$4 Draft Beer $4 Well Drinks and $1 off everything else


The Way Station 
21+ all the time (it is a bar after all)

$5 donation strongly suggested for all events unless otherwise indicated.

8pm- Mar Salá
Genre: Flamenco-Pop
For fans of: Rosario, Bebe, La Mala Rodriguez

Based in Brooklyn, Marta Hernández, (aka Mar Salá) is an international singer songwriter, a musician from Seville, Spain. With the collaboration of many accomplished musicians from all over the world, she mixes Latin sounds such as Rumba Flamenca, Brazilian rhythms and Spanish Pop, with Swing and Rock. Marta's original compositions are a cross over between the Flamenco air of Seville and the eclectic sounds of New York City.

She has a total of 3 albums in the market: Primavera (2008) Take Me to Bahia (2009) and her third album, Entre 2 Rivers (2014), produced by Alejandro Zuleta, an accomplished composer, musician, singer and producer from Colombia, has the collaboration of LA SHICA  in her version of LOS CUATRO MULEROS. 

"Mar Salá is pure energy, like a volcano in control." Jose Miguel López. Radio 3.RNE

9pm- The Morning Sea
Genre: Pop, Americana
For fans of: Rock n’ Roll, Whiskey, Night-time

The Morning Sea is an NYC-based indie-folk-blues-pop-rock n’ roll experience, founded by singer-songwriter Adam Cohen. Their debut EP, “Strange Captive”, was released in May 2014. 

“A softly moving, seductive chamber-pop folk collective…one-half confessional late night crooner, and one-half whimsical wanderer…” - The Deli Magazine
10pm- Double Down
Genre: Swing/Rock/Pop
For fans of: Frank Sinatra, Brian Setzer, Michael Buble, Chicago

Rat Pack style swing with a high energy, modern edge. Imagine the good old days of popular music with a modern twist! From Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin to classic pop/rock hits from the 80′s and 90′s and today, Double Down swings the hell out of everything. Take a look and discover New York City’s best kept secret that is poised to take over!

"This band has a tight sound and keeps the audience on their feet. I booked them for a dance event, and not only did the guests talk about them for weeks afterwards, they requested that we hire them for nearly every upcoming event." - Stacee Mandeville, featured dancer of Mad Hot Ballroom

"Double Down performs with an infectious energy, you can't help but tap your feet. We booked them for several gigs, and they never fail to make our events a smashing success." - Tommy Sunshine, NY impessario

4pm- Moving Pictures: Dr. Who Christmas Special/Wall-E
Hosted by Alex D.! In this mish-mash of a screening month, we haven't been able to screen the Dr. Who Christmas special for those of you who weren't here on Christmas Day. Well, that's changing today! We'll play the episode at 4 and 7, with Wall-E in between.

9pm- Nerdeoke

8pm- WAX: Stories on Vinyl
Vinyl lovers: come to The Way Station on 4th Mondays at 8pm. Bring a record. You have 9 minutes.  Tell us a story about a song.   Drop the needle.  $4 draft beer all night!

8pm- Trumpet Grrrl
Genre: Pop, Rock, Classical, Soul
For fans of: Nina Simone, David Bowie, Sarah Bareilles, Janelle Monae

Trumpet, low sultry female vocals and keys combined into songwriting that includes hints of pop, rock, classical and soul music.  Songs vary in style, some play around with the time signature and sound while others are straight forward pop music.  In addition to trumpet, the vocals offer a unique element as they are deep and smoky compared to the average female singer.

“Trumpet Grrrl’s low and sultry voice and her trumpet skills blow the listener’s minds” - The Music Historian
“Standout Track: No. 2, 'Amaryllis,' whose jazzy melody and smoky trumpet prelude wouldn’t sound out of place soundtracking an early Spike Lee film.” - The Washington City Paper

9pm- Spring Brooks
Genre: Blues, Soul
For fans of: Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Marc Broussard, Mahalia Jackson

Spring Brooks is a Philly native. She offers Blues/Jazz renditions of cover songs that range from Motown to Grunge Rock. Each song is crafted into a unique arrangement that carries a soulful touch.

10pm- Ballonatic
Genre:  Rock and Soul
For fans of: Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead, Bill Withers, Ray LaMontaigne, Janis Joplin

Rock and Roll remains free, even as the world willingly shackles itself to more and more bullshit.  Baloonatic brings the dance of love and freedom straight to your heart, like a cannonball.

