$4 Draft Beer $4 Well Drinks and $1 off everything else


The Way Station 
21+ all the time (it is a bar after all)

$5 donation strongly suggested for all events unless otherwise indicated.

8pm- Hamin Reed
Genre: Acoustic
For fans of: Elliott Smith, Tool

Hamin Reed  [hay min reid] conveys love & hate, dark & light, everything between & everything outside, and what it means to the human psyche. Born in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1984, he has been performing regularly solo or with different musicians from all over the world. Currently based in New York City. 

"An acoustic artist who challenges the notions of wood, strings, and sentiment . . . Just as much a slap in the face of your "folky" values as it is an embrace of humanity song, craft, and experiment." -- Jason Medina (Producer/Promoter, Transient Authority)

"Jeff Andrade's musical project Hamin Reed goes unparalleled in its diversity of sound and talent. His voice is warm and heartbreaking on ballads and he can rock harder than any hardcore musician I've seen. The lyrics are thought provoking and emotionally moving to whimsically entertaining. Hamin Reed crosses a plethora of genres with a facility that does not make their performances seem disjointed. It is to say that whilst traversing through a variety of styles, there exists a continuity that is never lacking. Hamin Reed is an act that defines what more acts in current state should be, talented, creative and entertaining." -- Daniel Ouellette (Performance Artist, Daniel Ouellette and the Shobijin)

"Get inside the head and heart of one of the most evoking songwriters I have ever encountered. Genius insight to the world and who we are in it. I've been everywhere from Bluebird Cafe in Nashville to The Bitter End in NYC listening to hundreds of songwriters and none have been quite as prodigious as Jeff. He has inspired and ignited me as both a listener and a producer-songwriter. He has been an exquisite new addition to my ipod as well as an amazing addition to my life as a friend. Check him out. You will not regret it." -- Nicole Berkowitz (Producer-songwriter, The Willow Tree)


9pm- A Valley Son
Genre: Rock
For fans of: Father John Misty and Band of Horses

90s shoegaze rock with a twang.


10pm- Zydeco Revelators
Genre: Zydeco 

Raw accordion Louisiana zydeco delivered by a bunch of city slickers! Bayou flavor + East Coast hustle & bustle! THE REAL DEAL - Inspired by the country zydeco sounds of Boozoo Chavis & Geno Delafose. Honkin' accordion classics and peppy party originals are backed by a powerhouse rhythm section that improvises on a dime. As Featured in The Bergen Record & The Jersey Journal - Fresh off the main stage at Hoboken Art & Music Festival and Rutherford Multicultural Festival!


4pm- Readers of the Lost Arc

8pm- Andi Rae & the Back River Bullies
Genre: Indie Country
For fans of: Madonna

Andi Rae Healy is an Indie-country singer songwriter from whom you can expect a high-energy, dance-inducing performance. Her debut album I Guess I Am a Sinner earned rave reviews for its deep melodicism, lush production, and its brutally honest and painfully heartfelt lyrics. Recently released If You Want to Be My Man is a hard-driving, boot-stomping effort (featuring live-in-the-studio performances by her crack band, the Back River Bullies) with hints of 90s rock and classic country.

"As impressive as indie gets...Healy clearly thinks like a mature artist, weaving images together into a thematic continuity that is ever-present yet subtle." - Barney Quick, IndieMusic.com

There is a dare in this music...Yes sir, this is one dangerous woman." - Mike Parker, BuddyHollywood.com


10pm- Orange Burn
Genre: Funk
For fans of: The Isley Brothers, Orgone, Parliament-Funkadelic, Roy Ayers, Donald Byrd, Chic, Tommy Bolin, Snarky Puppy

Orange Burn has a grand vision to make the most interesting funk music the world has ever heard. We play funk music and put jazz influence, prog influence and rock influence into that. We write catchy music that has groove, soul and sophistication. We’re a seven piece and our music features all of the members' talents.



4pm- Moving Pictures: Anniversary movies 1976
This month, we look at movies released in anniversary years. I have to say, '76 wasn't a fantastic year (shut up, film snobs!) However, I happen to love the two movies we're showing this week. We start with Logan's Run, where if you born before last week's anniversary, you'd be hunted down and killed. Now doesn't that make you feel old? :) Our final movie of this theme is The Omen. Forget 6-6-06, join us for the '76 original. This movie was so good, I watched the sequels and liked them too! Come celebrate "the beginning of the end." 

10pm - Nerdeoke!  Hosted by Joe Rude of the Kings of Karaoke!

