and want to rebook your band? 
Take a look at our calendar and email 2-3 dates when you are available to play that fit the format of our music on a particular evening.

Would you like to play at The Way Station? 
Send a short introduction and a link to hear your music or watch videos. If we like it, you're booked. Looking for one set of 45 minutes.

Booking Policy: 
- We book 3 months in advance, but sometimes have last minute openings. 
- We book five nights a week, Tuesday-Saturday with 3-4 bands per night.  
- We have limited room for singer songwriters, Tues-Thurs 8pm slots only.  
- We are an intimate venue, so if you are super loud you won't be a good fit for us.
- Every band member MUST be over 21 to book a show.
- This is a tip gig and we pass the hat during each set. What goes in the hat depends on the fans you bring and the crowd we have. Some bands pull in $40 while others $200+. 
-Please do not invite underage fans to your show, they will not be admitted.
- Everyone in the band gets 1 drink per set.
- Your show will be promoted with listings, physical calendar, on the website, weekly email blasts, and other social media outlets.

Stage- 6x12'
12 Channel soundboard and JBL House Speakers

1 Monitor

2 SHURE 57 instrumental mics
1 Sennheiser 935
4 SHURE SM58 Mics
6 Mic Stands (4 boom)

Roland Jazz Pro Series Amp (2 inputs)
Fender Blues Junior Guitar Amp
MXB50 Crate Bass Amp
1415 Combo Hartke Systems Bass Amp
Electric Guitar
Keyboard stand

Yamaha Drum Kit
Bass Drum w Pedal
Snare and stand
Floor Tom
High Hat Stand
Cymbal Stand
Pork Pie Throne

There are no cymbals! 

1 Active DI box
1 Passive DI box

2 music stands

Big Screen 70 inch plasma screen with a HDMI hookup to PC
Blu Ray/DVD Player/Flash Drive (Mp3 or Mp4 Files)

We have phantom power.  

Condenser mics: One concern with condenser mics at The Way station is they sometimes feed back, because they're picking up the sound in the room. If there's a 180 degree setting, meaning it will just pick up everything from the mic and behind it, that might work.  Be aware that a 360 mic could be problematic. 

A/V Note: 
If you have a Video component for your performance, you must arrive at 6:30pm for a trial run to work out any potential kinks. Contact to alert him that you will be arriving early for an A/V run through. If you do not do a run through, we can only spend 5 minutes on the fly to try and set up for your performance. If it takes longer than that, we will not be able to accommodate your video element. 

We live-stream on LIVAMP.
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