“Tucker is bloody good at almost anything he touches. There are a lot of post-genre acts out there who say that no style or sound is off the table, but few make the transitions in between as well as Elijah Tucker.  ”Saturn” is [like] a good party: running with a life of its own but never quite out of control.” - Wildy Haskel, Wildy’s World

“You’ll find yourself immersed in Elijah’s songs to the point where you’ll mentally play them as the background music to your very own life story.” - Siobhan Chapman, www.indiemunity.com

11pm- Joe Pino
Genre: Funk/Jazz
For fans of: Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Hancock, Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers

High energy Jazz and Funk that will keep you groovin’ for hours!

8pm- Jennifer Walder
Genre: Singer Songwriter
For fans of: Jewel, Alanis Morissette, and Kelly Clarkson

A mix of country and pop with heartfelt lyrics. 

You can also find Jennifer's single “Unsung” on iTunes:

9pm- Lily Vakili Band
Genre:  Blues Rock
For fans of:  Neko Case, Lucinda Williams, Suzi Quatro

Indie blues rocker Lily Vakili writes songs about vintage guitars, the occasional lothario and going wide open.  Playing somewhere between Lucinda Williams and a 70’s Rock-n-Roll band, her sound is all her own.  Her first album, Lake City/Next 3 Exits  came out in 2014 in collaboration with musician and producer Bruce Hanson (of indie band Fellaheen).  A chance encounter with Hoboken guitarist and producer James Mastro (of Ian Hunter & the Rant Band, The Bongos; producer credits include Karyn Kuhl and Jill Sobule) led to the making of her second album, Meadowlands with kismet-like contributions from Mastro, David Mansfield (Dylan, Suzanne Vega), Smokey Hormel (Beck, Adele), Frank Vilardi (Bacon Brothers), Neil Pawley (South Side Johnny), and Bruce Hanson. 

10pm- Instant Treeline
Genre: Americana
For fans of: Lake Street Dive, Good Old War, Ryan Adams

Instant Treeline is a Brooklyn-based band that crafts wholesome songs that blend pop, folk, and Alt-Country. Where vocal harmony, acoustic timbre and electric rhythm come together, you’ll find Will Leet and his bandmates gathered around a campfire drawing inspiration from experiences in nature and being on the road, Instant Treeline aims to invoke feeling of sentimentality and lightheartedness.

11pm- Trochee Trochee
Genre: Indie Rock
For Fans of: Drive-By Truckers, Waxahatchee, R.E.M., Old Table, The Mountain Goats

To our best estimation, Trochee Trochee uses cascading, distorted guitar hooks and detailed storytelling to discuss domestic cross-country travel, the efficacy of writing songs about past lovers and drug experiences, and being raised Catholic. We recently released an album called Stress, Unstress. Later this year, we will be releasing a cassette EP called Nightfall which deals expressly with Halloween, and a second full-length called Vigil On, Swan. Both future releases reflect our lead singer’s ongoing and transparent attempt to turn Trochee Trochee into a country band. 

Official music video for “(Don’t Fear) The Hurricane”

8pm- John Cathal O'Brien
Genre: Singer Songwriter, Folk
For fans of:  Glen Hansard, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Will Oldham, Jose Gonzalez, 

Learning to play guitar and write songs from a very young age, the Dublin-born John Cathal O’Brien continues to write consistently and focus on live performance. Having played with several traditional Irish bands and plenty of other projects, the songwriter decided to focus on a solo career and throughout the years has released several recordings. 

"John Cathal O’Brien’s 'Acid Week' is certainly a wonderful surprise. With an overabundance of 'folk pop' and 'indie folk' artists out there, it’s refreshing to hear a folk artist with something to say lyrically, as well as a voice you can connect with emotionally on a deep level. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that this is an artist who could gain a strong international following if the right moment hit." 

"With the release of the Cemetery Songs EP, John Cathal O’Brien brings a new feel to a classic genre. Lush with addicting guitar progressions, an honest and edgy vocal style, and a dream like atmosphere, the record boasts the aesthetic of indie folk anthems. Though the songs are diverse, there is a glue that holds them all together much like a concept album. Most importantly, the EP never loses sight of the emotional platform great songs are built from."

9pm- Cancion Franklin
Genre: Americana, Country, Blues
For fans of: Merle Haggard, Bob Dylan, Lightning Hopkins

Unsigned, unasked and unapologetic, Cancion is a true DIY singer/songwriter. His songwriting ranges from outlaw country stylings and driving blues/rock raptures, to gorgeously vulnerable, raw, gentle music. He is often accompanied by Alex Whelan, on backup vocals and guitar, blending tight harmonies with a broken down home guitar attack. 

10pm- Lee Bones
Genre: Wild-eyed Cosmic Music
For fans of: Bob Dylan, The Band, Beatles, Kinks, a plethora of 60s and 70s bands

Lee Bones and the Best play wild-eyed cosmic music -- swirling organ and razor melodies with the swing of the country behind it. Building on the foundation of Lee Bones' trove of lo-fi recordings, Lee teamed up with Josh Hahn, Nolan Gardner, Thea Garlid, and Nat Brower to form a powerhouse band, projecting dizzying poetry over frenzied Rock and Roll.