8pm- Wax-Stories on Vinyl

Howdy, WAXers! It's that time again! Roll on down to The Way Station and hear some funny/bizarre/life-affirming tales by our featured storytellers and of course, we always have spots for those of you who have a five-minute story about a song you're burning to tell--as long as you bring that song on vinyl so we can spin it right after your tale! 

8pm- Vienna D’Amato Hall
Genre: Alternative Rock/Acoustic
For fans of: PJ Harvey, Fiona Apple, Laura Marling, Leonard Cohen

Vienna D’Amato Hall is an American/Canadian/European singer-songwriter. She began her musical career in New York City where she self-released her debut album, “It’s What the Dog Saw” (2015).  Vienna incorporates electric elements into her sound, resulting in bold and lyrical story telling.  Her new album will be showcased at The Way Station(!), a pre-cursor to the June 1 release!

“Like Leonard Cohen, and with a depth that places her in the same realm, Vienna D’Amato Hall makes continual allusion to the ancient spiritual traditions.”

“Given D’Amato’s recent entry into songwriting, this is a subliminal and enchanting first album, one that shows only the tip of the iceberg of a gifted and blessed artist.”


9pm- Baloonatic
Genre:  Rock and Soul
For fans of: Stevie Wonder, Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead, Bill Withers, Ray LaMontaigne, Janis Joplin

Rock and Roll remains free, even as the world willingly shackles itself to more and more bullshit.  Baloonatic brings the dance of love and freedom straight to your heart, like a cannonball.

“Tucker is bloody good at almost anything he touches. There are a lot of post-genre acts out there who say that no style or sound is off the table, but few make the transitions in between as well as Elijah Tucker.  ”Saturn” is [like] a good party: running with a life of its own but never quite out of control.” - Wildy Haskel, Wildy’s World

“You’ll find yourself immersed in Elijah’s songs to the point where you’ll mentally play them as the background music to your very own life story.” - Siobhan Chapman, www.indiemunity.com


10pm- The Healing
Genre: Soul, Hip Hop

For fans of: Jimi Hendrix, The Roots, Radiohead, Miles Davis, Kendrick Lamar, Gentai Kaijo 

Music is The Healing.  The Healing will be a jam session of sorts where artists (poets, musicians, songwriters) can come together to create freely, without worrying about confines of what music should be.  The house band, the Travelers (www.thetravelers.nyc) will be welcoming musicians to create with us, onstage, in communion.   

“The entire sound straddles the fence between rock-soul, fusion jazz, and indie rock” - Shaine Freeman, The Miews


8pm- Cat Pedini
Genre: Nerd Rock
For fans of: Amanda Palmer, David Bowie, The Monkees, Johnny Karate

Cat Pedini is an actor, a musician, a cosplayer, and a general nuisance. She and her ukulele have charmed the collective socks off of LI Who and LI Geek (as the house band, no less), ReGeneration Who, Wicked Faire, and The Way Station. You can find her on YouTube and Instagram as deadlightsgirl.

“Cat kicks more ass than an ass-kicking machine on Ass-Kicking Day in Ass Town.” - Dr. Andy Lange, Circuit Six


9pm- Divining Rod
Genre: Folk
For fans of: Pentangle, Nick Drake, Fairport Convention, Stephen Stills, Manassas, Bert Jansch

A veteran of the New York and Baltimore music scenes, Miyuki Furtado branches out musically with his latest work as psych-folk explorer, Divining Rod. The band creates dense sonic collages of frenzied drums & explosive guitar. Songs steeped in 60's British Folk & 70s US folk rock are fused with psych drones resulting in a heady mix of melodic songwriting and left turn experimental arrangements.

"OK, it’s honesty time. Though we can mostly all agree that NYC, with the emergence of Brooklyn DIYs and the ability of the internet to stream albums to LA A&Rs faster than you can say Best New Music®©™, has once again become America’s preeminent music mating pit, the city’s folk scene has remained comparatively infantile (not so much in quality as development). Gotham gig vet Miyuki Furtado’s newest project, Divining Rod, however, is exactly the kind of band that could kickstart an urban folk movement in the already flannelled and bearded bastions of Brooklyn." - My Social List


10pm- Talay 
Genre: Power Pop, Indie-Rock
For fans of: Weezer, Blink 182, Fountains of Wayne, The Front Bottoms

Singer-songwriter and guitarist Megan Talay plays punchy power-pop that draws comparisons to 90's favorites like No Doubt, Blink 182, and Third Eye Blind. Her songs engage audiences with lyrics that are equally cleaver, emotionally vulnerable, and even biting at times. Talay has also won praise for her lead guitar work, stretching out into wah-inflected, blues-influenced solos over the band’s tight rhythm section. 

