Andy Heidel, Proprietor of The Way Station 
Andy Heidel is owner of hugely successful bar and music venue, The Way Station, in Brooklyn, New York. The nerd mecca leads Top Ten lists of best sci-fi bars in the world and is the 2012 Readers' Choice award winner for Best Pub and Best Cocktails as well as the 2014 Village Voice Readers’ Choice Award for “Best Cocktail Bar. The Way Station has been called “New York’s preëminent 'Doctor Who'-themed bar,” by The New Yorker, and Heidel was recently named one of the "Vintage New York trendsetters and scene makers" by TimeOut New York.

A master mixologist, Heidel's cocktails have been featured in New York Magazine's Grub Street and he has crafted specialty cocktails for DR Marten's shoes, The Wooster Social with Bulldog Gin appearing on The Learning Channel series “NY Ink,” The Jewish Forward with Slivovitz, The Huffington Post for Winston Churchill Day, Brooklyn Republic Vodka and Oxygen Channel’s “Tattoos After Dark” premiere party.

As a NYC Bartender, he penned the now infamous “Stroller Manifesto” banning babies from the bars he worked at which garnered international attention, New York Post and features, an appearance on "Fox and Friends," and the most widely read and discussed New York Times op-ed piece ever at the time of publication. 

As R. Andrew Heidel he is the author of the short story collection "Desperate Moon" which features an introduction by Harlan Ellison and praise from Ray Bradbury. A former publishing industry impresario, he turned to tending bar and bar owner when he was downsized after the Houghton Mifflin/Harcourt merger.

James Coyle, Senior Sound Engineer/Director of Programs and Promotions 

Bartenders Schedule:
Mondays: Darien- open / Dot- close
Tuesdays: ?-open to close
Wednesdays: Dot- open to close
Thursdays: ?-open to close
Fridays: Darien- open / Kati- close

            DJ Landchark- 8 to close
Saturdays:  Dot- open / Jim & Alissa-
8 to close 
Sundays: Alissa- open to close

Alissa Atkinson
Alissa works Saturday nights and Sundays open to close. Every Sunday features an afternoon screening complete with a themed cocktail created by Alissa, and ends with Nerdeoke, in which she happily participates!


Jim Greene
Saturdays- 8pm-4am


Doc Wasabassco, Manager Emeritus, Builder of the blue box