11pm- DaleLans Band
Genre: Experimental Folk Music
For fans of:  Fleet Foxes, The Bad Plus, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, The Band, The Grateful Dead

DaleLans is a hometown artist collective founded in part by Matt Leece and Tim Leslie. Embracing the rawness of folk tradition in this contemporary world, DaleLans Band is the exploration of the vast musical landscape through improvisation, composition, and the interpretation and expression of our own poetry through music.

8pm- Zamba 2 Samba
Genre: Roots Samba
For fans of: Marisa Monte, Elis Regina, Cartola, Nelson Cavaquinho, Adoniran Barbosa

Conceived as a tribute to "Samba de Raiz" or roots samba, Zamba 2 Samba delves deep into Brazil's musical past offering reinterpretations of Brazil's most joyous music from the '40's, '50's & '60's. Led by Susan Justice's beautiful, clear voice and backed by both Brazilian and a revolving group of international musicians, Zamba 2 Samba will take you to a small samba club in Lapa, Rio...at least for the night.

9pm- Eliza and the Organix
Genre: Gritty Jazz Rock
For fans of: Cake, Morphine, Beck, The Dresden Dolls

Eliza and the Organix is an experimental Brooklyn-based rock group centered around the songwriting of vocalist and guitarist Eliza Waldman. E&O deals in deep grooves, quirky humor, and high octane playing, drawing from a broad sonic canvas that remains focused in storytelling and soulful sound.

"...A deliciously dark and exuberantly hook-filled sound..."-Peter Hay - Twin Vision
“Led by singer-songwriter/guitarist Eliza Waldman, the group [Eliza and the Organix] integrates madness and irony, providing on off-beat, crazy, and intense vibe that is also fun and inspiring.”- Andrew McDonald - Living Free NYC

“The music showcases a powerful vocal dripping with charisma – Eliza's chief instrument, attracting a serious suite of talented jazz musicians...Whether Eliza continues to find her fun lyrically, or instead opts to marshal that idiosyncrasy through complex song construction a la “freak folk” standout Tune-Yards..., E&O will remain a band to watch.”- Jim Pembry - NYC Indie Music Live

"...Excellent..." -Tom Robinson, Fresh On The Net
"Harkens back to the old No-Wave Movement of the late 70s, early 1980s." - Mike Taylor, Amazing Radio

10pm- Drue Davis
Genre: Soul
For fans of: D’angelo, Raphael Saadiq, Lauryn Hill

From the boom bap of classic Hip Hop to the raucous rhythms of Rock n Roll, his genre bending brand of music called Rugged Soul has taken singer/MC, Drue Davis from the Unsigned Hype column of the Source Magazine to stages around the world. His self- produced debut album, Magic Man & the Beat Machine, serves classic Soul, Pop and Rock influences with a modern splash of Hip Hop. His vocal arranging and rap skills have earned him a Grammy award this year.

“Hip Hop meets blistering guitar rock firepower in the music of Drue Davis, a frontman who channels the explosive energy of James Brown” - BAMcafe Live

11pm- Danny and Caroline
Genre: Indie Rock, Jazz, Pop, Soul
For fans of: Norah Jones, Tennis, Matt & Kim

Danny and Caroline are a band of New York natives, include singers/songwriters and husband and wife duo, Danny Golub and Caroline Couture Golub, bassist and cellist, Nikki Allison, and drummer, Thomas Robertine.

Combining songs inspired by introspection, Danny and Caroline give their audience an intimate view into life -- blending reality with imagination.  Connecting haunting vocals and harmonies with feet-tapping rhythms and lyrics, Danny and Caroline are a band that will stay with you after first listen. 

“Upbeat, cheery pop songs with big hooks…” - Indie Rock Cafe 

8pm- Goddess Lakshmi
Genre: Indy Rock
For fans of: Elvis Costello, Squeeze, B-52s, Talking Heads, Rubblebucket,  

Named for the Hindu goddess of abundance The Goddess Lakshmi cut their teeth playing weekly shows at the rough and tumble Paris Blues bar in Harlem. A confluence of diverse influences from blues, blues rock, blue grass and reggae with hints of Jazz and German metal. 

"The Goddess Lakshmi is a prime example of the thriving jazz and folk sounds that came together during the Harlem Renaissance with nods to the beatnik cool of the early '60s. Harlem is the birthplace of the band and its honed musical style, most evident in the swinging notes carrying the band’s front-woman Kosi through tracks like, “I Want You For My Man”. The Goddess Lakshmi has harnessed a sound that is all their own and with a wealth of experience upon which to attribute it to...