“Memorable melody lines, tight harmonies, and passionate, powerful vocals” - Bruce Figler, 107.1 The Peak

“From the fantastic guitar to the detailed and thought provoking lyrics…this is a release that stands out from a lot of things I've listened to this year.” - Backseat Mafia


11pm- Runson Willis III
Genre: Experimental Blues, World
For fans of: Sounds for the soul

Music is the sound. Runson is a multifaceted embodiment of poetry in motion. With an ambient mix of blues, rock bassa and world music styles, hoping always to be a  vessel  of sounds for the soul. Runson strives to make art that touches the spirit with the grace of creation and inspiration. He makes music for the people. 


7pm- Astronomy On Tap

10pm- Double Down
Genre: Swing/Rock/Pop
For fans of: Frank Sinatra, Brian Setzer, Michael Buble, Chicago

Rat Pack style swing with a high energy, modern edge. Imagine the good old days of popular music with a modern twist! From Frank Sinatra and Bobby Darin to classic pop/rock hits from the 80′s and 90′s and today, Double Down swings the hell out of everything. Take a look and discover New York City’s best kept secret that is poised to take over!

"This band has a tight sound and keeps the audience on their feet. I booked them for a dance event, and not only did the guests talk about them for weeks afterwards, they requested that we hire them for nearly every upcoming event." - Stacee Mandeville, featured dancer of Mad Hot Ballroom

"Double Down performs with an infectious energy, you can't help but tap your feet. We booked them for several gigs, and they never fail to make our events a smashing success." - Tommy Sunshine, NY impessario


8pm- Eliza and the Organix
Genre: Gritty Jazz Rock
For fans of: Cake, Morphine, Beck, The Dresden Dolls

Eliza and the Organix is an experimental Brooklyn-based rock group centered around the songwriting of vocalist and guitarist Eliza Waldman. E&O deals in deep grooves, quirky humor, and high octane playing, drawing from a broad sonic canvas that remains focused in storytelling and soulful sound.

"...A deliciously dark and exuberantly hook-filled sound..."-Peter Hay - Twin Vision
“Led by singer-songwriter/guitarist Eliza Waldman, the group [Eliza and the Organix] integrates madness and irony, providing on off-beat, crazy, and intense vibe that is also fun and inspiring.”- Andrew McDonald - Living Free NYC

“The music showcases a powerful vocal dripping with charisma – Eliza's chief instrument, attracting a serious suite of talented jazz musicians...Whether Eliza continues to find her fun lyrically, or instead opts to marshal that idiosyncrasy through complex song construction a la “freak folk” standout Tune-Yards..., E&O will remain a band to watch.”- Jim Pembry - NYC Indie Music Live

"...Excellent..." -Tom Robinson, Fresh On The Net
"Harkens back to the old No-Wave Movement of the late 70s, early 1980s." - Mike Taylor, Amazing Radio


9pm- A Valley Son
Genre: Rock
For fans of: Father John Misty and Band of Horses

90s shoegaze rock with a twang.

10pm- SweetPro
Genre: Jazz
For fans of: Jazz Messengers, Charles Mingus, Thelonius Monk

An eclectic and fun mix of jazz and blues from the musicians who make the music for Louis CK’s television series Louie on FX. Based in Brooklyn, NY, SweetPro is a group of musicians and friends who compose, record, and perform original music for film and television.

“...one of the best, coolest, hippest, most original soundtracks on TV.” - The Times Picayune

“...as much as Louis CK’s comedy tickles the senses, so does the show’s music, which ranges from jazz to bebop to rock and classical inspired compositions…” - The Hollywood Reporter


Ambassador and Space Friend Happy Hour!  Wear your pin and drink Happy Hour all night long!  Bring a friend and they’ll drink Happy Hour too!
8pm- Kingdom Jasmine
Genre: Folk, Americana
For fans of: Wilco, Ryan Adams, The Punch Brothers

Kingdom Jasmine is an American folk band consisting of Josh Turner, Carson McKee, and Bob Barrick. The group's music is inspired by a wide range of styles including traditional folk, classic rock n' roll, country, and jazz. Kingdom Jasmine's debut record follows years of combined success on Turner's acclaimed YouTube channel. The trio is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York.


9pm- The Institute of Flyer Learning
Genre: Hip-Hop, Neo-Soul, Electronic
For fans of: Little Dragon, Janelle Monae, Theophilus London, Outkast, The Flaming Lips

The Institute of Flyer Learning is a Brooklyn based hip-hop/neo-soul band composed of a singer, a rapper, and a rhythm section.  Human vocals mesh with electronic beats, pulsing bass lines, and guitar arpeggios pouring out like sunshine.  Flyer Learning performs original songs drawing upon eclectic influences ranging from old school hip-hop and electronic music to art-rock and funk.  For good measure, they also perform some retro-future/re-mixed covers of classic hip-hop/soul songs, paying homage to the grand masters that came before, rocked the mic, dropped the mic, and inspired them to get up and write.


10pm- Ben Clark & the Long Shadows
Genre: Acoustic, Rock, Folk, Jazz, Blues
For fans of: Dave Matthews Band, Punch Brothers, Jeff Buckley, Ra Ra Riot, Martin Sexton

Ben Clark hails from Floyds Knobs, Indiana and leads the Long Shadows, a set of freelance musicians collaborating in his compositions. The lineup will include Ben Clark on guitar/vocal, Nick Rapley on drums, Joe Young on guitar, and Sean Muzzi on bass.

twitter @BLCOfficial

4pm- Moving Pictures: Gene Wilder movies
Let's face it - Gene Wilder made a huge impact on all our lives. Let's celebrate his life by showing a couple of his many, many great movies. We start with The Producers. Racists and Hitler hippies. Broadway and people who want to lose. Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel. You can't go wrong! We end with Blazing Saddles, where Wilder gets redemption by sticking up for a minority! If only everyone did that nowadays...

10pm - Nerdeoke!  Hosted by Joe Rude of the Kings of Karaoke!


Hosted by Ms Quizzle, Queerious Trivia is a monthly queer themed trivia night (for everyone!). 

At QUEERIOUS TRIVIA you can expect:
Beers//Drink Specials//Themed Cocktails//Sweet Tunes//Post Trivia Dance Party//Queerdos//Curious Cuties//Performances//Games//Raffles//Community//A Tardis//Prizes// 

$5 Suggested Donation!

QUEERIOUS Trivia Page:

8pm- Gustaf Axel
Genre: Singer songwriter
For fans of: Troubadours


9pm- Lijie
Genre: Folk, Rock, Soul, Pop

A mix of dirty Pop, Rock and Soul, Lijie’s music is a blend of smooth soulful vocals, electric guitar, and melodic pop hooks.

“(The Music Maker is an) …easy-listening, ambitious effort that demonstrates both here impressive vocal range and disciplined focus on her own ideas…” – Seattle Weekly

“She is a devoted, passionate and extremely talented singer/songwriter and musician…” - 
FOX 25/MyFoxBoston.com


10pm- Rashmi Singh
Genre: Singer Songwriter
For fans of: Natalie Merchant, Patty Griffin, Kate Bush

Poetic, witty lyrics, and catchy melodies reflecting her Texas upbringing, Indian roots and global appeal. Her melodic country rock sound is unique, with her varied & diverse influences, and sound great acoustic or with a band.  With a strong and graceful presence on stage, she connects effortlessly with the audience and ensures an evening of great music for a true music lover.  Her CD of all original songs called PUZZLE was recently released. 

"Her voice carries in that effortless way that fans of Sade, Mary Black, and the more recent Kate Bush would really enjoy." - Parrish Highley, Music Producer, Los Angles Music

"Rashmi’s clear, expressive vocals deliver her heartfelt message from start to finish through each excellent original composition. Her skillful crafting of lyrics and melodies give us some real insight into this artist’s unique vision."  - STUDIO Magazine Journal of Folk & International Music 


11pm- TBD

8pm - Comicon Dr Who Trivia and Contest

Doors at 8:30pm and Show at 9:00pm
Wasabassco Thursdays at The Way Station

On the first Thursday of every month we're at The Way Station, Brooklyn's famous Bar With The TARDIS 

The best in Brooklyn Burlesque featuring a rotating lineup of Wasabassco favorites, new performers, and special guests. October 6 features your hosts: Sapphire Jones and Nasty Canasta, plus Delysia LaChatte, Penny Wren, special guest Sweetpea, and Mala Morrigan.

$20 Reserved seating (guaranteed reserved seat held until showtime. Limited to 30) TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE.