"...The new album, LOVE, is the product of one exhausting, yet rewarding journey complete with ‘cuts, scratches, and cigarette burns’. The recording and mixing process ended with a flow of sound amplified by more textural qualities: close-knit rhythm sections, soul-drenched vocals, and story-lines about love: both wanting and losing it." - Adrienne Bess, JOONBUG FULL REVIEW

9pm- The Morning Sea
Genre: Pop, Americana
For fans of: Rock n’ Roll, Whiskey, Night-time

The Morning Sea is an NYC-based indie-folk-blues-pop-rock n’ roll experience, founded by singer-songwriter Adam Cohen. Their debut EP, “Strange Captive”, was released in May 2014. 

“A softly moving, seductive chamber-pop folk collective…one-half confessional late night crooner, and one-half whimsical wanderer…” - The Deli Magazine
10pm- Viva
Genre: Rock
For fans of: Chryssie Hynde, Jimi Hendrix

Viva plays guitar like a flaming sword, a screaming train, a ringing bell, and a scratching chicken. She sings like if Freddy Mercury had been a woman. She's played everywhere from Bonnaroo to Monterey Jazz Fest, and been featured in Guitar Player Magazine.

“The love child of Little Richard and Joan Jett” - The Aquarian

11pm- Empire Beats
Genre: Rhythm & Blues, Rock/Roll&Soul, Real Music
For fans of: Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings, Alabama Shakes, The Shirelles

Join glamorous jazz chanteuses and gutsy blues shouters of the sensational Blue Flame Revue front Mark Boquist’s five to nine piece rhythm band Empire Beats as they explore an expanding book of Rock/Roll&Soul music ~ familiar and forgotten hits from the past and funky new originals. With songs from every side of the love equation, Empire Beats' energetic revue recalls Rhythm & Blues showcases of another era. Not necessarily retro, definitely not nostalgia, it's real live music that will make you shake your ass.

4pm- Moving Pictures: Serenity/Firefly
Hosted by Alex D.! A mixture of episodes from the too early too cancel series that spurred the movie of why River why Reavers? Come out and enjoy show themed cocktails.  Aim to mis-behave!

9pm- Nerdeoke


8pm- Bayard Russell
Genre: Acoustic Rock
For fans of: John Mayer, Semisonic, Elliot Smith

Bayard Russell is a singer-songwriter performing in the NYC area.  He has a solo album “Selftitled” available on CD Baby and iTunes, about which Neufutur Magazine has said, “All that individuals need to do is stick the album in and be placed on clouds of indie rock that will float them along for the better part of an hour.”

Russell grew up in the suburbs of Indiana, influenced equally by The Beatles and Ice Cube. Classically trained in piano from age four, he discovered the guitar in high school and his passion for pop music blossomed. He moved to NYC after graduating from Dartmouth College with a major in philosophy and a minor in music. He currently writes and records out of his home studio in Brooklyn.

“Russell delivers simple, catchy songs with honest lyrics straight from his broken heart. He effortlessly takes what most of us would consider as bad situations and makes light of them, and in doing so he creates a responsive bond of some sort with his listeners.”  - HotIndieNews.com

“Here is some deliciously sweet indie pop from NY artist Bayard Russell — think John Mayer meets The Postal Service…some very honest lyrics that make you take light of a situation that would otherwise cause you to shudder in pain.” - AudioDrums.com

9pm- Sullied Accolades
Genre: Gypsy, Jazz, Folk, Americana, Chamber
For fans of: Andrew Bird, Tom Waits, Johnny Cash, Devotchka, Gogol Bordelo

A Brooklyn-based string trio that creates an eclectic mix of music that ranges from delicately bowed strings to percussive, sultry, swashbuckling sounds.  The upright bass, guitar, and violin fuse elements of jazz, folk, and gypsy and combine with soulful, guttural singing.

10pm- Honey Hill
Genre: Folk
For fans of: The Head and the Heart, Avett Brothers, Pinegrove

You know that hot cup of antioxidant-rich tea that you sip on the Sunday evening following a weekend of debauchery? We’re like that. We hope. 

11pm- The Darkest Timeline
Genre: Folkternative, Indie Rock
For fans of: Jason Isbell, Wilco, The Pixies, Milk Carton Kids

The Darkest Timeline is one part heaping spoonful of geeky pop references, one part straight ahead indie rock and a final helping of soul stirring alt-country. The acoustic duo set showcases front men Juels Bland & Zach Parkman’s vocal harmonies and guitar interplay in songs about murder, heartbreak, robots and dying in the vacuum of space. Fans of cheesy cult TV shows and irreverent stage banter will also be impressed.