$15 GA at the door (mixed bar seating and standing)

8pm Azro Cady
9pm Kat Blackwood
10pm TBD

11pm Mike O’Malley and the Beastie Band

8pm TBD
9pm The Manimals
10pm TBD
11pm TBD

4pm - Moving Pictures: Halloween month!

It's that time of year to play dress up! We start the month with one of the most iconic 'regular guy plays dress up' heroes - Batman. Christopher Nolan does Batman right in 'Batman Begins' and 'The Dark Knight'. Need I say more?

10pm - Nerdeoke!  Hosted by Joe Rude of the Kings of Karaoke!

MONDAY 10/10
Surprise Entertainment Monday!!

7pm - Sexology On Tap:Sex and Death
Ready for some science before Halloween? 

October’s Sex on Tap will be diving straight to the grave with Sex and Death. See where the beginning of life and the end meet with two guest speakers: author, journalist and macabre enthusiast Christine Colby will return with new true stories of death and sex while NEW speaker archaeologist Marissa Gamliel will get gory with birth control in the ancient world. 

Bring your spoooookiest pick up line and win stuff!

8pm- Marc Delgado
Genre: Alt-Rock/Americana/Folk
For fans of: R.E.M/Son Volt/Bob Dylan/Pavement/Grant Lee Buffalo

Marc Delgado’s songs are eclectic and unexpected and deal with characters trying to make sense of the American landscape.


9pm- The Darkest Timeline
Genre: Folkternative, Indie Rock
For fans of: Jason Isbell, Wilco, The Pixies, Milk Carton Kids

The Darkest Timeline is one part heaping spoonful of geeky pop references, one part straight ahead indie rock and a final helping of soul stirring alt-country. The acoustic duo set showcases front men Juels Bland & Zach Parkman’s vocal harmonies and guitar interplay in songs about murder, heartbreak, robots and dying in the vacuum of space. Fans of cheesy cult TV shows and irreverent stage banter will also be impressed.  


10pm- Bisi Obateru

11pm- Ian McFeron & Alisa Milner
Genre: Folk, Americana
For fans of: Ryan Adams, Ray LaMontagne, Bob, Dylan, David Gray

Ian McFeron’s songwriting has been compared to Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Ryan Adams. Over the course of a decade-long music career, he has gained a loyal following and attracted media attention stretching across the Atlantic. He currently tours in support of his 8th studio album, Radio, recorded in Nashville, TN with Grammy nominated Producer/Guitarist Doug Lancio (Patty Griffin, John Hiatt).  McFeron is joined on tour by fiddler and harmony vocalist Alisa Milner.  Milner grew up playing old-time fiddle music, spending her youth competing in state and national fiddle competitions throughout the Northwestern United States.

“With a jingle of tambourine we get a likely candidate for album of the year – simple as… Soaked in California sunshine one minute, then deep in the dustbowl the next, it’s like a greatest hits of everyone you like.”  - Rudie Humphrey  Americana UK

“The best song on Summer Nights came at me like a hammer blow… I Ain’t Dead Yet could easily be a great lost Dylan song from the mid 1960’s or more likely a brand new Justin Townes Earle Song -- it really is that good.” - Alan Harrison, Maverick Magazine, UK



8pm -Nathan Kalish & the Lastcaller 
9pm - Cancion Franklin
9pm- A Valley Son

Genre: Rock
For fans of: Father John Misty and Band of Horses

90s shoegaze rock with a twang.

FRIDAY 10/14
8pm TBD
9pm Talay
10pm-12am Hambone Relay

8pm The Jazz Thieves
9pm The Travelers
10pm Viva
11pm Joint Effort

SUNDAY 10/16
4pm - Moving Pictures: Halloween month!

It's that time of year to play dress up! This week, we go the Marvel route and work on iron and whatever the Tesseract was made of. We start with 'Iron Man', where Robert Downey, Jr. makes his comeback, and finish with 'The Avengers', where there's something about a cube that'll destroy the world or something - sorry, I was too busy looking at Scarlett Johansson's rear. Hey, special edition - viewer's choice if you want the straight or the Rifftrax version of either movie!

10pm - Nerdeoke!  Hosted by Joe Rude of the Kings of Karaoke!

MONDAY 10/17

8pm Pando

9pm Eva Gertz

8pm E.W. Harris
9pm The DuPont Brothers
10pm Rooster

8pm Chasing Jonah
9pm Sarah Macdougall 
10pm The Waysties
11pm Blame Mercury

FRIDAY 10/21
Wasabassco's All The Way

- $20 General Admission to the night. Standing and limited seating.
- VIP Booth, with guaranteed seating for 5 people. $175 (limited to one booth)
Purchase of booth includes admission for 5 people.
- VIP Table for 2 people, up close and personal, the best seats in the house. $70
Purchase of table includes admission for 2 people. 
- Hightop Table for 3 people $90.
Purchase of table includes admission for 3 people. 

5:30 pm Breukulee Fest 5
8pm Zamba 2 Samba
9pm Yellowcake 
10pm-12am Comic Tales of Tragic Heartbreak

SUNDAY 10/23
4pm - Moving Pictures: Halloween month!
It's that time of year to play dress up! It's also Tim Burton week! Beetlegeuse, Beetlegeuse, Beetlegeuse! Wait, the 1988 audience couldn't spell? OK, fine, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! It was hard picking a second film, but as we're dressing up, let's go with Ed Wood, where Johnny Depp dons pink cashmere and heels for the Art! Of! Movies!

10pm - Nerdeoke!  Hosted by Joe Rude of the Kings of Karaoke!

MONDAY 10/24
8pm- Wax-Stories on Vinyl

Howdy, WAXers! It's that time again! Roll on down to The Way Station and hear some funny/bizarre/life-affirming tales by our featured storytellers and of course, we always have spots for those of you who have a five-minute story about a song you're burning to tell--as long as you bring that song on vinyl so we can spin it right after your tale! 

8pm Stephanie Rooster & Ben Tyree

9pm Octopus 2000 
10pm- The Healing
Genre: Soul, Hip Hop

For fans of: Jimi Hendrix, The Roots, Radiohead, Miles Davis, Kendrick Lamar, Gentai Kaijo 

Music is The Healing.  The Healing will be a jam session of sorts where artists (poets, musicians, songwriters) can come together to create freely, without worrying about confines of what music should be.  The house band, the Travelers (www.thetravelers.nyc) will be welcoming musicians to create with us, onstage, in communion.   

“The entire sound straddles the fence between rock-soul, fusion jazz, and indie rock” - Shaine Freeman, The Miews


8pm- Trumpet Grrrl
Genre: Pop, Rock, Classical, Soul
For fans of: Nina Simone, David Bowie, Sarah Bareilles, Janelle Monae

Trumpet, low sultry female vocals and keys combined into songwriting that includes hints of pop, rock, classical and soul music.  Songs vary in style, some play around with the time signature and sound while others are straight forward pop music.  In addition to trumpet, the vocals offer a unique element as they are deep and smoky compared to the average female singer.

“Trumpet Grrrl’s low and sultry voice and her trumpet skills blow the listener’s minds” - The Music Historian
“Standout Track: No. 2, 'Amaryllis,' whose jazzy melody and smoky trumpet prelude wouldn’t sound out of place soundtracking an early Spike Lee film.” - The Washington City Paper


9pm- Clarinet Milk
Genre: Popular/Experimental
For Fans of: Frank Zappa, Arcade Fire, Radiohead

Description: Attempting to defibrillate popular music.


7pm Astronomy On Tap

10pm-12am Double Down 

FRIDAY 10/28
8pm Mar Sala

9pm Brain Salt 
10pm The Sleeping Tongues
11pm Annie Pichan

4pm Readers of the Lost Arc
8pm Illiterate Light
9pm Elaine Amherd
10pm As Lolas

11pm Empire Beats

SUNDAY 10/30
4pm - Moving Pictures: Halloween month!

Happy Halloween! I expect to see you all in some sort of costume today. We finish up the month with a sing-a-long two-fer! Today starts with 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog', and I know you know ALL the words, so we'll have a wonderful time being evil! And then, it's a Halloween movie, no, it's a Christmas movie, or is it both? Yes, it's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', which is totally a Halloween movie... Stick around for Halloween Nerdeoke!

10pm - Nerdeokeween! Kostume Karaoke!

MONDAY 10/31
8pm - Halloween Horror Movie Night

FRIDAY 11/25
8pm- Wanderson Lemos
Genre: World, Brazilian Contemporary
For fans of: Seu Jorge, Lenine, Djavan, Gilberto Gil

Wanderson Lemos is a gifted singer, songwriter and instrumentalist from Rio de Janeiro, leading the way for a new generation of Brazilian contemporary musicians, and has already been nominated for the Brazilian music award (the most prestigious award in Brazilian music) with his last album released "O Come Come."